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Audiobook Love

Ahem. I tried to keep these short, but you know how that ends up. If you want the bottom line first, Yes Please and No Land’s Man are recommend-worthy audiobooks. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz not so much.


yes please audio

Title: Yes Please | Author/Narrator: Amy Poehler
Published: 2014 | Pages: 352 | Audio Duration: 7 hrs, 31 min
Genre: Memoir (Celeb)
Rating: Yes! Please!

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In Short: Life philosophy according to Amy Poehler, star of Parks and Recreation and popular comedian on Saturday Night Live.

Other Quick Thoughts: There were some parts that I really loved about Yes Please (Amy’s thoughts on life and motherhood, particularly) and others that I tuned out a bit (the name dropping and her stints at the various comedy venues), but overall I really grew to enjoy Yes Please and was sad when it was over. I am familiar with her work but haven’t watched P&R or very much SNL (the latter does not appeal to me in the least). Overall I found I have a lot of respect for Amy and really just wanted to be her friend. Plus she loves exclamation points.

On her imaginary books on divorce: “After review, I realized that all of my books had exclamation points at the end of their titles. But I think people want exclamation points in the titles of their books and I don’t think I am wrong!!!!” (those exclamation points are imaged since I listened, but I can’t figure out why this book isn’t titled Yes, Please!!)

Recommendation: My one regret with listening is that I missed some of the photos included in the book (I perused this one at Target to quickly catch up). While I’m not gaga over this one, it was a very pleasing audio. Listen!


no land's man audioTitle: No Land’s Man | Author/Narrator: Aasif Mandvi
Published: 2014 | Pages: 240 | Audio Duration: 4 hrs, 23 min
Genre: Memoir (Celeb)
Rating: Hilarious and Thought Provoking. Really!

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In Short: Mandvi looks back on his youth and how his heritage and immigration shaped his life.

Other Quick Thoughts: I wasn’t terribly familiar with Aasif Mandvi before listening to this audiobook, but it came recommended on twitter and I’m a sucker for celeb memoirs on audiobook. Mandvi’s short little book didn’t disappoint in entertainment value, but what I really appreciated about this memoir is that it went beyond talking about the rise to fame, the celeb name dropping, and how things blossomed once he became more well-known–Mandvi tackled many other subjects such as his families immigration and what diversity looked like to him growing up as an Indian immigrant from the UK living in Florida. Even without being familiar with his show appearances, No Land’s Man was well worth the listen.

Recommendation: Definitely give this one a listen!


Wizard of Oz Audio

Title: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | Author: L Frank Baum | Narrator: Anne Hathaway
Published: 1900 | Pages: 156 | Audio Duration:3 hr, 52 min
Genre: Children’s Classic
Rating: Impressive and annoying narration

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In Short: Dorothy, the sweet impressionable girl from Kansas is swept up and taken far away from home to the strange land of Oz.

Other Quick Thoughts: I read this one years and years ago when I was just a wee one, so it was interesting to listen to this with an adult’s ears and having grown up on the movie. It was a fine way to pass four hours of driving (or less since I upped the speed), but nothing beats Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the movie version.

Recommendation: Stick to the print (or just the movie, ha!). I look forward to reading this one with my girls, but Hathaway’s voices are too caricatured and often painfully obnoxious though I was impressed by her range of voices.

Have you listened to any good audio lately??


13 Responses to “Three Audiobooks”

  1. I haven’t listened to any of these (Yes Please is on my list, though). I think I remember reading Wizard of Oz in 6th grade or so … I never read any of the other books in the series. The movie gave me nightmares when I was really little, so it’s never been a favorite.

    • Oh no!! I just introduced Wizard of Oz to Elle this past weekend…though we lost Internet connection before we could finish the whole thing. I wondered if the witch might be a little too much.

    • Definitely not life changing or insanely funny (it takes quite a bit for me to laugh out loud!). Entertaining enough for me…though I think Kaling and Mandvi’s are my favorite celeb memoirs so far.

  2. I’m struggling with audio right now because Carl walks with me and I’m not in the car by myself all that much. Of the 3 audio books you listened to, I find No Man’s Land the most appealing.

    • No Land’s Man was quite good and very short! But I hear you…I’ve been loving on audio with my commute but know that the listening time will dwindle again once the baby arrives.

  3. I have Yes Please in my audible library, I just keep buying other audios and putting in farther down my list. I think I had a free download of The Wizard of Oz, it’s in my library too.

  4. It’s funny to see that Anne Hathaway narrates The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, because I just had a ‘a-ha’ moment about her the other day while watching Ella Enchanted with my girls. She reminds me SO MUCH of Judy Garland. I had never noticed it before but she even has the same voice and mannerisms at times in that movie. I could totally see a remake of The Wizard of Oz with her as Dorothy (not that it needs a remake, but still).