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Displaying Kiddo Artwork



Once the girls started going to preschool, I started accumulating so much artwork. The packrat in me doesn’t have it in me to toss these gems, so I’ve been thinking and thinking about what I wanted to do with all the art. Mostly they just collect in paper grocery sacks (divided by each girl at least), but I finally took some time to implement the first of two ways I’ll tackle toddler/kiddo art projects.

All The Kid Artwork



After I finished my big craft room reorganization, I sought ideas for what to do with the blank wall above my cutting table and sewing machine. Someone suggested hanging some artwork from the girls. Great idea!! I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some frames (when they were on sale, of course)…and then let them sit on the floor of the craft room for longer than I’ll admit. Nothing like blog fodder to get a project finally finished!!

Last Friday I finally sat down with the bags of artwork and pulled out a few of my favorite pieces. I had six frames, so I made three frames for each girl. The bigger frames are 11×14 and the smaller are 8×10. In some cases this allowed me to add more than one piece of art to each frame.

Displaying Kiddo Artwork


I love the end result and certainly have enough artwork that I can either rotate pieces or eventually add more frames to the wall. I also have a hanging wire from IKEA that I’d like to hang that I can clip art onto–though I’m not sure if I’ll hang that below this artwork or on another wall.

Above I mentioned two ways of tackling kiddo artwork–for the second I bought a 12×12 scrapbook to store my favorite artwork pieces. I haven’t started putting these together yet, but I plan to have one scrapbook for each child. I’ve also heard of people taking pictures of artwork and then making a photo album of art. I like this idea, but I also love being able to see the actual texture of the pieces. I’ve also used a few pieces in Project Life (when I was still keeping up with that).

Framing kiddo artwork is definitely a nice way to display children’s artwork and it lets go of some of the guilt of just tossing it. Ha!

How do you organize/display/treat toddler artwork? Or if you don’t have a toddler in your life, have you seen any great ideas you’d like to share?



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17 Responses to “Displaying Toddler Artwork | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. What a great idea! We have a huge stack here too that I just can’t bring myself to sort out and toss any of it. I’m too much of a packrat too (much to the chagrin of my husband who throws out everything….)

  2. I am SO not a packrat. I keep very little of their artwork. I do keep SOME, don’t stone me, but most of it eh. Trash. I can’t find a picture, but the ones I do display are on a wire maybe 7 feet long in my hallway. I rotate them out when the wire is too full.

    • Elle’s really into coloring right now so she brings home a TON of pictures…those I don’t keep (except I have her very first family portrait hanging on my fridge). I admire them, talk about them, and then after she goes to bed I recycle them. I’d be drowning in art if I kept EVERYTHING. I’m sure once we’re out of the preschool age, I’ll be less sentimental about artwork. But the little footprint pictures? GAH, I can’t help it! ;)

  3. I have been meaning to do this for years! Your post is a good kick in the pants reminding me to start working on this project. One of my problems is that I’m terrible at hanging stuff. I end up putting a million holes in the wall! Do you have any tips or suggestions?

    • lol! I almost posted the picture of my husband on top of my cutting table hanging the pictures for me. BUT more practically speaking–he measured the length of the space and found the center (I told him how high I wanted it…so if you can have someone hold up the picture for you so that you can see, that would be helpful). He then used a laser level to keep the pictures mostly even (measuring in between each…he’s much more methodical than I am). He used a pencil to mark where the holes should go (by using the very scientific method of placing his finger where the picture hanger hit the wall.

      Thankfully this is the worst room in our house with a billion nail holes already in the walls (think a teenager roomed here before we moved in). A few more nail holes don’t make a big difference, but the laser level is a huge help when hanging anything! (our is kind of like this: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-30-ft-AirGrip-Compact-Laser-Level-ELL1001/100596756)

      • Ha ha, that’s awesome! I have thought about getting my brother to help me because he’s good at stuff like this (my husband, not so much). Thanks for the tips, let’s see if in one year I’ve actually done anything. ;)

  4. I love framing David’s artwork although we haven’t done any for the little girl yet. A cool idea is to frame some of your big girl’s artwork to go over the new little one’s crib or in her room. BG likes to point out the pictures that “Dadid did a me. “

  5. It looks great :-) I wonder if I’d be able to throw anything out, I tend to get sentimental about such things. Though I guess there will come a certain point (especially if the kids start to really enjoy drawing or something) that you have to throw some things away. Concentrating on favourite pieces to hang on the wall, or “first” drawings, seems like a great idea.

  6. I love this idea! I don’t have children, but I have lots of nephews and they always gift me drawings and I try to keep them all in a folder but it isn’t as pretty as this idea. :)

  7. That’s a great idea! When it’s time for me to save pieces, I’ve been matting them on black 12×12 scrapbook paper and labeling them (with the same template) to save in a scrapbook box. Then it looks all fancypants and I remember who did it, when, and what it is!

  8. I love the idea of the hanging wire, which lets you easily display and change out.

    My neighbor used to save all the artwork (and school papers) they way you are — a grocery bag per kid. Every year she’d go through and force herself to pick only a few items from each kid. Then she’d let them pick two or three if they wanted. Then she’d toss the rest. She found it to be the only way to survive 18 years worth of stuff per child.

  9. No guilt! I only kept those items which contained their finger-, foot-, hand-, or toe-prints. That way, I kept some of their work, but I also kept a visual reminder of how small they once were.

  10. I love this idea. You should see the tub of art projects I’ve collected over the past several years. I bookmarked your post so I can come back to it when I’m ready to implement it. Thanks for the idea!

  11. Love both of your ideas! I had a wall of 8X10 frames in my laundry room/mudroom that I kept kid artwork in. Made it so much nicer to be in there.