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Hi, I’m Heather from Based on a True Story. For the past three years I was serving as a state coordinator for a quilting charity. I made a lot of quilts and at the same time managed to get out of the habit of quilting. How is that possible? I would have deadlines for big quilt presentations and I’d push through to get enough quilts. I’d take a few day off to recover … and then not sew until the next deadline. I’m out of that position now and I’ve come up with an idea to help get back into the habit of quilting because I like it.

I’ve been quilting for 18 years and I’ve lost track of how many quilts I’ve made. I know how many quilts I have in the house though – 4 that are big enough to cover a person and 4 wall hangings. Everything else has been given away. That’s good or else I’d be drowning in quilts but every so often it is good to make something for yourself. That’s what I’m going to be doing in the next few months.

This is my hexagon quilt that I started in a group quilt a long in 2012. This is hand pieced and I ended up developing tendonitis sewing it. Now I can just do a little bit every other day. It is almost half together. I plan to just keep plugging away at this. (My husband made a deadline of my 50th birthday to have it finished. That’s not anytime soon.)

I’ve seen Tetris quilts around. They look like a screen shot from the video game. I was going to make this for a friend and then decided I wanted one too. It is made up of five different colored hourglass blocks. I have the purples and the yellows done.

I found this quilt top mangled up under a bunch of donated material when I passed all my charity stuff over to the person who took over for me. All I need to do is iron it, add a last border, and then I’m going to send a picture of it to a blog that makes fancy quilting plans for people’s quilts. That will inspire me to finish it!

How do you inspire yourself if you get out of the crafting habit?



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5 Responses to “Getting Back Your Crafty Habit | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. Oh I don’t need inspiration, I need a wife, who likes to clean. I schedule craft time, otherwise, I’m cleaning all the time. Unfortunately I’m at an age where I don’t move fast, and I’m good with that, you miss a lot of life moving fast. But, that means my house work gets REALLY behind, not to mention the few wrenches Mother Nature has thrown my way lately with flooding and family deaths, not nice Mother Nature! But, I walk away… and go someplace to do my thing. Inspiration all of you guys in the blog world.

  2. I have Ben crocheting here and there. When the weathers a super hot I can’t stand the yarn on my lap, weird huh? I am very envious of you all who can quilt. I am horrible with needlework.