Roadtrip to New Mexico | Summer 2015

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On the Road


So, I had big plans of sharing our Road Trip pictures with you starting last week, but as I started to work on my pictures my computer crashed. As in I had to get a new one–you may have seen my mention on Sunday that I’m now working with a Mac (yay), but it’s absolutely foreign to me and the process has been a bit frustrating. What the heck is the difference between the folders I imported from my PC and Photo App? And why aren’t my folders in Photo App? And if I’m using individual folders for my pictures (which I like doing), does that mean that all of my pictures are duplicating in Photo?

But, as you can see, I managed to get at least the first leg of our three leg journey completed. I have about 700 pictures from our two week trip, and this was by far the shortest of the trip at two nights, but it’s always a mental battle of how many pictures to share. I did try to compress them using JPEGmini, but I don’t think it worked. Again, learning curve! Hopefully I’ll have it all figured out by the time I get to the second leg of the trip. Bahahahaha. :)

Anyway, not that you probably need to, but you can enlarge any of the pics by clicking on them.

Road Trip to New Mexico (Taos)

Watch for Rattlesnacks


As you can tell from the first picture, there’s no camper involved in this trip. The night before we planned to leave, we discovered electrical problems with the camper and Scott was afraid of lights going out while we were on the road. I don’t know who threw a bigger fit–me internally or Elle externally. It was definitely a BAD start to the trip but we decided to make the most of it. Because of this and that, we didn’t leave until about 10 in the morning the next day (about 5 hours later than I would have liked), but the good news is that these few weeks later I’ve forgotten about the difficulties of traveling with two little ones in the car.

Actually, they were pretty good. Lots of sweet smiles. And jumping and running at the rest stops when we could.
Roadtrip Smiles


We made it to Amarillo, our halfway point in the trip, around dinnertime so we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some dinner. Stopping here has become a bit of a tradition for us (this is our third summer taking a similar roadtrip). We all love the country store and some of us enjoy the food (some of us…me…do not but we don’t complain).

If you’re curious, the drive through Texas is never ending. Because we basically drive along the Texas/Oklahoma border until Amarillo and then drive all the way up the panhandle, we are in Texas for hours. HOURS.

Also, someone please tell Evie to stop growing up. She doesn’t listen to me…

Evie Checkers


Truthfully the girls did do well in the car. It was a rough start for Evie, but she finally realized that she would just have to sit for a bit longer than we all wanted. Sometimes they slept–rarely at the same time–but sometimes we did have magical moments. I’ve been thinking about writing a separate post about car traveling with littles, but we had lots of activities and do not shy away from screen time. Not when we’re in the car for 14 hours a day. Scott does all the driving. I navigate with my gigantic map and am in charge of snacks and keeping the kids happy. Sometimes we all just sit there while someone screams in the back. Because what are you going to do?


Road Trip


Fresh Mountain Air

The Wildflowers


Scott’s family has a little house up in the Taos/Angel Fire area. It’s old and run down and not my favorite place in the world, but the air up there in the mountains…it’s so incredibly fresh. I can’t get enough of it! And Elle LOVED collecting all of the wild flowers that she could.

As you can tell from Evie’s little furrowed brow, she wasn’t too sure about walking through wildflowers that were as tall as she is.

Little Worried Monkey


We went off-roading up in the mountains (Scott’s brother and twin nephews were also with us on dirt bikes), but because of the rain I didn’t snap any shots. They’d basically be repeats of the pictures we took two years ago…except for one extra toddler in the picture (and a slightly smaller pregnant self).


Fishing Gals


We also fished one afternoon. It was lightly raining, so we didn’t get any bites, but the girls still had fun. Until Evie fell into the pond. This child. She is crazy. And all over the place.


Gone Fishing


I mean, I can’t even stand it.


New Mexico Baby


And these girls. They’re actually playing games on my phone, but Evie looks like she’s telling Elle a secret.




After two sleepless nights, we packed up and headed to Durango. Sleepless nights? The first night we got to the house around midnight (1am our time) and couldn’t find the key to the house. The boys got a ladder and tried every single window until they got to the last one which happened to be open. Then the electricity wouldn’t turn on. Then the water. We got both working, but by the time we settled it was too late for a good night sleep…especially as Evie refused the pack n play and then cried and cried until her daddy came and got her (Scott and I didn’t sleep in the same room as the beds are so small and I was already sharing with Evie). The second night Evie did go down with me, but not until late and it was a terrible sleep for both of us (as was the rest of the trip). I won’t mention the part where she fell off the bed lest you start questioning my parenting skills.

But look at the smiles!! And ALL of us looking in the same direction! It’s like a Christmas miracle. Actually, maybe I’ll just use this for our Christmas card this year. Stress over.


New Mexico Smiles


Until next time, New Mexico!



34 Responses to “Roadtrip to New Mexico | Summer 2015”

  1. Car trips with little ones can be a challenge but it looks like y’all tackled it with a smile. I’m glad you’re enjoying the precious moments you have with them. By the way, we have a Cracker Barrel right here but never go because someone here (me) doesn’t like the food either.

  2. Kay

    I vote for using the last pic for Christmas. You all look gorgeous. Laughed and sympathized with your long Texas drive (we just drove to Ruidoso and back) and also your un-fun sleeping time. My girl was never a good sleeper away from home. At least at first. Look forward to more pics from Durango and beyond. I love that part of the world. Aren’t you guys glad you were there before that awful spill into the Animas River? It’s such a beautiful part of the country, but not dyed orange.

    • Oh my goodness!!! I hadn’t seen pictures until I googled today (most days I live under a rock). How tragic! The Animas river is so gorgeous…we had actually hoped to camp right on the bank before the camper problems.

      But yes, a million miles in Texas. Ha!

  3. I’ve never been to a Cracker Barrel. I feel I should probably go sometime in my life. Just to see what it’s all about. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    • The CB Country store is full of kitsch and I LOVE it. LOL! They have lots of little novelty things and it’s a nice treat for the girls after being in the car for hours. They also have audiobooks you can rent and return at any store (great for if you are in TN and need something to last you until you get home!). But the food…well… ;)

  4. Those girls!! They are growing so fast and getting prettier by the minute! These will be the stories you tell forever: Evie, the falling girl!

  5. Just looks at those girls — time goes quickly, doesn’t it? And I am forever amazed at your pretty pictures. Your girls are also so pretty (I have been trying to avoid saying that for the past few lines because I don’t want to do the continuous linking of pretty with girls, but then I felt weird for not saying it because they ARE? Ugh, hope any of this makes sense..)

  6. I can’t believe how big the girls look! I love these kind of road trips and it’s so fun to think about where we’ll head with our own little girl next year : ) Also, nothing ever goes quite how you think it will on trips. Getting locked out of the place you’re staying, the camper having issues. You never quite know what to expect.

  7. Please write a post about car travel with littles! I still haven’t figured out how to keep my 2yo entertained for the 5 hour drive to grandma’s. We’ll get through about 2-3 hours with napping or her entertaining herself, but then I always end up in the backseat feeling carsick trying to keep her entertained. I need to get better at this because we love road trips and I want to be able to do more of them as she gets older.

    • Fake it until you make it? Really, my biggest tip is to just do it. Don’t let the road scare you…and the more that you do it, the better the littles will do. The first leg of the trip was rough but by the time we went on to the second the girls were much more adjusted and by the end they were fine. We do allow a bit of screen time–movies or handheld (like leap pad…4 year old Elle is really into this now for the games, Evie at 2 couldn’t care less about the movies or the leap pad). Books to color in. Evie will go to town with a pack of stickers–and I got a pack of pipecleaners and beads from Target and she loved that…though I was cleaning up beads for the rest of the trip. Snacks. It’s tough…not going to lie, but don’t let that stop that from doing it!

  8. Edie Godin

    Wow, Trish. Your girls are growing so! I know you don’t want to hear that but it is what happens. You can see shades of Elle as a young woman in some of those photos and it is a bittersweet thing. I remember the first time it happened with my nieces. They are both beautiful and thank you so much for sharing the photos!

  9. Aw! Trust me! Some of the worst parts about this trip are the ones you are going to remember most fondly in the years to come. The pictures are wonderful, and you can tell you all had fun in spite of the hiccups (or maybe because of them).

      • So, if I reply to Care’s reply to Michelle…who will get the email notification? Y’all will have to ping me on Twitter and let me know if you got an email response. Ha! Anyway, absolutely agree about the hiccups. My mom, sisters, and I took a lovely trip to Europe about 15 years ago. It was a great trip…but it is the hiccups that we remember and LAUGH about now. Who remembers the perfect things?

        • Ha! I received the notification. I don’t know about Care though. Perhaps she got one too?

          Who wants to remember the perfect things? Aren’t overcoming the hiccups some of the best things about life – well, not at the time but over time?

  10. Looks like so much fun! We’re going out today for the first time with baby and little boy and I’m nervous about THAT … I can’t even imagine going on a road trip yet. lol. We’re not planning that until NEXT summer when baby will be close to a year old. And yay for the beautiful family photo!

  11. Ti

    I love a good road trip. Too bad about the camper but I’m glad you didn’t take it and then have problems with it. That would not be fun.

    The girls. Those girls. So big. My daughter started junior high today and my son is a senior and although I am at work and keeping busy I am this close to bawling in the corner.

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos! It looked like a wonderful time. Well minus the sleepless nights of course. Sorry I had a bit of a chuckle because it reminded me of our last roadtrip… and my two-year-old’s fondness of sitting up several times in the middle of the night and then throwing himself back down on the bed or on my ribcage or on my face. You know whatever’s comfortable for him.

    By the way about your Mac photos, give the Image Capture app a try. It should already be on your Mac. It simplifies everything. And I’ve never used the iPhoto (or whatever it’s called) since discovering it. If you’ve got questions drop me an email!

  13. Oh man, anyone who is going to stress about too much screen time during a road trip is a crazy human. We road tripped to Florida at the beginning of this year and you really just have to do whatever keeps them happy!

    It sounds like you made some great memories and a great Christmas card photo like that is worth its weight in gold!

  14. Wow, what a wonderful trip! We want to go see the southwest one day, I love your photos! Your daughters are very photogenic and I agree with Kay’s comment – that is a Christmas card photo. Winner!!

  15. My goodness, those pictures of Elle and the wildflowers. TOO CUTE! Seems like you managed to have a good time besides some setbacks. Your attitude is amazing. :)

  16. I SO laughed with you on this –> “Sometimes we all just sit there while someone screams in the back. Because what are you going to do?”
    Was it ever you? or Scott? fun times.

    • I’m not sure I ever outwardly cried…but I may have wanted to!!! It’s frustrating to not be able to do ANYTHING to make it stop. :) But carry on we do!

  17. Diane

    Car trips with kids can be stressful but sounds like you all did fairly well. I can’t believe how tall Elle is getting and Evie is growing so as well. I spent a lot of time in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos in the mid to late 90’s –so much fun. We also attended to 2000 balloon fiesta which was awesome.-

  18. This sounds amazing! I would love to go on a real vacation again. We did a couple daytrips over spring break in April and a super short trip to Niagara, but it was go-go-go and not like real vacation. We haven’t actually had a real vacation as a family in three years, and not just me and J for over two years. Sigh.

  19. Oh your daughters are blonde beauties. I remember the days my girls were that size, blonde, adorable as can be. I mean, they are wonderful now too, but those years are magic when you look back. Your oldest looks Iike you :)

  20. Oh the memories! We made these trips frequently because we lived so far from family when our children were little. A son who threw up within the first 50 miles of every single trip was an added bonus. But now that it’s over, (mostly) all we remember are the fun times. And no one who has ever been in a car with a toddler will question your parenting skills for just riding along and listening to them scream. :)

  21. What a bummer about the trailer! My dad has been having problems with his AC (they have an old Airstream motorhome, not trailer) and have had to cancel one of their big trips to SoCal. I’m glad you guys were able to still go, even if it meant missing out on camping out.

    Cracker Barrel. Blech. Rod would love to eat there on every road trip. I can’t stand the place.

    Love all your photos. I’ve been editing and deleting hundreds from our two week long trip to Oregon. Love the digital photos, but so hard to decide which to keep and which to delete. I think I shot 1500 or so. ;)

    Texas is HUGE! I remember driving from Austin to San Diego many, many years ago. Took me all day just to get out of the state. Didn’t help that I was driving through fog most of the day. Boring!

    I think you have your Christmas card photo. Great smiles! :)

  22. Sounds like a regular ole Griswolds vacation, similar to the ones i took as a child. They are some of my best memories :) Beautiful pictures as always.

  23. Enter for Your Chance to Win! New Mexico is perhaps most famous for its supposed ru 00002847 n-in with aliens back in 1947, but the state is worth exploring for other reasons, too.