Books to Look Forward to this Fall

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top ten books for fall

You guys would probably throw tomatoes at me if I started waxing poetic about fall again, huh? But you know–we’re still in the 90s everyday and all I dream about is a crisp autumn day where I can pull out a scarf and drink a hot coffee without developing beads of sweat above my lip. Ha!!

Even without the cool weather, there is LOTS to look forward to this fall in terms of books. At least in terms of events. My reading will be dictated by three different events: RIP X, Diversiverse, and Nonfiction November. Combined with RIP X are two different readalongs–the #SalemAlong and #MonkAlong. Remember all the fun fall things? So…here’s what I have on my radar for this fall. See more at the Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Books for Fall

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – Because what’s fall without a little bit of King? Melissa, Care, and I will be heading up your #SalemAlong fun so make sure to watch Melissa’s blog for details! We’ll be reading this oldie throughout October.

Dracula by Bram Stoker – This feels like a major hole in my classics reading. I’m looking forward to the Audible version of the audio with so many great narrators. This WILL be the year I finally read it!

The Monk by Matthew Gregory Lewis – I have wanted to read this classic ever since Amanda brought it to my attention years ago. Shame on Trish! Thankfully Reading Rambo is hosting a #MonkAlong in October!

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – Ok, admittedly this book fills in the “which book is not like the others” and I’m not sure I’ll actually get to it this fall, but I am interested in reading it! It has gotten such great praise.

Beloved by Toni Morrison – Here we move into the Diversiverse books part of my list. I actually read Beloved back when the movie came out in 1998, but I think I was too young at the time to really appreciate it. I have the audio for this time around, narrated by Morrison herself!


Books for Fall 2

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko – I just picked this one up to read after I finished American Gods and I’m looking forward to the journey. I didn’t realize that the main character was a prisoner of war during WWII in the Pacific Theater-this adds another layer of complexity to the book, I’m sure.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson – I have heard so many great things about this book in verse. I’m hoping to get my hands on an audio and visual copy for maximum impact!

Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri – Short stories have been incredibly absent from my reading the past several years and I figure Lahiri’s collection is a great place to jump back in. This will be my second book by Lahiri after reading The Namesake a few years ago.

The Story of the Human Body by Daniel Lieberman – And now to the non-fiction books (though I haven’t completely made my list yet as I’ll likely combine a lot of graphic non-fiction during November). The Story of the Human Body landed on my audio list after Rhapsody Jill’s glowing review almost two years ago.

All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior – A parenting book…though not based on actual parenting but how parenting has evolved over the years? I’m not entirely sure but I have heard great things about this one and look forward to reading it.

So…what’s on your list for this fall? Have you read any of the books mentioned in this post?


32 Responses to “Books to Look Forward to this Fall”

  1. Kay

    I’m planning on rereading ‘Salem’s Lot during October. And I think I might have All Joy And No Fun on my Kindle. Wonder why I bought it? Anyway, totally agree on the fall thing. We don’t really have fall do we? Although I can remember certain Halloweens when I made my daughter put a coat on over her costume (she protested) and then sometimes, it’s hot. At least a few of the mornings lately have had a hint of coolness. LOL

  2. I really liked Rules of Civility when I read it years ago…it’s a good light read! And – I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on All Joy and No Fun, I’ve heard about that one!

  3. Monkalong??? I hadn’t heard of this. The Monk is on my reread list this year for RIP so maybe I’ll have to go check this out!

    Also: I loved All Joy and No Fun. It’s not really about parenting itself, but the way parenting affects the parents, especially with the changes that have occurred over the last hundred years. It’s more sociology and psychology than parenting. And it’s very wonderful. :)

  4. I love ‘Salem’s Lot! I read it last year for the first time and didn’t sleep for about a week after. That’s the only part I DON’T like about this time of year – I’m such a wimp that anything I watch or read lingers with me…especially when I go to bed at night and I’m lying there in the dark.

  5. Ooh I didn’t know about #SalemAlong – looks like fun! I’m pretty much loving all your reading list. It’s been forever since I read Beloved, but I loved it!!

  6. I read Brown Girl Dreaming and All Joy and No Fun earlier this year– both were really good, but in different ways. All Joy and No Fun is pretty much a social science perspective on how parenting affects the parent. It was fascinating.

    And I hear you on the weather. We keep getting little glimpses of fall (well, ok, glimpses of 80 degree days) and it is making me realllllly ready for summer to end.

  7. I have not read any of these yet – will have to check them out! Also, I love your TTT fall graphic – so cute! Wish I’d thought of it lol My TTT

  8. LOVE this list! Beloved was the cornerstone of my dissertation – can’t wait to discuss it! And loved Interpreter of Maladies and Brown Girl Dreaming (the girls loved that, too, especially Bee). Dracula was not my favorite. And you know I adore anything King, but Salem’s Lot would be at the bottom half of my rankings. Can’t wait to see what you think of the rest so I know what to read next!

  9. Parenting books are weird, right?? I’m interested in what you think of All Joy and No Fun when you get to it. I think I’m going to give The Gift of Failure a whirl soon. We’ll see how it goes!

  10. DRACULA!!!!!!! It is time for my annual re-read of my favorite of all favorite books. I think this time, I am going with my annotated version. I love this time of year too. Orange and red and yellow and brown are the most beautiful colors to me.

  11. Great line-up! Salem’s Lot genuinely creeped me out when I was in college. And Beloved is such a heartbreaking and unforgettable book.

  12. I love the idea of nonfiction November! Every year I say I want to read more non-fiction and am lucky if I read one book. Great line up of books and I highly recommend Dracula. I just read it a year or two ago and was so amazed at how despite knowing the story line, etc. I still found it thoroughly engrossing and at times very creepy! And, yes, I’m ready for Fall weather too :)

  13. Interpreter of Maladies is very good! I started Dracula around this time a few years ago and was loving it. Very atmospheric. I need to try to read it again! I also really, really want to read Brown Girl Dreaming.

  14. Wow, a huge array of books there Trish and some great titles to look forward to. I haven’t heard of many so keen to hear what you think of them.


  15. Ti

    This work thing is keeping me busy these days. I haven’t been able to sit down for even 15 min to even think about fall reading. Sadness, I know. I haven’t even had Pumpkin anything yet. Over 100 degrees again today. Just not in the mood.

  16. Hi Trish!!! I haven’t read Salem’s Lot for… well…. 15 years??? So I am planning on jumping into this readalong. I’ve never heard of The Monk so I am going to look into that one!! Hope all is well.

  17. “Rules of Civility” and “Beloved” are both such good books. I still need to get to Dracula, too, but not this year.

  18. I remember seeing Rules of Civility at Wal-Mart all the time when it came out. The cover just kept drawing me in! I never did buy it, but I’m still super intrigued. And Jhumpa Lahiri is awesome! I fell in love with The Namesake, too.

  19. Leslie H

    You have to add Scott Wilbanks to your fall reading list for sure! His recent book “The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster” is a MUST read murder mystery/suspense/time travel masterpiece. It will keep you hooked from start to finish. A mysterious mailbox appears in Annie Aster’s backyard and she finds a letter from 19th century schoolmarm Elsbeth Gundy. This is quite surprising seeing that Annie lives in modern day San Francisco. Whatever has connected these two women and brought their worlds together is a mystery that has to be solved quickly. I absolutely adore the characters in this book. They are funny and lovable and they feel 100% real. The author validates himself as a legitimate mystery writer with all the clever plot twists and turns throughout. Please give it a read – check out his website –
    Happy Reading!