Halloween Village – Department 56 Display

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Department 56 Halloween Village

It’s always a fun year when the Department 56 Villages (one for Halloween, one for Christmas) come out of storage. Because putting up and taking down the village takes so much work and now I have to worry about little hands wanting to help, it’s been three years since these pieces have come out of the boxes. The platform could use some sprucing up, but maybe I’ll worry about that in another three years.

For my village display, I have three levels of styrofoam on top of pressboard. Some of the pieces are spray painted and some of them are painted with regular paint–one of these days I’ll replace some of the older styrofoam pieces with heavier duty pieces and use paint. I have a foam cutter that I used to create the ridges and cuts. I then sprayed all of the pieces with adhesive and sprinkled with green powder that I found in the model train section of Hobby Lobby. The lichen is from the same model train section.

Scott drilled holes in the styrofoam and platform so that I can feed the cords straight below the houses. I use the same platform for Christmas. It works great–though adding new pieces means cramming things closer and closer together as I don’t want to expand the pressboard or have to add any styrofoam.

Department 56 Display Platform

Department 56 Village Set-up Ideas


Anyway–you don’t care about all of that! I do apologize that the quality of the pictures varies throughout the post. I tried to use natural light but switched the flash and then badly edited them all in PicMonkey. It’s hard to capture lighted pieces!


Department 56 Halloween - Center

Department 56 Halloween Village

Department 56 Halloween Village

Department 56 Haunted Rails

Department 56 Halloween Details

Department 56 Halloween - Details 2

Department 56 Halloween - Details 3

I seriously love it. All the details, all the little pieces. I love how excited Elle was when I showed her the completed village for the first time. I’m sure I’ll love it all over again when it makes its next appearance in a few years. Ha!

And video tour…the first few seconds do have sound before I turn off the Carousel. Some of the other pieces make noises, too (eg the theater makes slasher movie sounds with the audience screaming), but to have all the sounds on at once is a bit much. ;)

Happy Halloween!!


11 Responses to “Halloween Village – Department 56 Display”

  1. This is so awesome! I do a Christmas village every year too, but never thought to do a Halloween one. I love the idea! Ooh and the styrofoam / pressboard idea too.

  2. Ti

    There is a garden center in our town that puts one up every year but each year it’s gotten smaller. I think maybe it is just too much work for the amount of pieces they actually sell from it. I haven’t had the time to see it yet but now that I’ve seen yours and the video you so nicely chose to include, I think I can skip theirs! My fave piece from what I saw was the rotating swing with the skeleton on it! I also love the Ferris wheel! Your kids but be in awe of it. I’d be staring at it all day long if I could.

  3. This is adorable. :) My grandma used to set up an elaborate Christmas stuffed animal display, complete with animatronic Rudolph. I’m not sure when the last time she did it was!

  4. Love this! I have always wanted to start one of these collections. I have one little vampire castle but that’s it. Looks awesome Trish!