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The other day I decided to make a list of all of my current quilting works in progress. Ha!!!!! The amount of time that I spend in my sewing room comes and goes. Sometimes I’ll make the 15 minute drive home at lunch just to get an extra 20 minutes in the room without the girls. When the girls are home, I can usually entertain them with buttons or scrapbooking paper and scissors for a few minutes but then the draw of the sewing machine is much more interesting. And trying to sew with a 2 year old on your lap (that you’re already sharing with a 34w pregnancy) is not fun!

But, I continue to steal those moments here and there and find that eventually they add up to something substantive. I thought I’d share with you some of my current Works in Progress. I’m linking up with Lee from Freshly Pieced today (she makes gorgeous quilts and her blog is an inspiration). You should be able to enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on them.

Baby Billy Bobette’s Quilt

About two weeks ago I finally cut into the fabric for the baby’s quilt. I don’t hope to have it finished by the time she arrives in six weeks (six weeks!!!), but the progress is quick at least. I decided to use a herringbone type pattern using Half Square Triangles (inspired by this quilt). I had a layer cake of Bonnie and Camille’s Ruby that I forgot I had stashed and it turns out it’s perfect! Lots of red and pink and green and blue. And if you’re wondering Baby Billy Bobette does not have an official name yet. Poor baby!
Quilt for Baby


Stitcher’s Garden Quilt

You might remember almost a year ago when I first posted about this Stitcher’s Garden Quilt. This month is supposed to be our last of a 14 month class. I’m sad that it will be over and I’ve done fairly well in keeping up with my outside of class homework. I’ve learned so many techniques with this class and it’s already given me confidence to try some new things with my machine rather than straight-line piecing. I’ve especially enjoyed the applique! The fabric I’ve used is mostly Kaffe Fassett and I adore those bright colors!

Stitcher's Garden Blocks


Christmas Quilt

Sigh. This thing should have been finished years ago. Seriously. But! Last weekend my dear sweet sister helped me baste this monster (sandwich the quilt top, batting, and backing together) so that I can quilt it up. It’s 72″x84″ so quilting it will be a bear–plus I’d like to free motion quilt it and it scares me. I still have visions of cuddling under the quilt with the girls, though, while we read Christmas stories or watch movies. Maybe we’ll just do that in it’s current state? *insert crying laughing emoji*

Christmas Quilt


Value Scrappy Quilt

So this quilt! YEARS ago I participated in a block swap–I purchased three different fabrics, cut them into squares and mailed them off to the coordinator. She received three fabrics from all the other participants and sent one square of each fabric to each participant. I think I ended up with 150 5″ squares? And as you can see from the below, the fabric is RANDOM.

After the fabric sitting and collecting dust, I decided that I would use it as an Leaders and Enders project–this means that when I’m sewing a current project, I’ll run these fabrics through my machine as I’m chain piecing. Because I’m never actively working on this quilt, it’s like a total bonus–eventually I’ll have enough of these little Half Square Triangles (remember those from the quilt above??) to have a scrappy picnic quilt.

HST Color Value 2

So what’s the difference in the picture above and below? I decided to separate my blocks into Light and Dark values and sew them into the Half Square Triangles (HSTs). The fantastic thing about HSTs is that there are so many stinkin’ patterns you can create with these building blocks. Take a look on Pinterest for some ideas!  Above and below are the same exact blocks but they are arranged in different patterns to get a completely different look. (I grabbed these blocks at random so they’re not matched up the way they would be for a completed project). I’m still not sure which route I want to take with this quilt…though I think I’m leaning towards the layout below. What do you think?

HST Color Value 1


The Hexie Quilt

I tend to get hung up on projects when I’m stuck on how to finish them. In this case, I need to add a border around the hexie flowers to bring it up to size but I don’t know how to attach the hexies to the border. I REALLY don’t want to do any more handpiecing, so I do I sew them with the machine? And won’t that be a pain in the rear with all those hexies (I want to keep shape rather than cutting them in half to create a straight line). So, this baby is currently hanging in my crafting room closet. Sad.

Hexie Quilt


Quilts for Elle and Evie

Two different tops with the same fabric but different patterns for Elle and Evie–these have been completed for a few months (as are the backs), but again…free motion quilting scares me and I’m not any better with straight line quilting. Womp womp. I really need a local guru to teach me the ways!!

Quilts for Girls


Lizzie Kate Jingles Cross-Stitch

Now this…this is what I spend all my “free” time on–mostly because I can sit on my butt while watching The X-Files and work on it (we actually finished the final movie last night so we’re out of shows until January!!).  This cross-stitch is my first time working with linen and I’m enjoying it…but I didn’t know how to measure the linen against the pattern and completely missed the mark. The pattern is supposed to be very long and narrow, but I’m currently trying to figure out how to cut the pattern in half so that I can work it side by side rather than straight down. I think I’ll actually like it better this way (it’ll be a big square-ish shape), but it does hurt my brain. I’m currently AT that halfway point, so I’m not sure I’ll finish it by Christmas. We’ll see.

Jingles Christmas Cross-Stitch


So there you have it–all my current Works in Progress. Even if some of them are sitting and waiting on me to figure out how to proceed or some of them are long term or some of them are only worked on 10 minutes at a time.

What crafty things have you been into lately?



19 Responses to “Current Quilty Works in Progress”

  1. So. Much. Gorgeousness!!! And I admit, it’s always good to be reminded that I’m not the only one with many, many, many projects started but unfinished. :)

  2. Love your quilts!! I should take photos of my lace in progress — but then would have to unearth half-done needlework or quilts? Ugh.

  3. all your projects look wonderful ! I remember how hard it was to keep being creative when I was pulled in so many directions with little ones, work,home ect. hang in there !

  4. I feel like it shouldn’t be TOO hard to add another row of snowflakes or something to the other side. Or put that lacy border from the bottom at the top too? Add a couple extra rows of blank space in between blocks? Think of it as padding your term paper.

    • There is a row of snowflakes on the bottom half that I’m removing and putting on the top of the first half which will give me about 17 extra rows. I’ll just have to see how the rest of it plays out but I definitely think I can add some more padding to the bottom. I’m surprisingly not stressed about it but it was a major headdesk moment when I realized how badly I had mis-estimated. Scott: “Didn’t you measure it before you started?” Me: Um, no? :)

  5. I bought this ridiculously ambitious cross stitch kit about 6 months ago (finished size 11×14, tons of color shading, it’s a really pretty fall scene, but… ambitious) and have been slowly working on it here and there (while husband re-watches the X Files, actually).

    Can I say it makes me feel a little better than Baby Billy Bobette doesn’t have a name yet? I’m 10 weeks away from baby and we have hit a complete standstill on a name.


  6. What a lot of gorgeous projects you have on the go!!! I remember when my girls were smaller I used to have to snatch moments in my day to sew – they got very good playing with pins!! The cross stitch is wonderful – I would never have the patience. And I can almost picture you all sitting under your Christmas quilt and reading!

    • So the first layout? It’s hard to tell with such a little sample of the squares but I’ve seen this in bigger quilts and it does look really great!

  7. Kate

    I still don’t understand how you do all you do, because you’re a GREAT mom and dedicate so much time to your girls. Honestly, I admire you so much, and wonder where you get all your energy from. You inspire me, and while I don’t have 50 million projects going at the same time (like you), I do have 2 or 3. haha!!! xoxo – mom

  8. Wow, these are just gorgeous. I will admit that I never understood quilting… until this post. I still don’t know how you come up with patterns but I didn’t understand knitting patterns either until I actually started knitting. Love these quilts. They are so beautiful!

  9. You are quite the talented quilter, Trish! If I were 20 years younger, with better vision, I’d love to learn how to quilt. But now I’m content to read when I get some free time (usually before bed!) and I’m not sure I’d want to sacrifice my reading time for crafts. I did do some cross-stitching back when Amy was about Elle’s age and I actually finished ONE project (which I had framed and was hanging in our hallway for many years). Now I’m lucky if I can thread a needle and sew a button on one of Rod’s shirts! ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. Hope you have nice weather. I think we’re getting snow on Thursday. Then I’m off to work at 6 a.m on Friday. Gotta love retail! ;)

  10. these are all beautiful! I’ve never seen one like the Stitcher’s Garden! I’ve made applique quilts but never stitched around them like this–a nice technique I’ll remember.