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Le Tote Subscription Box - Unlimited wardrobe for one monthly fee!

Remember a few months ago when I told y’all that I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’m wearing and the clothes that are in my closet? I signed up for Stitch Fix and have had a fun run with the service (though I put it on hold for the remainder of my pregnancy). I have been trying to add pieces to my wardrobe that are versatile and in classic style–but this is all fun and games until you’re rapidly gaining weight and don’t want to buy clothes that you’ll only be wearing temporarily.

Enter Le Tote!

I first learned of Le Tote from Beth Fish Reads and thought that it sounded perfect. (Note: while I talk a lot about the maternity side, this is NOT solely a maternity subscription). I was thrilled when I learned that they’d soon be offering maternity service–I stalked the website for the announcement and signed up the second they went live (this is not a sponsored post, though I did receive a discounted first month by signing up under someone’s referral code–you can use my code to receive $25 off your first month). I’ve received two boxes so far and have been having quite a bit of fun. The third box should be here in just a few days!

What is Le Tote and how does it work?

Le Tote is a monthly clothing subscription service, but it is more of a rental service than a purchase service (though you can purchase the clothes). After signing up (no commitment to sign up), you create a style profile and begin adding items of clothing to your “closet.”  Once you have gone through the process and ordered your first box, you will be sent three items of clothing and two accessories (purses, jewelry, etc). You can wear these items of clothing as many times as you want, for as long as you want and then ship them back to receive a new tote. Shipping costs are free both ways and Le Tote provides all of the laundering services.

The cost for the regular boutique service is $49 a month and $59 a month for maternity. While I don’t shop for myself often, this would equate to the price of one or two nice blouses for me a month–but with Le Tote I have unlimited choices and there is no risk of buying something that I decide a few wears later that I hate. I don’t know that I’ll continue to receive boxes while I’m at home on maternity (for a few months), but it is perfect for an office setting or for someone with a more active social life.

Le Tote - My Closet

While I have not purchased any of the items I’ve received, all items are available for purchase at a discounted rate. I believe you receive your next month for free if you purchase your entire current tote box. You can also ask your stylist to send you items that you’ve already received if you like the item but not enough to permanently add it to your home closet. Another cool thing about the service is that Le Tote sends you an email when your tote is ready to be finalized. This means that you can see what they are sending you and you can swap out any items that you don’t want. You have 24 hours to finalize the selection and then the new box will be on its way to your door.

The available options for maternity are still fairly limited, but there are a ton of clothing and accessory options available for the regular boutique service. The clothes range in style and new designers/labels are being added all the time, even to maternity. With 8 weeks left to go in my pregnancy, I calculate that I could potentially get to wear three “new-to-me” shirts each week. While I do have two pregnancy’s worth of clothing, some of the items are five years old and rather worn. I never wanted to invest a ton of money in clothes that I would only wear a few months–even though I’ve ended up wearing most items through all three pregnancies. Wearing the same things day in and day out is boring and this has helped me feel revitalized!

My Totes - Items Received

All of the items that I have received have been in great condition and I’m happy to not have to worry about the laundering, especially as Stitch Fix tends to send out handwash only items! Mama ain’t got time for that. Though, wearing clothes that others have previously worn really freaks Scott out. Everything smells fresh, feels great, and looks new so this has not bothered me. I have decided that I most likely won’t wear any earrings from the service, but part of this is because I’m too lazy to remove my screw-in studs.

The fit of all of the items has been great (though I have to laugh at the way the clothes fit the model above versus me in the pictures below). The exception to this was one tunic; I took a shot when I added this to my closet because my round behind doesn’t normally allow for me to wear longer type shirts with leggings. I mean, I can–but I’m constantly reminded of that lady dancing at the wedding in Steel Magnolias–the one where someone (Wheezer?) says that it looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket. For real. The clothes all felt really great on and there are a few items that I think I’ll be ordering again (I love that coral draped cardigan).

What have I received?

What’s funny about the collages below is that the top and bottom pictures were taken a week apart. I think the nature of the clothes minimized or accentuated my bump–I’m about 30-31 weeks in these pictures.

Le Tote Subscription Box - Maternity Boxes

Le Tote Subscription Box - Maternity Fixes

The biggest con for me is my own impatience. I have heard others say that as soon as they’ve sent in their old tote, a new tote was put together and shipped. This has not been the case for me–a new tote has been created once they’ve received my previous package. This means that with two day shipping each way, the turn around time for a new box is about 4-5 days. To me this does not support the “unlimited wardrobe” theory, but the monthly subscription price is still cheaper than if I were to go buy a blouse or two.

Another con that likely only a limited amount of people will experience is that I have difficulties toggling between the maternity clothes and the regular clothes. Some of the items in the maternity section are not maternity (wraps, cardigans, coats, accessories, etc), so once I’ve clicked on one of those items, I’ll find that I have to rabbit hole my way back to maternity to add pieces to my closet. This is a minor complaint and I’m sure since maternity is brand new that Le Tote is still working out some of the kinks.

Overall Le Tote has been a fun service and I’m looking forward to spending the next several months receiving new pieces of clothing with very little commitment.

If you’d like to try out Le Tote, you can sign up now and receive $25 off your first month. That’s half off!! (I will receive a smaller credit for this referral).

Have you tried any clothing subscription services? How do you revitalize your own style?


17 Responses to “Le Tote Subscription Service Thoughts”

  1. For someone who hates to shop and rarely makes time to do so, this subscription service sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to check out both sites. Love that coral drape cardigan, too! You look wonderful, Trish!

    In other news, I’ve re-entered the blogging world after a six-month break! Crazy, since I’m about to get super busy with work. :)

    • Yay!!!!! Glad you let me know as that poor old feed reader of mine is collecting some dust. Tis the season for insanity, huh? xo

  2. I had so many people sign up using my code that I’m doing them again this month (basically it’s free for me. :) ).

    The trick to really quick turnaround is to take your package to the post office and have them scan it into their system. Once the package has been scanned for return, Le Tote puts together your next box. So, I return the bag in the morning and I have a new tote put together by that same evening. We don’t have home delivery of mail here, so that’s really, really easy for me. I realize that might not be an easy option for you.

    Like you said, it’s not really cost-effective for a person who mostly stays at home, but for maternity and outside the home work and active social life, I think it’s a GREAT service. And, yes, the clothes are clean and in good shape.

    I have a couple of friends who are with Scott — shudder at the idea of wearing “used” clothes. For some reason it doesn’t bother me.

  3. Oh my gosh – this is brilliant! Especially for maternity…they need to build out their maternity options STAT b/c the rental feature makes it perfect for moms to be! I do Stitch Fix and was about to give up on it after a few months of blah boxes, but the most recent box was amazing and I kept everything….so I’m going to request that stylist moving forward and keep it up awhile longer.

    • My sister is really freaked out by it as well. LOL! I’m sure if I ever received a piece with a stain on it, that would likely be it for me but for now it’s perfect for maternity. I HATE all my current clothes. :)

  4. Meg

    Your tweets and posts have definitely piqued my curiosity about Le Tote, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before I crack and sign up! (I’ll definitely use your referral link!) I wish I’d known about this during my pregnancy, because I wound up wearing the same three tops daily for, oh, MONTHS before Oliver was born! I just did not want to spend the money for new clothes, but I would have appreciated “renting” the clothes for less than I would have spent on just a top or two.

    Like you, though, I am impatient . . . I would want that new tote immediately, haha! You mean I have to wear all my boring old clothes while waiting for the new one?!? :)

    • I hear you Meg–I’m going to be stalking the shipping tracking on my new box until it gets here tomorrow. LOL! I pulled out my winter maternity clothes bin this morning and almost cried because I hate everything so much. ;) I will note that after I scheduled this post last night I got an email saying that they will be raising their prices soon–I don’t know when or how much, but if you sign up when they’re still $49 a month then you’ll be grandfathered into that price. (I’m not trying to sway you either way, just an FYI). I guess they’ve seen an increase in demand lately!

    • The options on the website are to put a box on hold for a week or a month. I’m not sure if you can continue to use this option month after month. However, I just talked with someone who cancelled and then reinstated her account and she said the process was incredibly easy. She did have to call to cancel, but then was able to reopen her account online with her old login information. I’ll likely be doing the same when I’m home with the baby–no need for an endless wardrobe–but will possibly reinstate again when I head back to work. It really is a fun service!

  5. I’m seriously intrigued by this. I’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix but haven’t because I’m cheap. I did Golden Tote for awhile and got some winners but also got a decent amount of clothes that just weren’t right. My husband has the same issue with wearing used clothes but I get tons of stuff from thrift stores and have no such problem. I’m definitely going to go check this out!

  6. I’ve been dying to try this service. I’ve used Stitch Fix, but I think it’s too expensive – I’m a clearance rack shopper, and paying $40 for a shirt is just insane to me. Glad to know everything feels and smells fresh. I may give it a try!

  7. I shop at consignment shops once in a while and those are used clothes there. The thing I like about it is if I try it on, and it fits, it will after washing. It’s already been washed so the shrink factor is handled. How many times have I bought something and it fits great only to shrink just enough to make me uncomfortable – lots I say!

  8. I don’t have any problems with used clothes in general, but this still seems so expensive for something you don’t get to keep.

  9. Jennygirl

    interesting idea and service. Used clothes don’t bother me, but all the back and forth would. great for maternity time so you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff.