Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!!

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Happy 2016

What do you mean today is the last day of January?? Are you sure?  As I’m still transitioning to life with a newborn…and three kids, I thought about skipping this post when I didn’t get it up by the beginning of the month, but it’s tradition. Plus eventually life will smooth out and I’ll be able to think about more than when and what my children ate last.

When I look back at my list of things I wanted to do in 2015, I didn’t complete everything that I set out to do (I rarely do), but I’m pretty happy with the year and what I accomplished. I finished that dang Christmas quilt that I’ve been working on for years and I finished sewing all of my hexies together. I made two quilt tops for the (big) girls and made pretty substantial progress on a quilt top for a class I was taking. While I always wish I could spend more time in the craft room, I was able to steal quite a bit of time!

On the book front, I read the most books last year than in the past five–largely thanks to adding audiobooks back into the rotation since I went back to work. I wanted to read three books published before 1900 and I only read two that qualified but I did read two others that were published in 1900. So. It was a great reading year!

I had a lot of fun cooking from my cookbooks and even opened up a challenge until I decided to transform that into a crafty type challenge. Sadly neither took off the way that I hoped, but that’s the way of things. I’d like to do more cooking from cookbooks in 2016 as well as get back to Operation Use My Kitchen Stuff (to test out my new Instant Pot!) The “thing” that I continually (ahem) fail at is journaling. I really really would love to be a journaler, but I just don’t think I am. Maybe this year. Ha!!!! (Though I am totally intrigued by bullet journaling).


2016 Things

The things I want to do in 2016?

  • Read Lonesome Dove (for no other reason than it’s sitting on my shelf)
  • Read 36 books // Two books published before 1800 // Two books published before 1950
  • Finish Cara’s baby quilt, finish Elle and Evie’s quilts, finish the hexie quilt top (borders), and the Stitcher’s Garden top
  • Make two new recipes a month–ideally using my cookbooks/recipe scrapbook
  • Run a 10k (no really! I’ve had this on my list for years, but this IS the year I will do it!)
  • KonMari/Organize my house. I think I struggle with this one because it’s hard to measure completion–or is organization ever complete?
  • Get back into blogging. Like really. I’ve been struggling with this one lately–while you guys are so sweet to have stuck with me over the years, I feel like I don’t really know what I want my blogging purpose to be anymore. I LOVE blogging and I LOVE connecting, but it’s almost like I’ve forgotten how. Most of you will say not to worry, but it really has become such an integral part of my life over the past nine years.


I’d like to get into shape (in due time) and figure out some kind of jouraling that works for me. I’d like to be more mindful and be better about putting my phone away while I’m around my littles. I want to be more patient–with the littles, my husband, and myself. It’ll be a busy year, especially when Elle starts kindergarten in the fall (how the heck did that happen?!), but I know it’ll be a great year.

What are some of the things you’d like to do in 2016?



23 Responses to “Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!!”

  1. Hey, I knew what the first line was going to be before I even read it. Am I psychic or what? Oh, wait, Twitter spoiler. ;) I’m not a journaler either. I do have a diary app on my phone that I’m using as a gratitude journal. I just remember each day the one thing I’m most grateful for for that day. Sometimes I include a phone, sometimes I don’t. And no, organization is never complete. I’m going to be one of those people to say not to worry, so hey, don’t worry. ;) In 2016, I’d like to read more, organize more (or less), blog more, be active physically more…all just like you.

  2. I’m not a big journal person either. I’m trying the 5 year Q&A journal this year. My new blog partner wrote a post on guided journal, and I think that’s more my style … we’ll see.

  3. I’ve been journaling more since I put my journal on my kitchen table. I used to keep it near the comfy reading sofa, but I haven’t had much time there recently. But I always have to eat! I am really just journaling some thoughts on my reading. I would really like to do some quilting again this year! I bought fabric but vacillated on the pattern. I will at least set the goal of deciding on the pattern and planning the color arrangement, maybe make my templates–a little bit at a time. Good luck with your goals!

  4. I wish I could make a commitment to journaling, too, but I fail time after time. Sigh… You have an InstaPot? I’ve been trying to decide if I NEED one…love my slow cooker, but have never used a pressure cooker. Hope you do an Operation Use My Kitchen Stuff – it might help me make a decision!

  5. I’ve had Lonesome Dove on my shelf forever, too. My sister-in-law recommended it years ago, but it’s never really called to me. Maybe a buddy read?

  6. Kay

    I’ve tried writing in a journal and have been successful for very short periods of time. Like when I was dealing with awful situations. Other than writing about things like that, I’ve never been successful. Can’t you just call your blog your journal and say your do it ‘from time to time?”. Want to read Lonesome Dove, huh? Well, good luck to your and Les. You can tell me about it. I have no desire for that one, but I did watch the TV adaptation. Good luck with your goals. Your little girls are beautiful. And time will pass so fast…I’m serious about that. Sigh. Have a good week!

  7. You have some wonderful goals for the year Trish and no doubt you’ll get to them. I hope you’ll keep us updated on how you are getting ready for your 10k. I need some motivation to get more fit :)

  8. Journaling is on my list too this year. Not the fancy book kind of journaling but the write about my damn day kind. So far, it’s going okay. Some days I forget to do it but other days, I write long pieces.

    Crafting is also on my list, but time. I think you did pretty great last year, I’m sure you will do wonderfully this year too. Especially with three littles running around.

  9. I loved Lonesome Dove even though I’m not normally a fan of westerns! And – that’s great that you want to run a 10K – I love that distance, a steadier pace than a 5K, but not too long! And – I feel like nothing in life is clear when you have a brand new baby…hopefully your blogging purpose will become clearer when the dust settles a bit :)

  10. I used to be a sporadic journaler. I’d buy journals, and go months or years without using them, and then I’d spend weeks or months and sometimes years writing 15 pages a day. It was like sometimes, the words just spilled out, and other times, I had nothing to write about. I hadn’t written much in the way of journals for about five years when I picked up a super long journal in the summer of 2013. My goal was to write in it every morning, just a little bit, one page per day, to keep up with particularly health habits, tracking my health over time. The book had about 400 pages in it, so it would last over a year. Only then, it became a part of my day. I stopped tracking health habits and just wrote every day, usually no more than a few lines. I’m on my third journal now, and I’ve written almost every day (even if just one sentence) for the last 2.5 years.

  11. Lonesome Dove! One my all-time fav books! Hope you love it too! I really liked GWTW–you’ll definitely enjoy reading it.

    Journaling? I’m a total absolute fail. I long ago accepted that it was out of my realm. I can post a daily photo on IG, I can blog, but I cannot for the life of me keep a journal or diary more than 3 or 4 days in a row. Good luck.

    Blogging? I say just do it — your focus/purpose will find its own level.

  12. Ti

    I saw a Happiness Jar on Pinterest before the new year hit and I decided to do that. But then, I started thinking about how all those tiny pieces of paper would conflict with my KonMari efforts. I can’t just throw them away! Some suggest pasting them into a framable piece of art but yeah, like that will ever happen and that would require me to use nice paper.

    So, I pulled out my Keep app and began a file for Happiness “Jar” and each day I just write down one thing that brought me happiness. I can download it or delete it at the end of the year but right around New Year’s Eve I plan to go through the list just to remind myself of what made me happy.

    What do I want to do in 2016? I have a small bucket list of places I want to visit but these are just day trips that no person in Los Angeles should miss. Nothing big but for whatever reason, I’ve not been to them and it’s bugging me to no end. I plan to just be outside more. Basically.

  13. I am a journal type person. Big time! I have been journaling since I was a teenager with aspirations to be an editor. But obviously I never made that happen (lazy). The only reason I am blogging is I made a step from paper journals to electronic. Then the blog evolved. Then I started another one and then I started yet another one for book talk.

    You amaze me keeping up with yours so well (with 3 kids AND work!) and you always have interesting posts. For this year I would like to read more, learn some new crochet stitches, get back to walking for exercise and have a successful garden. We just planted chard, broccoli, butter lettuce and strawberries yesterday,

  14. Laura

    Lonesome Dove! Do you know when I read that book? On our trip to FL for the NCCI conference :) Fun memories! And I really liked it too. Journaling is something I want to do as well, but can’t seem to ever be consistent with it. And however sporadically you are able to blog, I hope you keep doing it! I love the mix of posts you do, and of course, keeping up with you and your family is so nice :) Happy 2016!

  15. Wait! Kindergarten this fall? Where has the time gone?! Of course, my kiddo is leaving elementary school in June. I totally can’t believe it.
    I haven’t really set goals for the year except for the reading my own books one. I’m also starting to look at what jobs are out there but I have zero confidence now that I’ve been out of the market for 12 years. I also don’t want to go back to what I was doing then so I need to figure out how to market the skills I’ve gained since. Blech.
    Get in shape? That’s a good goal too! I think you’re going to rock that one with chasing after three kidlings! :)

  16. It is good to have you back!! I hope everything is doing ok with you. I use day one for journaling. You can use it on your mac and iPhone and write short things as they pop up. The one thing I would like to do this year is to lose 100 pounds. I have lost 40 using Beachbody.

  17. Oh, there are TOO many things I want to do in 2016 and most of them I wanted to do in 2015, 2014 etc… (lose weight etc).

    However, the year’s starting a little differently to last year so I guess that means things will already be a bit different (I have a new part-time job for eg).

    I tend to like BIG change and not little change. It’s the big changes which push me out of my comfort zone and that’s very much needed at the moment.

    And of course, with a newborn you’ve had a HUGE year and will have a fabulous 2016 I’m sure!


  18. I had so meant to read cookbooks with you last year and got off to a decent start, at least remembering to pull them off the shelf and try new recipes. But we mustn’t beat ourselves up over the things that don’t work and focus on our successes and moving forward. With three little girls, just figuring out how to make every day work will be a challenge!

  19. I think that if we ever accomplished everything we want to in a year, life would be rather boring. Don’t you think?

    I do know that what you do finish on your list, especially the crafty stuff, will be amazing and you will continue to astound me with your skills.

    As for journaling, I would start it one sentence a day. Find out if an electronic or a written journal works and just set down a goal to write one sentence a day. Maybe to record your kids’ milestones or how you are feeling. Once you get used to it, and find a medium you like, you will find that it becomes a part of your daily routine. Or, at least it did for me.

    Good luck!

  20. I would love to be a journaller, too, but I feel like I’m so boring. lol.

    Ugh. Blogging. I love it and I want to do it more but it’s so hard when I feel like I’m the only one writing and reading it. I know that I should try and make time for other blogs to get more people to mine, but life is just so busy. Part of me thinks I never should have started over with my blog and another part says to just stick with it and readers will come … and the time!

    Good luck this year! Oh, and we’ve been doing lots of purging and reorganizing. Slooooowly our house is getting in order. You can do it!

    • It is tough Kristilyn! I can totally relate–and finding the time is tough. Especially with so many other interests–I feel like I have to give something up when I make a choice. If I want to sew, then I have to give up reading time. If I want to read then I have to give up blogging time. Sometimes I just say Hell with it all and hang out on twitter, which is a total waste of time. LOL! Just do what you can and let go of the rest. :)