A Day in the Life – Blogger Event Coming Soon

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A Day in the Life

Hi everyone! Can you believe that a year has already passed since the first A Day in the Life Blogger Event? I had so much fun last year and was overwhelmed by the participation. I meant to do another round in the fall, but time got away from me. Several people have already expressed interest in a second Day in the Life link-up, so I hope that you’ll all join again (or for the first time).

A Day in the Life Blogger Event – March 23, 2016

What is A Day in the Life?

I’ve shared a few of my days with you–logging every activity as a stay at home mom and as a working mom. Click around on the links submitted by the other participants to get a feel. Some log every activity, some log the big activities, some chose to get creative and share the things they can’t live without in a day. Get creative! Share as many or as few details as you’d like–with pictures or without.

Tips for Recording the Day?

When recording my day, I use the notes feature on  my smartphone. I tend to use the microphone to say a quick sentence and then write up the record later that night. I also use my phone to snap picture throughout the day. If pen and paper works for you, that’s great, too. When I record my days, I record the events of that specific day (which means that all of my days look different). If you’d rather do what a typical day looks like for you, that works as well.

Why Record a Day?

My life changes so rapidly with little kids. Both of my previous days will look completely different from the day that I record this time and I love having that record to look back at in the future. My blog serves as a kind of journal and I’m constantly looking back at old posts and remembering the days since gone.

Why Share Your Day?

The biggest comment I heard last year was that people didn’t want to share their day because they were afraid it was boring. While your life might be routine to you, it is certainly very different from everyone else’s day. I love this event because it shows us that we’re all human and doing our best to get through the day. We’re able to see how we’re similar and how we’re different and mostly how we’re all individuals. Do not miss out on the event simply because you’re afraid you have nothing to share. I assure you–you do!

Please help me spread the word! I hope that this year’s event will be just as fun as it was last year. I loved loved loved it.  Come back on Wednesday March 23rd to share your day via link-up. If you already have posting plans that day, feel free to post any time and link up that day. And feel free to record any day between now and the 23rd. Hopefully this gives you plenty of time…and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to send out lots of reminders!

I hope you’ll join!



38 Responses to “A Day in the Life – Blogger Event Coming Soon”

  1. Kay

    Oh I’m definitely in! I loved doing this last year and enjoyed seeing what everyone else shared. And may I say that as a person who is an empty-nester, doesn’t work outside my home, and is of a ‘certain age’, I was afraid my ‘day’ would be boring. I had so many nice comments though and so I encourage everyone to share. Your life isn’t boring at all. It’s yours and we want to celebrate ‘you’. OK, now to figure out which day will be my ‘recording day’.

    • I’m so glad you’ll be participating again Kathy!! Record ANY day between now and then and link-up on the 23rd. (You can post anytime if you already have something planned for the 23rd).

  2. I saw some of those posts last year. But yes, sadly, my life is such a boring thing that I will live vicariously through all of you :-)

  3. I remember this! I didn’t get a chance to participate last year but I’ve just marked my calendar. Looking forward to it!

  4. I’m in this time! Last year, I was traveling on vacation and didn’t learn of this until much later. So I’m excited! Thanks for bringing this back.

  5. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing this again! It was fun to look back at the post I did last year and I can’t wait to do another!

  6. Jenny

    I loved reading everyone’s posts last time round. I’m hoping to participate. I guess it all depends on if I remember to log a day.