A Day in the Life with a Two Month Old

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Ignore the title–you all know that I also have an almost 5 year old and 2.5 year old in addition to the 2.5 month old. Just needed a way to distinguish this post from some of my other Days in the Life posts…including one I have planned for next week with all three girlies at home. I recorded below from Thursday March 10th.

I recorded the below in part in preparation for the Day in the Life Blogger Event on March 23rd. You still have plenty of time to record a day of your own to link up! Last year we had almost 75 participants and I’m hoping as many people join this time around!!

March 10th Day in the Life

3:26 – Cara wakes. This is two hours earlier than the day before but later than most of the days last week, so I’ll take it. Except she only wants one side which means I probably haven’t seen the last of her this morning.

3:35 – Cara is back in her rock n play and I crawl back into bed. I think I fall asleep quickly?

5:16 – Cara wakes again. Grrrrr. I nurse her on the other side for about 7 minutes. She has no interest in more so I put her back to sleep.

5:25 – I get back in bed and remember that I want to record today’s events. So I mentally record what’s happened so far. Including mentally recording the recording of my mentally thinking about it. Sometimes I have to work really hard to shut my brain back down to get back to sleep.

5:35 – I’m hungry and clearly not going to fall asleep until I grab a snack. Eventually I drift to sleep.

Good Morning

7:20 – Scott wakes me, Cara wakes at almost the same time. I quickly nurse her (again she only takes one side and I’m a bit annoyed) and put her back down. I grab some milk for Elle and Evie and get them dressed. Elle has been really into matching outfits with Evie lately. <3

7:59 – Scott and the girls are out the door for the day. I unload the top rack of the dishwasher, pour a cup of coffee, and sit down with my bullet journal and to record the day so far in Evernote. Cara is still asleep but I hear her stirring so wouldn’t be surprised if she wakes soon.

Coffee Time

8:31 – Cara wakes so I bring her into the kitchen. I finish unloading the dishwasher, eat breakfast (peanut butter toast with sliced banana), waste time on social media, and read a couple Surplus Lines (insurance) articles for a research project Scott has me doing.

9:00-9:45 I take a quick shower, dress Cara, make the bed, nurse Cara. We’re out the door to run errands. This is earlier than I’d normally get out of the house but it’s been raining all week and I’m going stir-crazy. She immediately falls asleep in the car so I put on an audiobook (Balm by Dolen Perkins-Valdez).


10:00-11:25 –  I head to the UPS store first and then Starbucks drive-thru, even though I’m supposed to be dairy-free. Cara is out and I momentarily wonder if I’m sacrificing afternoon nap. My mom calls so I chat with her while I drive to Babies R Us for letters for Cara’s room. Cara wakes and dozes here and there and we head to Hobby Lobby for a few things for her bedroom (previously Evie’s so I’m trying to make it her own). Cara starts crying as soon as I get her in the car from Hobby Lobby so we head home and she *screams* the entire way. No audiobook and there’s not much I can do to comfort her.

Errands Done

11:30 – Nurse Cara and by 11:42 she’s fallen asleep in my arms. I have no idea what to do. Put her down? Try to get her to take other side? Just hold her and play two dots? I put her down at 11:49 in her bouncer on the kitchen table and she wakes. I make lunch (leftover chicken, veggies, and rice) and eat while reading a magazine.

12:26 – Cara starts to fall asleep in her bouncer so I put her down. With paci. I finish lunch and eat so quickly I get the hiccups. 12:32 Cara’s fussing. 12:33 not fussing. Maybe she’ll take a good nap?  12:43 I settle down with Mort by Terry Pratchett. Kim, my little sister, texts to tell me she’s on her way to my house.


12:59 – she’s stirring. I don’t dare go look at the monitor after she quiets back down. (At 1:10 she’s awake but falling back asleep. Whew!). 1:15 – Or maybe she’s sleeping with her eyes open. I should ditch the monitor. 1:24 crying. 1:31 put her back down. With paci. Holding my breath. No really. Yup. That didn’t work. Little pill! She falls asleep in my arms. 1:36 nurse and she falls asleep again. Put her down. Seems fine. Get to kitchen and she’s stirring. About to give up and relegate her to the swing. Have to pee so badly but afraid the sound will wake her. 1:54 she’s crying but when I go check she’s sleeping.

1:55 – Kim is here. She’s in town visiting and has come to spend the afternoon with me. 1:59 Cara cries. I give her the paci and she falls asleep. Annnnd Cara goes to the swing at 2:01. Kim and I visit while she eats some lunch and then we paint the letters for Cara’s nursery wall. Chat and such. For the rest of the afternoon Kim and I hang out. Cara sleeps some of the time, but mostly just hangs out.

Crafting Napping

5:15 – Cara and I go to pick up the girls from school. Scott takes them to school everyday and I pick them up. Cara usually cries the entire way to the school but then falls asleep once we get there.

5:39 – We’re eating dinner at my mom’s tonight since Kim and her husband Ryan are in town. We’re having Pei Wei and I run home to get the girls’ chopsticks. Hey–whatever will get them to eat their dinner! Plus my mom only lives a mile from me, so it’s not out of the way to quickly stop rather than going straight to her house.


6:00 – I nurse Cara quickly and then we all sit down to eat dinner. At 6:30, she starts fussing so I nurse her again (this is what I hate about the fact that she’ll only take one side each session). Thankfully she’s quick about it. The rest of the night we hang out, eat cake, and the girls run amok. Kim and Ryan are younger and fun Aunt and Uncle–the girls love them. We head home at 8:00, which is past bedtime.

happy birthday

8:15 – I nurse Cara while Scott gets the girls ready for bed. Normally this is a joint effort (getting the girls ready, not the nursing), but we’re running really late tonight. Usually there is a book and songs, but we skip the routine tonight. Thankfully the girls don’t fight as they got to play and eat cake tonight. I put the babe into her jammies and try to put her down.

goodnight girls

8:40-51 Evie is crying because she can’t find her blankie, so I head upstairs to find the blankie (which she’s lying on) and give the girls kisses. I holler at them to go to bed since it’s so late and get an “otayyyyyyy” from both of them. I head back downstairs and plop down on the couch (Scott has Cara).


9:21 – Cara is still up-ish. I’m playing two dots while Scott watches truck show. I try to read for a bit but it’s too distracting with the TV. At 9:35 I successfully put Cara down.

9:57 – in bed! I read a few pages of Just One Day before falling asleep while reading.


2:13 – Cara wakes.

I’ll be the first to admit that life with three kids is chaotic and exhausting!! It’s a good thing that they have their sweet moments. Ha! People ask whether it’s much more difficult than two kids and my answer is usually an automatic No. It’s busier with three but Evie and Elle also keep each other entertained when I’m tending to the baby. It’s a joy to watch (or at least hear) them playing with one another, though I do have to do my share of hollering for fighting. Sisters. I had plenty of them growing up–I know the joys and the pains. :)

I also recorded the day following this day–a day in which I was home with all three girls. The days were too long to share in one post, so look for that next week. And I do hope that you’ll record a day and share it with us! The number one comment is that people feel their days are too boring–I assure you your day is NOT boring to others! What I love most about this event is how we can see just how unique everyone is.

A Day in the Life

XOXO or Zzzzzz. I can’t decide…


35 Responses to “A Day in the Life with a Two Month Old”

  1. Diane

    I’m exhaunted just reading this. When you are a Grammy these days you just described will be a blur?

  2. I personally think you are amazing! I see you posting on Twitter all the time, and I know you are journaling, and planning meals, and doing crafts, and all this with raising three kids including a new baby. I think you should consider, as the previous commenter said, that you are exhausting *readers* of what you do perhaps more than yourself! LOLOL Because somehow you keep going, and by all the photographic evidence doing a great job! I think I need a nap now, just from contemplating your life…

    • Ha! I often think I might be saner if I gave something up…but what would I give up? It’s like Sophie’s Choice for hobbies. What y’all don’t often see is how long it takes me to finish something. I’m currently making Elle a dress…a very simple one that should take a few hours…but when it’s all said and done I’ll have worked on it for almost a month. But I’ll take the picture of it finished and people will say “how do you find the time?” ;)

  3. As Diane said, I’m exhausted just reading this, too! This is why 54-year-olds don’t have babies. ;) Of course, I’m awake on and off all night for other reasons. Thunderstorms and my neurotic dog, for instance. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Love all the pictures, as always. Those girls are such cuties!

    BTW, how’s the no-dairy going? Is Cara any less colicky?

    • Cutting out diary has seemed to help a bit. Though I didn’t mention in this post that when we were at my mom’s that evening, Cara had a really tough time…I could tell her stomach was bothering her and I’m guessing it was from the latte I drank earlier in the day. And then on Saturday I had a baby ice cream from Sonic and on Sunday she seemed to be fussier than the prior two days. So…no dairy. At least it’s not forever. ;)

      • Yes, forever would be awful. Whenever I see any kind of diet book that recommends getting rid of dairy products, I just laugh. Not gonna happen. I love yogurt and cheese too much. And since I stopped using Splenda in my coffee, I need my half & half. I can actually stay away from ice cream without any problem, though.

  4. Kay

    And add me to the ‘exhausted’ group. 54-year-olds don’t have babies, nor do 58-year-olds. And I’m awake in the night too for other reasons – which are not apparent to me at all. I was up at 4AM this morning for no reason at all except the time change – which is backwards. Sigh. Love the pictures and love hearing about your busy life. Your girlies are precious. And I’ll be back next week with my old, ‘boring’ 58-year-old life. LOL LOL

    • You know what? Yours is one of the days I vividly remember reading about last year! So not boring…just different. And I’ve been hearing a lot from my aunts and sometimes mom and dad about difficulties sleeping at night–you’re not alone, even though that’s likely not any less frustrating!

  5. The girls are so cute, but it does sound hectic! And I thought my life was busy, with just two. (They’re farther apart in age, so don’t play together so well). Are you reading/listening to three different books? I’d never keep track.

    • Ha! Yes–three books. One on paper, one on ereader, and one on audio. Ideally I would be listening to the same book I’m reading so I can move back and forth since my listening time is so sporadic lately. Two books on ereader and paper because I need something to read before bed and I’d rather not use a book light. Otherwise I’d just be reading the one. Typing this all out makes me wonder why I complicated it so much!

  6. Laura

    These are so fun to read! I enjoyed getting a little glimpse into your daily life, and it SO brings me back to when Emily was tiny. ?

  7. Stormy

    This was such a fun read but you made me tired just reading! Everyone looks so happy in the pictures! What a lovely family! and every time I read one of your posts, my TBR pile gets bigger!

  8. You just reminded me how much easier an 8 month old is than a 2 month old. Although the day I recorded has a lot of nap will he/won’t he drama as well.

  9. Thanks for sharing your day with us! I’m excited to record my day again this year! And I guess that is true, about three not necessarily being more difficult than two. But I cannot imagine having a third kid… I already feel underwater with my two fellas!

  10. Yup, some of your day sounds pretty familiar to me… but with just the two-month-old! I’m glad you keep posting things about the day in the life, I keep meaning to do mine and forgetting. I really enjoyed doing it last year.

  11. Yikes! That nursing one side at a time must be a killer, especially at night. Good thing she’s so darn adorable!

  12. One thing I miss about the infant car seat – take them in and out of the car while not waking them and keep running your errands!! Can’t do that now heh. You’re all over the place and out and about, that’s awesome. I spent a lot of my maternity leave sitting, but I just have the one so… we’ll see how different a second one would be.

  13. Your life is nothing if not busy! I enjoy watching your little ones grow up! Hard to believe I remember none and now there are three!

  14. Jenny

    Love it! You’re right. This isn’t boring. It’s so interesting to read about other people’s lives. I need to record a day so I can join up!

  15. Kate

    I loved reading your post. Wowzer, I wonder how I ever did it with four kids. It’s no wonder we have our kids young! You are a bundle of energy and fit tasks into every spare moment so beautifully and seemingly seamlessly! I am in awe of you! Xoxomom

  16. I’m tired just reading about your day! Admittedly, I have never experienced life with a newborn and I probably never will, but it definitely sounds exhausting. I think you’re an incredible person for doing it three times now! And the older girls are SO adorable in their matching outfits!

  17. It’s funny you mention Cara nursing only one side at a time. Shreya used to do that at nights and it used to annoy me because we are up again an hour or two later. And then I started staying up long enough to try and get her to take the other side and it worked. Downside is that I have to stay up long enough for that.

    I am hoping to record tomorrow. If I remember. The remembering part is turning out to be hard.

  18. I now feel guilty about complaining about having to get up at 7! :) I do remember those baby days and getting no sleep, though. I am lucky to have a little girl who also prefers to sleep in like me. I am liking 5. :)

  19. Awww! You have no idea how much I miss those little years, including the early-morning nursing. Of course if I could talk to that earlier version of myself, she’s be insanely envious of my nights of uninterrupted sleep and the ability to sit in my office and work, while my youngest kid reads quietly on the couch. If only I could master time travel, and go back for occasional visits.

  20. I might have to save all my chores and such for A Day in the Life of a Blogger. I mean… I don’t work, but I usually find something to do all day. It’s just.. is that interesting?? On a Wednesday? Yeah I got to save stuff to do. LOL! I don’t have babies… but I do have high maintenance cats that I’ll add into the post.

  21. Oh man, I feel exhausted reading this! One of these days I’ll have to learn to stay up past 8:00 and maybe I can get more personal things done. I always forget how much nursing happens at that age, too! Even now, Livvie nurses so much, but she’s super quick about it. I remember in the early days, she’d nurse for about 40 minutes at a time (since she LOVES food) and I swear I nursed for hours a day. Sounds relaxing, but with a toddler it’s exhausting! I can’t imagine doing that with two toddlers! You’re awesome mama! And I’d totally get that Starbucks, too. :)

  22. I enjoyed reading this post, Trish! You know, I really admire your enthusiasm and energy despite having three girls, and here I thought with my two girls (12 & 7 yo) they are enough to keep me very busy!! Just wondering, do you usually blog using your phone or a desktop?

    Thanks for sharing this post and pics of your lovely girls, as always. :-)

  23. After three kids I think it is weird/interesting how each kid has their own nursing “personality.” Hope was a disinterested snacker, I felt like a deflated Capri Sun pouch with Atticus, and Persy – for whatever reason – only wanted to nurse on the right. I finally got tired of her only sipping and mostly rejecting the left side and ended up nursing on the right and pumping on the left.

    Hang in there!

    BTW – I think Starbucks carries almond milk now, you may want to ask if they have it.

  24. I know everyone keeps telling you this, but I remain impressed by how much you get done in a day! I’m guessing it’s different when you’re on kiddo #3, in that you’re used to functioning with a baby in tow, but there are plenty of days we never even get into the car. Everything seems to revolve around getting S to take a nap so his nighttime sleep doesn’t tank. Reading your post gives me hope ;)