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day in the life

First things first…tomorrow (Wednesday March 23rd) is the Day in the Life Blogger Event. I’ll have a link-up ready first thing in the morning for you to add your posts. Haven’t recorded a day yet but want to participate–record today!! Or record Wednesday and add your link Thursday, etc etc. I hope you’ll join in the fun. Ping me on twitter if you have any questions.

Friday March 11th 2016 Day in the Life

The girls are home from school today and Scott is at work. I didn’t hear him leave in the morning and he gave the girls an ipad to play with so that I could sleep in. Yes this makes me feel a little guilty…but sleep. So. Thankfully Cara has also slept in and the first time I look at my watch after waking it’s after 8. Glorious. Let’s back up a bit…

2:13 – Cara wakes and I nurse her.

5:19 – Second wakeup from Cara. A few weeks ago she was only waking once a night but we’re back to twice. Thankfully it’s usually a 15 minute turnaround time before I’m back in bed.

8:00ish – I wake up and debate whether or not to look at the clock. I lie in bed for a few minutes before I hear Cara stirring. I look at the clock and silently rejoice that it’s after 8.

8:15 – I can hear the girls upstairs so I get some milk for them and take it to them. They’re cuddling together in bed, so I head back downstairs to nurse Cara.

8:28 – Nurse Cara. And hear Elle screaming upstairs. I head up there and Evie has bitten her twice. The reason isn’t clear and I’m not sure if Elle has provoked her. I get Evie changed and urge the girls downstairs for breakfast.

Good Morning

9:00 – Elle requests French Toast for breakfast. She helps me cook while Evie is being incredibly clingy. Cara just hangs out in her swing or bouncer chair. I sit the girls down to eat and pour my coffee.

9:30 – Cara starts to fuss so I take her to bedroom and she dozes. I put her down and she wakes up–this doesn’t surprise me as it’s early for her to go down for a nap but it’s a continual guessing game. We go play in playroom with the girls.  Elle decides that she’d like to do a Kiwi Crate today so we take it to the kitchen to get it all ready.

naptime 1

10:15 – Cara starts fussing again so I try to put her down again. Elle starts screaming at Evie and wakes Cara. I come out and holler that I can’t help them with the Kiwi Crate if she’s yelling and screaming because her sister won’t sleep. Take some deep breaths.

10:25 – Cara is down again. Trying out the bassinet attachment in the pack n play rather than the rock n play where she normally sleeps. The girls and I put together the Kiwi Crate–a fun little claw mechanism that grabs things. It’s complicated but the girls are having fun with it. Meanwhile I finish my cold coffee. :)

Kiwi Crate

11:04 – Cara wakes up from her nap. I bring her to the kitchen while we finish up the last of the Kiwi Crate claw.

11:25 – nurse Cara. Girls are upstairs doing who knows what!!?? Evie is really into clothes today so she’s probably putting on her second or third or fourth outfit of the day. I wouldn’t mind except all the clothes get tossed on the floor and I can’t tell what’s dirty and clean by the end of the day.

11:45 – Elle and Evie come downstairs and play. They’re fighting over the baby carriage and I make a mental note that maybe we need another one. I try to convince Evie that the shopping cart can be used as the baby carriage, but she’s not impressed with my suggestion. Cara is gassy and fussy so I try to work out some of her gassiness. I knew that latte from Starbucks was a bad idea! (I’m trying to be dairy free to help with some of her gas/fussiness). Evie comes to show me that she found a pen. It’s all over her face. Guess better there than the couch?

pen face

12:15 –  I prep lunch and we eat upstairs in the playroom. I did this with Elle a few times when Evie was a baby and she’s been wanting to do it ever since. They make a mess, but the room needs to be vacuumed anyway. There’s nothing in the house for me to make a respectable lunch (we used the last of the bread for French toast), so I munch on some crackers. Yes the girls are eating lunchables. Stop judging me. Don’t you see that container of carrots by Evie’s knee??

12:40 – Try to nurse Cara again. It hasn’t been too long since her last session but I’m hoping to “top her off” in hopes that she’ll take a long nap. Bahahahaha.  I put her down at 12:50.

1:11 – Evie is down. I’m surprised at how easily she goes down. On the weekends she normally fights and fights nap, especially since we moved her into Elle’s room. She wants Elle to take a nap with her, but Elle doesn’t nap and I don’t want them playing. She must be tired because she gives me hugs and lies right down. Elle is taking quiet time in her hideout underneath the stairs. She can play or watch SuperWhy or read–just as long as everyone gets a little downtime (yes, I *need* it as much as they do).

naptime 2

1:25 – I make some tea, check monitor, and Cara is awake. Because of course. But she’s quiet so crossing fingers. I lie down on the couch with Mort.  1:47 – Nope. Crying Cara. I head to the bedroom to get her. She immediately falls asleep in my arms. 2:15 – Think about tea in other room. Holding sleeping Cara in bed. Don’t think she’ll let me put her down. 2:30 – I remember that my friend texted me the other day to tell me she had luck getting her non-napping baby to sleep on his tummy. I pull back the covers and gently roll her onto her tummy. She stirs but I pat her bottom and she falls back asleep. 3:00 I settle on couch and text with Scott. Cara stirs so I pop the paci in her mouth. I know this is a quick fix but I’m desperate.

naptime fail

3:30 – By now Elle and Cara are up. I cut up some apples to eat with peanut butter (my lunch) and Elle pulls out the Color Wonder books and markers. We color princesses while Cara hangs out in the bouncer on the kitchen table.


4:15 – Evie is starting to stir so I send Elle up there to gently wake her up. Ha! Is there such a thing? We turn on Snow White in the playroom and work on puzzles. Cara just hangs out.

5:00 – Cara is fussy and the girls are literally bouncing off walls. I had casually hinted to Scott earlier in the week that it would be awesome if he came home a bit early today. I check my stalker app and see that he’s still at the office. And when I say that the girls are bouncing off the walls…they really are. It’s been a good day but I’m starving and haven’t showered yet. It’s too gross outside to let the girls run loose in the backyard or take a walk.

going crazytown!

5:30 – Scott home. There is much rejoicing.

5:45 – SHOWER! ALONE!! I admit that I take my time, even though I know that I need to get dinner started. It’s amazing how restorative a shower can be. Especially a shower alone (during the week Cara hangs out in the bathroom while I shower and on the weekends it’s not uncommon for a child to share the shower with me…usually Evie).

6:15 – I start dinner. A lot of times on Friday we’ll get take-out but we ate at my mom’s twice this week and Scott doesn’t feel like going out again (I totally want to get out of the house), so we have tacos. The amazingly quick and crowd-pleasing dinner.

6:30 – Scott comes down to take over dinner prep and I nurse Cara. He gets the girls going on their food. 6:50 I sit down and eat as well–after fetching drinks and napkins and and and. Why does everyone wait until mommy sits down to make a request?

dinner and stickers

7:50 – get upstairs!!!! How did it get so late?? On Friday nights we let the girls watch TV while eating dinner. Blah blah blah bad habit, I don’t care. We eat at the dinner table with the TV off every other night, so whatever. While they do this, Scott browses on his computer and I either play on the computer or read magazines or mess with my bullet journal. Cara’s just hanging out in her swing–dozing here and there as she often does in the early evening.

8:05 – Everyone is cleaned up and in jammies so we crawl into bed to read a book. I’m currently reading the girls Where the Sidewalk Ends. Evie definitely doesn’t get it but Elle thinks the pictures are funny and will sometimes get the poems. I’m really enjoying it and they love picking up where we left off the night before. It’s one of the few times where I’m the one saying “just one more poem…just one more poem.” Evie picks out her letter (E) on every page and Elle is looking for her sightword of the week (you).


8:24 –  Cara is screaming her head off downstairs so I hurry and give kisses and skip the song tonight. Normally they want Hallelujah, a song I made up about Mickey Mouse, and Let it Go–I’ve made kind of a medaly of the three so that I’m not singing for hours. Then they want kisses–the same routine my mom did for me when I was little where I kiss each part of their face saying “I love your forehead, I love this eye and this eye, etc). It’s really frustrating to me to want to give all of the girls the attention at bedtime when the babe is screaming. To me this is the hardest part of having more than one child–making sure that each child feels loved. And I know in my heart that they do feel that but it’s still a struggle for me.

8:29 I nurse Cara. The girls are not in bed. We just moved them into the same room about three weeks ago and it’s usually Evie that is the one up and talking while Elle is telling her to be quiet. Evie has always been the nightowl! Scott goes upstairs to tell them to go to bed.

8:40 – I put Cara down knowing that she won’t stay down.

8:42 – I go up and yell at the girls. By bedtime I’m done. I don’t want to parent anymore for the day. I just want to adult. I’m really regretting not picking up a bottle of wine at the store the other day. Go to sleep!!!!!

8:48 – Cara is crying. I get her and nurse her again. This is typical every night. Usually Scott ends up taking her and holding her until she’s asleep. I may have just held her tonight or maybe we passed her back and forth. I don’t remember. Often on Friday nights we watch a movie but we’re having trouble loading a movie on itunes so we don’t. Plus it’s late. And I’m tired.

9:48 – Cara is down for the count.

10:05 –  I’m in bed. I read a few clicks of Just One Day and pass out.

2:11 – Cara up.

And we start all over again! While it’s not usual for me to be home alone with all three girls for an entire day, the day went fairly well. Very little frustrations–other than the biting and while Cara didn’t take one big nap, she napped better than she has been lately (her average is about 30 minutes a nap and it’s driving me insane as this is just enough time for me to grab something to eat and settle down to do something and then…!). Today is more typical of a weekend day–except we usually run errands in the morning and I’m not yet brave enough to venture out with all three girls. I’ll take Elle and Cara out together but Evie is the wildcard these days.

I named my blog before I had kids, but every day that insanity part feels a little more real! Here’s to hoping that we all survive and I look back at this post in several years and just laugh.

A Day in the Life

I hope you’ll share what a day looks like for you! Be sure to come back tomorrow for the link-up.


52 Responses to “A Day in the Life with Three Littles”

  1. This reminds me so much of my own life about 10 years ago! Except I had a boy in the middle of my 2 girls. The biggest challenge was always trying to get the older two to go to sleep at night while I kept the baby quiet (my husband was not usually around at bedtime). Your girls are very sweet. :)

  2. Kay

    Lovely, lovely post, Trish. Your 3 girls are so precious and I’m amazed at your stamina. I was tired just reading this, but that’s why you have kiddos when you are younger. LOL

    Laughed about the biting. Doesn’t every kid go through that stage? My girl did, but it didn’t last long. And apparently I did too. My mother used to tell this story about me biting a girl who became a life-long friend. We’re still friends as older ladies. :-)

  3. What a beautiful post, Trish! Just reading it makes me tired… and reminds me of the years I spent at home with three little girls! Wish I had done a “day in the life” back then. What a treasure it would be now!

  4. A shower alone and a meal where I don’t have to constantly get up to fetch things. Those are STILL very high on my wish list. :) Your girls (and you too) are very precious!

  5. Tell me more about this stalker app…
    Your kids are so cute but I so do not miss mat leave after reading this. The constant and unsuccessful nap attempts are enough to do anyone in!

  6. You are doing fine, Trish! No one is judging you because we have ALL made compromises as parents as a way to save our sanity. Your girls will be fine because they know how lucky they are to have you as their mom. They are beautiful, healthy, and happy and that is all that matters.

  7. Oh, we all have those “don’t judge me” moments. I won’t judge yours if you don’t judge mine. Your girls are adorable!

  8. Wow! I feel bad because my post is so mellow! Hang in there! I know the “don’t judge moments” but they will survive. A lunchable every once and awhile won’t hurt them. And laundry- you will never know what is clean ever again. I have this argument everyday with my 13 year old.

    • I have this discussion with a grown adult… He just kind of leaves clothes in a pile and I have no idea what is clean, so…

  9. It is such fun having three littles isn’t it? I would like to say the changing of outfits stops but my daughter at 8 still changes clothes multiple times a day (and yes they all still end up on the floor). Sigh. I am teaching her to put away her own laundry but apparently that doesn’t apply to clothes she has worn for longer than a minute. Trust me when I say that you will blink and you will wonder where this time went. My son turns 13 this week and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. This was such a fun post to read!

  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff. People will always judge, but I am sure your children will grow up fine because it is small stuff. Love watching your family grow!

  11. You are one busy lady. I remember, my husband was on afternoon shift for 7 years, so I was always alone at bedtime. We did have a routine, thank goodness my baby (now 26) was an easy baby to get to sleep the big one, now (30) still doesn’t sleep well. Keep at it, those girls are adorable.

  12. Man I remember those days, and not fondly. Heh. I kinda wish I’d kept a day-journal like this in their early years. My day-tracker (which will post for the event tomorrow) was much simpler, heh. And thank goodness, because my days stress me out enough without any added chaos!

  13. You know what’s funny? I didn’t think I’d survive those years and I adore my kids as grownups, but sometimes I really miss the snuggles and kisses at bedtime, story times, watching them play well together and imagining them as grownup friends, listening to their little voices and the laughter, oh how I miss the laughter!Although the grownup version is pretty great, too!

  14. You are not alone in letting the children play on the tablet while you sleep in. It really does come in handy. And it’s amazing how quickly they take to it, isn’t it?

    I was just thinking how more together I feel now as compared to when I wrote my first post. Not that I am actually all together–just more so maybe. At least right this minute. Ask me tomorrow and . . . well, you know how it goes.

    You are such a good mother. I love reading about your girls and all you do with them. They are lucky to have you, Trish.

  15. Jenny

    Oh boy! And this is why I keep asking why do I want kids?! You’re a rock star! I love that you read and sing to your kids at night. This is a fun event. I’ve got my post all ready to go. It’s boring but I’m still excited. Thanks for hosting!

  16. I am in awe of anyone with multiple kids! It’s like a constant juggling act. Before having a kiddo I knew I loved sleep but I had no idea how much I would value each minute of it with a baby. I completely relate to the “subtle” request that my husband come home early some nights. I’m so glad you hosted this again this year!

  17. You’re a good mama.

    I didn’t read a single bad parenting habit.

    Seriously. You’re rocking it.

    Question: my two are one and four. One smashes everything four tries to play with. And toys suggestions?

    • Oh man! It’s tough when the little one goes through that stage. I feel like we’re just to the point where Evie doesn’t want to destroy everything and the girls can play nicely together (until someone wants what the other has and they fight over it). Maybe some blocks that you can build up for the babe to knock over while the older babe plays with her toys? It’ll get better!

  18. I love all your ‘don’t judge me’ comments … I felt the same way with my post! Whatever gets us through the day – and whatever people want to judge on, it’s all about balance and moderation. Yay for Cara sleeping on her tummy! Livvie was always horrible in the first few weeks and would wake constantly so I started putting her on her tummy and from then on she slept so much better! She sometimes sleeps on her back but wakes very easily. And you guys have dinner late! But then I can never stay up until 10. lol. Oh, and Livvie and I always sing Do You Wanna Build a Snowman when I’m changing her. She LOVES it. :)

  19. I am exhausted… and I only had to read about your day!

    You are doing such a fantastic job, Trish… and I can just imagine how close those girls are going to be as they grow up.

  20. I’m exhausted just reading this! I didn’t see any bad habits here. When my older kids were little they used to have quiet time in their room after lunch for an hour and it was definitely for everyone. I needed the quiet and they needed the time to reset. We do the TV at dinner occasionally too and I see no problem with it. It’s fun and it’s different and plus I figure we’re killing it by eating dinner together every night anyway so why night watch a little TV once in awhile. Seriously great post! You’re my hero.

  21. Oh those years of praying for a solitary shower! It’s totally crazy. And I’d totally go back and do it again if I could.

    You are an amazing mom, and your family is ridiculously beautiful. Thank you for giving us a peek at your lives.

    Oh and at 10:25 I LOVE that “Look! I’m smiling for the camera!” grimace. :-D

  22. It’s funny, I remember all of the crazy that goes with three little kids. The crazy stays, it just changes in shape. lol! Thanks for hosting this event, it’s been fun!

  23. Whew! Girl, you have your hands full. I’m here to applaud the showering alone. It is amazing how little things can be such a treat.

    BTW, Atticus mixes up his dirty clothes and his clean clothes by changing all the time and then shoving them in the drawer during cleanup time. I had to rewash all his clothes the other day when I discovered some skid-marked undies in with all the clean clothes. yuck!

  24. Oh my goodness! What a love-filled, exhausting life you are living at the moment! Precious times that go too quickly, but not fast enough when you’re in the middle of them! I love your photos and seeing your girls growing up. Thanks for hosting this amazing event.

  25. I am in awe of you. I have only one preschooler (though he feels like 10) and I am barely hanging on to my sanity. You totally rock.

    Oh and yes, mine was a terrible napper too..completely gave up naps at 2. For us – the white noise app helped. It did not work for the first week, but we kept it up and it worked well. Initially we kept the white noise on for the entire duration of the nap, then we just kept it on till he fell asleep. It is a free app; you can download it. Just remember to keep your cell phone (or ideally a spare cell phone) on the flight mode while using it.

    Also..tell us more about this stalker app… :P

  26. LOL to Stalker app!! I liberally use the Find Friends app to check on the husband once in a while. He’s always surprised that I know where he is. :P (He knows I use the app but he forgets about it half the time.)

    And I feel the same way during shower. I just take my time. It’s the only thing I actually take my time with each day. I would be a mess if I didn’t have that me time.

    One of the things I thought of when I was recording my day was that it will be great if my husband did it too on the same day because I’m curious about how different they may be and what the core focus is in his day versus mine.

    You certainly have your hands full. And I don’t think any of those “bad habits” are something to worry about. Your kids are thriving in there and doing so many fun things that watching TV or eating lunchables shouldn’t worry you. If we tried to be ‘perfect’ (whatever that means!), we may as well give up on our sanity.

    I loved reading your post a LOT! As a mom now, my days are obviously different from how they were months ago and even now, I am getting used to it. It was funny how many mom posts I read today and almost every one is out before 10p!

  27. Oh boy, I’m tired. You’re a bit of a superwoman. It sounds like you have a pretty amazing way of letting go of what needs to be let go and making room for the important things (for both you and your kiddos!) – the best way to do things!

  28. You are doing great! The girls are so cute and love seeing the pictures of them. It’s so awful that people can get judgey but I think you are doing a great job. I can’t imagine how crazy life must be with three little ones needing your attention constantly. But it will all be worth it and I’m sure there will be laughter when you come back to read this post years from now :)

  29. Ah, yes, it has been many years since my kids were little, but I’ve never forgotten that feeling of being really happy to have them all in bed…at last. LOL. For however long it lasts.

    I had four, but the last two were five years apart. The first two were 22 months apart, and then three years until number three. Very hectic!

    When they were teenagers, it wasn’t a lot better, but now…well, now they are all in their forties! They can take care of me…ha!

  30. I was so sleep-deprived when Z was a baby that I honestly don’t remember much from the first couple years of his life. I can’t imagine trying to parent two other kids while in that state. You are a superwoman!

  31. Diane

    Your day is exhausting but, the good news Trish is that when the girls are adults you’ll totally have forgotten about these hectic times LOL

  32. I am beyond exhausted just reading about your day! I agree with Michelle – no one is judging you, and if anyone is, shame on them. Your kids are absolutely adorable and I KNOW they know how much you love them!

    Totally bummed I didn’t get a chance to keep track of one of my days. This was really fun last time you had the event and I’m looking forward to reading all the posts!

  33. Oh god Trish – that sounds kinda nightmarish! I’ve got a friend (also mid 40s) who’s just had a baby (via IVF) and thinking of going back for no.2. I should send her a link to this post! :-)

  34. Three little ones, you must feel exhausted often, especially with one little one still nursing. I know it is mayhem at the moment but how precious they are – speaking from a great-aunt’s point of view here! ha! And they grow up so fast.

  35. Wow. What a day! They are all so adorable, but I know that doesn’t always help, heh. As for “bad habits,” I figure you have to pick your battles. Pre-baby I had all kinds of plans that have gone out the window…and S is only 4 months old! They are healthy and happy and loved. Lunchables and TV with dinner once a week it is ;)

  36. Wow, your day made me exhausted and I was only reading about it! As much as I miss the sweet innocence of babies and toddlers, my life is much calmer now that I have teenagers and elementary school-aged kids. When I’m not running errands or volunteering at the school, I spend weekdays at home by myself. Even with all my housekeeping chores, it’s bliss! Hang in there — one day you’ll look back on this chaotic time in life with fondness. And, guess what? Once they’re all in school, you can make up for lost time and spend whole days napping!

  37. Sounds like a super full day! Your girls are adorable, even when they’re up to no good. Glad the couch escaped the pen treatment! Where the Sidewalk Ends is such a great book. My mom happened upon a copy at a yard sale recently, and I snatched it from her so I could get my nostalgia on. There are still a few poems that I know by heart from my childhood.

  38. Wow, what a packed full day! I have sort of forgotten what it is like when they are that little and need your constant attention (selective memory!). Your girls are adorable, and that is the best baby smile EVER!

    I love your daughter’s constantly changing outfits, but I am sorry to tell you that it doesn’t get better as they get older – my 18-year old son still does that – change outfits several times in a day and throw both dirty and clean clothes together on the floor. There is good news, though: he does his own laundry! It still drives me crazy, though.

    I enjoy having quieter, slightly less hectic life now (though we often have a half-dozen or more teen boys here at once!)…but I do miss those little kid hugs and kisses. Enjoy them!


    Book By Book

  39. I am exhausted just reading about your day! You are a magician at balancing and entertaining and feeding everyone! I would say that a few clicks of a book is amazing!

  40. I’m in awe that you also have a successful blog! How in the world do you find time AND energy?!?

    I loved your post by the way. Took me back to when my kids were 3, 2, and new baby. Those were the days! And showering while nursing and parenting and being a new mom IS bliss – no matter the time of day. Enjoy that long empty shower! You deserve it!

    Thank you for sharing this – truly. You took me back, you gave us a glimpse and a reminder of how as women ‘we do it all’ and best of all, you shared all those wonderful beautiful photos of your family. Thank you!