5.19.2016 – Tenth Anniversary

Posted 19 May, 2016 by Trish in Life / 26 Comments



A decade. If someone had asked me ten years ago what I thought life might look like today, I don’t think I could have imagined. At 24, ten years seemed like a lifetime a way.


And yet here we are a decade later. Three kids later. Hundreds of adventures later. Millions of laughs and a few tears. A few extra pounds, a few more gray hairs. But still so so so much love.

10 years later

Our faces still fit like puzzle pieces and I couldn’t love anyone more.

Here’s to hundreds of more adventures, millions of more laughs, but hopefully not too many extra pounds or gray hairs in the next decade to come. Ha!



26 Responses to “5.19.2016 – Tenth Anniversary”

  1. You guys look great! And you summed it up well, lots of laughs, kids, a few gray hairs….that is surely what happens! We celebrate our anniversary next month.

  2. Happy anniversary! I always forget our anniversaries are so close together – Nathan and I celebrated 9’years on Monday. Here’s to many more!!!!

  3. Congrats on 10 years! Ten years seems so long when you are young, but isn’t it amazing how short it seems at the end of it. I’ve been with my husband – dating or married – for 20 years which totally freaks me out.

  4. Happy anniversary! Sorry to say, but you won’t be able to keep those gray hairs at bay – especially with three kids! The trick is just to learn how to keep them concealed!