Ten Random Facts About Me Right Now

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Ten Facts About MeHi guys! I’ve been wanting to write some rambly style posts for a while but time always seems to get away from me. Yes on Wednesday through Friday each week I’m at home alone with the babe and she usually naps for two to three hours during the day, but I have no idea what happens during that time! Of course, if I’m honest, it usually takes me several hours to churn out a single post these days.

I keep an Evernote note of Top Ten Tuesday prompts so that I can quickly see at a glance if there’s anything interesting coming up, and when I saw that today’s prompt is Ten Facts About Me I figured I’d roll this up into stuff that’s going on in my life right now. You know…besides those three little whirlwinds that keep me busy.

So, instead of the usual facts like I’m half Canadian or that I’ve had my ears pierced 11 times, below are ten things that are true in this moment.


Ten Absolutely Random Facts About Me Right Now

ONE – I am obsessed with making my bed every day. Sometimes this doesn’t happen until five minutes before I get in bed. Yes it does make a difference! It’s one of my absolute favorite things. Even better if the sheets have been washed that day.

make bed gif


TWO – No matter how hard I try, I absolutely cannot seem to get dinner on the table before 6:30. Even if I’m only heating up leftovers. Or if I’ve been cooking something all day. I suspect this is because I’m supremely good at procrastinating? But 6:30 is certainly the magic number.

THREE – Snapchat. I succumbed. And those filters. I cannot get enough of them. Ahem…see first paragraph about what happens during naptime. It’s a sickness. Find me! (And while the makeup below is not mine, the bedhead 1000% is)



FOUR – I, like everyone else in the world, cannot stop listening to Hamilton (the musical). I’m currently on step 20 of these Steps to Becoming Obsessed with Hamilton (though agree with 21).

FIVE – When I’m in between audiobooks, I’ll sometimes listen to bits and pieces of Outlander. Skipping here and there. Just trying to get more of Jamie and Claire (rhyme unintentional).

Jamie and Claire

SIX – Speaking of Jamie and Claire (what, they can take up 20% of my random facts, right?!), I recently watched the season finale of Outlander Season 2 on Starz. There were actual tears. I can’t wait another nine months for another season!

SEVEN – I chopped my hair off. It hasn’t been this short in years and I sent Scott a warning text before I got home because I was afraid he’d die of shock. The girls barely noticed. Heh.

short hair don't care


EIGHT – We recently took a roadtrip to New Mexico (Taos area). I’ve already forgotten that I slept 60% of the nights with a six month old on my chest and am proclaiming it the best trip ever. Though I have not forgotten when Scott decided to drive home through the night rather than during the day. Thank goodness for Hamilton and Outlander during my driving shifts!

new mexico


NINE – Elle goes to Kindergarten in six weeks. I literally just calculated that for the first time and can now be found in a fit of depression. How did this happen?

5 years old


TEN – Annnnnnnd to keep this bookish, I’m currently in various progress with four different books. Just Mercy (on my Kindle), Everything is Illuminated (on paper), The Fireman (audio/library ebook). Ok, that’s just three books. I forgot that I just finished Gulp (on audio). (Pst…if you want to read The Fireman, jump along on social media with #FiremanAlong. Lots of folks still getting started!



Whew! So maybe this was cheating a bit for today’s post, but it was fun thinking up these random tidbits. I feel like that’s what this blog (and I) have been missing lately.

What’s an absolutely random fact about YOU right now? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world.



34 Responses to “Ten Random Facts About Me Right Now”

  1. My random fact is that I am awake at 3 am to make my child a PokemonGO account. The servers were down in the day time…

    • I’ll have to keep the bookstore in mind for next time I’m there and can maybe sneak away for a bit. Honestly the only thing we do in Taos is grocery shop. We did hit some touristy type shops in Red River (seems more family friendly than downtown Taos), but sadly no bookstores!

  2. I find it hilarious that you’re on Snapchat. At our street’s 4th of July party, a 7 year old neighbor got hold of his 11 year old brother’s phone and was taking selfies and using the filters. You’re obviously young at heart!

    A random fact about me right now. I took a friend to play Bingo two weeks ago (it was her very first time playing) and now she’s obsessed so we’re going back tonight.

    • LOL! When I told my 20 year old brother I was on Snapchat, he looked at me in HORROR. The girls think the filters are hilarious…so it’s worth it just for that. :) And Bingo! Fun!!

  3. You make your bed every day?!! Wow! I love a freshly made bed, but I guess not enough to actually do it myself everyday. I do pull the covers up, but I don’t fully make it.

    And my son is starting Kindergarten in the fall too…but I’m thrilled!! Previously he was only in school 2.5 hours a day, which is nothing.

    • The days that I work are the ones that I tend to make it right before getting into it…at least my side! And we don’t have a lot of fancy throw pillows, so really making the bed just means pulling the sheets taut and pulling up the comforter. I swear it makes a difference, though! ;) Will your son do full day Kinder where you are?

  4. I love your new hair!! Also, the only time I *ever* make my bed is if I know guests will see it or if I’m trying to sell my house. Ha!

  5. Okay, I’m stuck on two things: KINDERGARTEN??????????? and that Outlander episode. OMG, even Mr. BFR was affected (though I didn’t see tears — HA!)

    • I thought my heart was going to rip in two during that part at the stones. So much emotion! And even though I’ve read the next couple of books, I’m SO MAD they had to spend 20 years apart. LOL! And yes, Kindergarten. She’s so excited…and I’m so excited for her, but how did time go this quickly?!

  6. I love your short hair! I have to think it is easier too with the three babes.

    Kindergarten. Sigh.

    I make the bed every day too, and yes, I have done so right before bed. I have even been in bed all day because of being sick and will still get up and make it again before bed. I need my sheets pulled taut and tucked in properly in order to sleep well. It is an illness.

    Snapchat is a blast, isn’t it? Although I do worry at forgetting to take actual pictures that will not disappear after 24 hours too. I know someone who is documenting her family vacation in London via Snapchat, and I just cannot help but hope that someone is taking real pictures as well.

  7. Mariela

    OMG! I cried with the season finale of Outlander! When she went to Lallybroch I lost it!!!!
    It is so nice to find Outlander in a list! That almost never happens! I love Outlander.
    My family doesn’t eat diner until 8:30pm- 9:00 pm. I am from another country so we eat late diner and now that I have my own family I do the same . Dinner is late.
    Your hair looks really cute! I always do short hair.
    My TTT.

  8. Andrea ( aka rokinrev) Stoeckel

    Random fact: I love to talk (!) back to my two zebra finches: Opal and Topaz

  9. I love posts like this! And I’m taking every opportunity I can to tell you exactly how FABULOUS your hair looks! I loved it before (you have straight hair that I envy) but it’s just so sassy short. I’m not biased (ha!). Cannot believe Elle is headed to kindergarten. Seriously. Where does the time go?

  10. May I just say again (I think I mention this often when I get to comment here, sorry I’m a lurker too) your kids are amazingly beautiful! Just love their little faces :)

    I think your haircut is way cool– awesomeness! Good for you for taking the plunge. I want to, but daughter tells me at my age it would make me look older, I don’t know.

    I am dying to get Hamilton. Would’ve loved of course to see in person, but I’m sure someone taped it to sell as a dvd sometime or on tv… hopefully. I did read Just Mercy and “enjoyed” it, as enjoying this type of nonfiction might be the wrong term.

    Take care and have fun during those naps. My youngest 2 are 19 months apart, so I know what you are going through.

  11. Snapchat keeps tempting me but mostly because I want to play with the filters. I have to make the bed everyday too or I just feel messy all day! The Tornado is about to start 1st grade and it’s mildly killing me. Kindergarten wasn’t so bad but that was because we cheated and kept him at the small private school he went to preschool and they only had half days. August is going to be a bit of a shock!

  12. I’m refusing to join Snapchat. I haven’t made time to write a single blog posts in months and I’m barely finding time to read and it’s usually because I’m on Instagram or something. I know that if I add another social media temptation it will just get worse. I’m OCD about the dishes like you are about the bed. Sometimes I’m doing dishes while our hot dinner is on the table. I can’t seem to help myself but it drives my husband nuts.

  13. The Fireman readalong looks fun, but there are forty people or so ahead of me at the library!! Anyone want to do a second round in two or three months?

    Kindergarten is such a fun time. I bet Elle is going to have a blast. But don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t cry on that first day of school. You probably will.

  14. Wow, I’m super impressed that you make your bed every day. I only do it when I change the sheets — and that’s definitely not every day! Ha ha. Also, I thought JUST MERCY was fascinating.

    P.S. Oh, and your hair looks super cute!

  15. Wait! Scott decided to drive through the night but he wasn’t the one driving?! That’s not right at all! I swear you just announced yesterday that you were pregnant with Elle (although that timing would be problematic what with two more babies since then!) – how can she be going to kindergarten already? She is going to love it!

    • Ha!!!! To be fair, he did fess up that he’s too old to drive all night and try to function the next day with three small kids. He did most of the driving but I may have had the same thought you did. ;) Sadly it feels like a life time ago that I was pregnant with Elle. Everyone warned me that it goes too fast. I should have listened. xo

  16. I love your haircut – I think I already commented that on Instagram too. I may have to check our #Firemanalong. I just got finished reading everything Mira Grant has ever written in the Newsflesh series, and I need something new to read. I’m a big believer in making your bed every day too. It’s the biggest thing in the room, and if it’s neat then the whole room instantly looks neater. Same thing with the kitchen table – if it’s cleaned off every day the whole kitchen looks neater. I’ve never even heard of Hamilton: The Musical. Anything on there I’d want to add to my running playlist?

  17. I’m planning to get a haircut next week but I just don’t think I’ll have the courage to go all short and sassy like all of you lovely ladies have done lately. I just know I’ll end up looking too much like my brother if I do it. ;)
    My random fact is that I have a large gap between my big toe and my second toe from wearing flip flops my whole life. For the years I lived in Hawaii as a little kid, they were the only shoes I wore besides dress sandals for church. So now I refuse to take pictures of my feet because everyone will see that I have monkey toes!

  18. I have to make my bed before leaving for work in the morning. I have roommates, so my bedroom is the only space that is truly mine, and it’s where I spend most of my time. It’s also very tiny, and it doesn’t take much for it to look messy, and when I come home to a messy room I feel stressed and have to clean it before I can do anything else. But I love coming home to a tidy room with a nicely made bed; it makes me feel instantly relaxed and help me wind down from the day.

    And the Hamilton obsession is real!