Finding Our New Normal

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This week was a big week for our family–Elle started Kindergarten. Do you guys remember when I first announced I was having a baby? Sometimes it seems so unreal that I’ve had three little kiddos during the lifetime of this blog.


Kinder first day


On Monday morning, Scott and I took Elle to her new school while my mom watched the littles for us. The school is within walking distance of our house so once the school was in sight, Elle went skipping ahead of us. Her oversized backpack bouncing up and down behind her.

I was overcome with emotion, watching this little girl who was so excited, who has the whole world in front of her. I fought back the tears because I didn’t want to ruin her excitement or give her reason to be nervous.

We weren’t allowed to walk her all the way to her new classroom–a blessing in disguise–so we went as far as we could and took a few pictures. As she walked through the doors, she turned around, gave me the biggest smile, and ran to my arms to give me one last hug. Yes, I’m crying while I type this. She had a great first day. I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Meanwhile, we’re all trying to find our new normal. This week I’ve picked up an extra day at work which means one less day at home with little Cara. After Labor Day she’ll start going to daycare full-time while I return to work every day. I’m not ready. It’s hard being home all day with a baby, but she is a sweet little thing who loves kisses more than anything. Of course I’m happy to oblige smothering her squishy little face.

Even though I’ll be heading back to work full-time, the gig is more part-time as I’ll be leaving the day early enough to pick up Elle from Kindergarten. This means that I’ll have about 45 minutes of alone time with her every day before picking up the girls. As I stayed home with her the least amount of time when she was a baby, I’m looking forward to having this one on one time with her.

To add to the insanity that is our new normal, I’ve also signed the girls up for their first activities–Elle gymnastics and Evie dance. No really–I’m pretty sure I’ve gone insane.


evie weevie


I ask myself all the time how I can simplify my life, but I think the new question I need to ask myself is how can I adjust? Certainly not by giving anything else up…no way jose! Though, I think we can all tell that blogging most times has fallen to the wayside. I always have big plans and good intentions. All I can do is make the best use out of those 10 minute blocks of time I can steal?

So what have I been doing in those 10 minute stretches? I’ve been learning how to use the serger I got for Christmas–including sewing up little outfits for the girls (one day I’ll share pictures). I’m constantly battling the clutter here and there. Seems like every week one area of the house is targeted on my to-do list. Speaking of to-dos, I’m still keeping up with and loving my Bullet Journal. I haven’t been exercising because I hurt my wrist (please don’t be carpal tunnel!), but the weather has been a bit cooler and hopefully when dinner starts making itself we can go on family walks in the evenings. Scott and I are on our final season of The Wire. I’m slowly reading The Madonnas of Leningrad. I’m still obsessively listening to Hamilton instead of listening to audiobooks. I dream of making fun and fabulous school lunches for the girls, but in reality stress too much about what I’m sending and what they’re eating.


library babe


Some days I wonder what I’ve done all day. It doesn’t feel like much. But it sure is busy! Funny how that works, huh?

Thanks for sticking around and being patient while I go through some personal growing pains. Life is good. Life is full. Lots of Love, Laughter, and OMG so much Insanity. I’ll figure it out, right?

Let’s talk about you. If you had 10 “found” minutes, what would you do what that time?



22 Responses to “Finding Our New Normal”

  1. Ah, Trish … you are amazing. Three babes, a job, activities … I do a fraction of this and feel that I never have enough time for me. If I had ten found minutes, I would probably whip up some cookie dough. I’m hoping those ten minutes turn up tomorrow because I’m craving macadamia/coconut/white chocolate chip goodness! ;)

  2. Honestly, I would probably just stare at my phone!

    I did stress about lunches. I would make healthy ones and they wouldn’t get eaten. Now she’s old enough to make her own choices. They aren’t always good ones but I stopped stressing about it.

    Those pics make me smile. Those early school days were the cutest!

  3. Ah, what a milestone for Miss Elle! She looks so sweet and happy in her first day of school picture. I love that she ran back to you for a final hug. :) You’ll treasure those afternoons with her, before you pick the other two up from daycare. She will be happy to have some Mommy-time without them, too, I’m sure. You’ll get to hear all about her day, giving her your undivided attention, which will make her feel extra loved.

    Love the pictures of the other two cuties. They are growing up far too fast! But no, you’re not crazy to add more to your schedule. It all works out once you get in the swing of things. You’ll figure it out.

    10 extra minutes in my day? I’d probably sit on the porch and read. Either that or answer some emails. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to keep us all up-to-date on your beautiful family! Hugs!

  4. What sweet girls. I find it hard to believe you have a kindergartener. Time flies!

    If I found 10 mins I would blog more than once a week or read more. Instead I usually feel guilty and clean instead. *sigh*

  5. PJ started Kindergarten this year too. He’s excited and seems to really like it. They also do “Kindergartener Independence Day” and only let the parents go part of the way to the class. It’s for the best. It bothers Steph and I more than it bothers him. Today, PJ asked not to be walked to his class. Steph went through the car drop off line and he got out and went in by himself. Steph called and told me, I couldn’t believe it. :-O It’s also interesting because today is the first day he actually asked to BUY his lunch in the cafeteria and not take a lunch.

    WTH?! How’d he become such a little man? #verclempt

    • Kills me, too. Though the past couple of days when I’ve picked her up, she’s held my hand almost the entire 10 minute walk home and everytime she calls me “mommy” I’m reminded that she’s still a little girl. I think it’s true of parenthood that a lot of times our kiddos are ready way before we are. Glad that PJ is having a great time so far!!

  6. First of all, that is a beautiful First Day outfit!! My Kindergartner’s first day is next week so I’ll try not to cry! :P

    The girls will love their gym and dance lessons I’m sure! Sometimes it seems all a bit much but when you see them learning all these new things, it will be worth it!

  7. Ti

    Well, you gotta do dance and gymnastics and all that other fun stuff. It’s hectic when it all hits around dinner time but it’s fun too. Now that my son is starting college, working a job and about to start an internship, but still living at home, I find my life slowing down a little. My daughter’s play starts rehearsals in two weeks and she is in full swing with her 8th grade classes so hopefully all of it will mesh well and not cause too much stress.

    One thing that helps is to make friends with the other moms quickly so you can help each other out. I drop off, you pick up? Save a trip. I spent many long hours in the parking lot waiting for my kids to finish rehearsals back to back and did a lot of driving but I figured out who lived close by and we took turns. Make it so much easier.

  8. where has the time gone, I remember like it was yesterday being in your shoes. Now even though I don’t walk them to school (they’re men), I try to have that “45 minutes of special time with each one of them whenever I can. Happy Lunch making, I was so lucky to stay home with my boys, they came home for lunch, it worked for our family, my husband worked afternoons, so that was our family meal. Worked very well.

  9. I relate to the “what the heck did I do all day?” so very much. I finally started jotting down all the things I did because I felt so unaccomplished at bedtime. It doesn’t seem like a lot at the time, but keeping track really puts things in perspective!

    All three of your girls are gorgeous (and getting so big!). I hope you ease into a good rhythm of work and time with kiddos in the next few weeks!

  10. Elle is looking so stylish for her first year of school! :)

    I wish you all the luck in finding balance and adjustment! I can’t complain about not having enough time right now, but I know I’ll be wishing for more once school begins in earnest.

  11. What a fun (mostly?) transition time for you guys!! I think the dancing and gymnastics sounds like so much fun, but DON’T feel bad if you have to consolidate to one activity for both or nix it altogether. Moms can stretch only so thin! I remember those days and they go by so fast. Do less, smile more (ha!) when you have to! ;-) You’ll find your rhythms and we’ll be patient until they gel!

  12. Hang in there, honey. And don’t change a thing. Activities are a wonderful thing for kids. How else are they going to figure out what they like and what they don’t? Besides, when you see them score that goal or perform in the recital and see the smile on their face? Worth every cent and gallons of stress as you rush. Our philosophy has always been if they want to do it, and you can afford it, let them try it. You will know when an activity is not for them. Some parents insist on limiting your kids’ activities. Jim and I have always had a different philosophy on that. YOU decide what is best for YOUR family.

    Enjoy every moment of Elle, Evie, and Cara. I do believe that with school and activities comes the moment where life truly does pass so very quickly. Your children and each moment are more important than any old blog.

  13. Kate


    You are amazing. You accomplish so very much and have such an eclectic range of interests and activities. You’re greatest accomplishments are those sweet little girls whose lives you’re shaping by the opportunities you’re providing and the love and fun you inject into their lives. I’m so proud of you.
    i love you.

  14. Jenny

    It’s funny how a whole day can go by and you’re so busy but then when you look back you feel like you accomplished nothing. I hope you have a great school year with your new schedule.

  15. Diane

    It’s sad for me to see how fast this little ones grow. My oldest granddaughter will begin kindergarten next year already. Glad you are finding your new normal and seem happy.

  16. Back in the days when we had a toddler, worked full time ( both of us at a law enforcement agency), went to FSU part time in pursuit of our degrees and needed to find time for playing with Tristan and studying…..well, people would say I don’t know how you do it. Looking back, I don’t know either but life just rolls along and when you are young, you roll with it. Once he went to school it was odd having some extra time. I remember the tears of leaving him at the school. You are not alone!

  17. At the end of some days, when my kids were littles, and I felt like I had accomplished nothing, I had to just think “at least every one was dressed today, had three meals (such as they might have been), and are as clean as they really need to be.” Some days, that just had to be good enough! So glad to hear that Elle was so excited to start school. As hard as it was, imagine how much harder it would have been if she had not been.

  18. It’s sort of mind-boggling how often you have to “find that new normal” in life, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons I wish I was better at memory-keeping. Even though my babies are so grown now, it still seems like there’s no time left over.
    With this stolen 10 minutes, I chose to hop on over and see what you and your beautiful family were up to these days. It was a wonderful way to spend those 10 minutes. :)
    So happy that Elle is loving kindergarten, Trish. I cannot get over how grown up she looks. And Cara, those baby toes, I want to nibble them right up. And Evie! Oh Trish, I don’t know what it is about that girl, but she freakin’ steals another piece of my heart every time I see a picture of her! :D
    I hope this latest transition comes with as few bumps as possible, Trish. But know that no matter what, you will get the hang of this new normal. Probably just in time for the new normal to change yet again. ;)

  19. Oh your girls!!!!! Lunches … I hate to be discouraging, but I never really mastered that packing the lunches up thing and I have decades on you. LOL

  20. Oh I’m so glad you have extra time with your big girl! That’s fantastic. I need to get on the gymnastics sign up asap too. 10 extra minutes – that sounds like bliss. I just want 10 more minutes to sit with my coffee in silence right now, that would make me happy. I loved the Madonnas of Leningrad- hope you’re enjoying!