Le Tote Subscription Service Review

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Le Tote Subscription Box Review

letote 2 Review and Offer

You might remember that last November I posted about Le Tote Subscription Clothing service. The kind people at Le Tote have given me three totes to send to new subscribers, so I thought I’d recap the service and share some pictures. Admittedly…I’ve been working on this post for months, which is why you see some long sleeve items here. Ahem.

Note that this is not a sponsored post–Le Tote is not giving me anything for writing my thoughts here (well, except the three free totes for you). However, if you sign up for the service through my referral code, I will receive a small discount on my next month. Even better is that you will receive $25 off your first month if you use my referral code!


What is Le Tote and How Does it Work

Le Tote is a monthly subscription service for clothing–clothing that you can wear any number of times and then send back for more items. They think of themselves as the Netflix of clothing, which means that yes this is a rental service. Once you sign up for the service (no commitment to sign up), you create a style profile and can add items to your “closet.” After you’ve requested your first box, a stylist will put together three clothing items and two accessories. You have a chance to review the items and swap out anything for another item (though the 3:2 clothing/accessory ratio must be the same). After you’ve received the box, you can wear the items as many or as few times as you’d like. Once you mail the items back, a new box is styled. Shipping is free both ways.

The price for a month subscription is $59. While the price has gone up since my original post, I still think it’s a great deal. For $60 you can buy two or three blouses from a mid-level retailer but with this service you could wear a dozen new-to-you tops each month with no commitment to keep them if you don’t like them after your first wear.

If you need to take a break, it’s easy to put your subscription on hold–I took a few months off during the spring since I wasn’t working in the office and basically lived in pajamas as a “new” mama. While I haven’t cancelled my subscription, I know this must be done by phone but I’ve heard from others that the process is very simple.

What is the condition of the clothing?

I’ve received 20 totes and only once have I received an item that was damaged. When I let Le Tote know, they gave me a little billing credit on my account to make up for the lack of wear with that item. Everything else has come smelling fresh and clean. Le Tote does all of the laundering of the items and I’ve never felt like I was wearing something that was just worn by someone else. I’ve heard others mention that they simply can’t wear something that’s been previously worn by someone else, but because of the condition of the items I’ve never worried about this.

After you receive your tote, you can rate all of the items based on fit and condition. I’ve noticed recently that Le Tote has suggested that an item might not fit based on my past reviews or that they will send me a size that I might not normally wear based on how I’ve rated past items. Below you can see a screenshot of many of the totes I’ve received, including accessories which I don’t have pictured in this post. While not every piece is a winner, I have loved so many of the items that I have received.

Le Tote Clothing Subscription Review


What if I love the item and want to keep it?

The great thing about Le Tote is the huge variety this gives your wardrobe. But…if you receive an item that you feel you must have permanently in your closet, you can purchase the item by keeping it rather than mailing it back. The other option is that you can request that an item be sent again if you like it but don’t want to commit to it forever. Le Tote does have periodic sales of items and you can sometimes get a steal of a deal on something (I’m guessing they do this if they’re working a piece out of rotation). I’ve purchased two items and rarely request the same item again (though I’ve thought about it, there’s always something new to get!).

What types of clothes can I get?

I started using Le Tote for their maternity service (which I loved) but have since switched to their regular service. The clothes range from office attire, to party attire, to casual. While I only get tops, there are dresses, skirts, and pants available (because I’m nursing, this really limits what I can wear). There are a wide arrange of sizes–usually XS-XL but there are some items available in XXL. The accessories include scarves, handbags, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. As you can tell from the pictures below, I rarely wear the accessories. I blame the littles and their grabby hands.

What I’ve Received

Below is a sampling of what I’ve received. I love how you can see my shape change from picture to picture–Le Tote really has been great for my changing body size as I grew during pregnancy and have slowly started to make my way back to my pre-Cara size.
LeTote for Pregnancy

LeTote Cozy Outfits

LeTote for Changing Body Size

LeTote Spring Collection

Le Tote Summer Tops

Le Tote Summer Blouses

Le Tote Sleeveless

What I love about Le Tote

I love Le Tote. While it’s not always perfect and I don’t always love every item I receive, my totes have gotten better and better with time. I’m always sad on the days that I don’t have something from Le Tote to wear and I have to resort to my meager closet selections. Ha!

Because I’m still working off the baby weight, this service has been perfect for this period of transition until I can fit nicely into the things I currently own. Le Tote is great if you’re in between sizes and don’t want to shop for a temporary size. It’s also great to add some spice to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

I love that I can select what I want in each tote. I love the convenience of the service–being able to receive items right to my mailbox and pop them right back in when I’m done with them without having to worry about cleaning anything. I love Le Tote’s customer service! Any time I’ve had a problem, they’ve worked with me immediately and been extremely accommodating. While I wish I could always have something to wear from Le Tote without having to wait for my next shipment, I truly do love this service.

What I don’t love about Le Tote

If I have a complaint about Le Tote, it’s the shipping–there have been some times that I’ve sent a tote back and haven’t receive a new box in over a week. However, lately the turnaround time has been fantastic–sometimes as short as three days between when I sent my tote back and when I received my new one. Right now I only work Monday and Tuesday, so I can wear my tops those two days and generally have a new box by Friday or Saturday. So…my complaint is kind of silly.

One small quibble that is more of a learning curve. When selecting items to receive, I’ve learned I have to look at the item from all angles possible on their website. There have been several times that I’ve received an item that is cut a way that I do not like and this could have been helped if I had made sure to check the back of the item before clicking send. Some of the cuts, especially in the back, are not always traditional!



Le Tote has offered three free boxes to send to new users. You will receive one box with 3 clothing items and 2 accessories to wear for up to 30 days. If you are interested in receiving additional boxes, you will receive your next box after you’ve returned the first. If you aren’t satisfied or simply want the single free box, you can cancel as soon as you send your box back.

If you want to try out your first Le Tote box for free, please enter your name and email address below. If I have more than three people interested, I’ll draw three winners by Sunday August 14. Unfortunately this offer is only good in the United States.

Have you tried Le Tote or similar clothing services yet? I’d love to know what you think or answer any questions!


14 Responses to “Le Tote Subscription Service Review”

  1. How funny! I’m working on a post about Le Tote, Stitch Fix, and Rent the Runway right this minute. I’m jumped over here to pull up the link from your review and this was what I found! I love Le Tote too and wish I had found it when I was pregnant. I would’ve saved a ton of money on maternity clothes and it would’ve been great for that hard to dress in between phase. We have worn some of the same stuff and there’s a shirt you have on that I’ve been thinking about getting (4th row on the right) but wasn’t sure how it would look on a regular person so just haven’t gotten it. Love your review!

    • LOL! I’m curious what you mean by a “regular” person. ;) I liked that top but it was one that I had to wear my own tank top under because it’s sheer. Looking forward to seeing your write-up!

        • Haha!! Ok–totally understand and yes, I wish the models were a little more regular. There are several pieces that I’ve skipped because NOPE on my body.

  2. Meg

    Love the idea of this for maternity clothes. When that time comes around again, I definitely do not want to spend a fortune on clothing again. I feel like I’ve rebuilt my wardrobe so many times — and it’s frustrating, not to mention expensive. I’m always so uncomfortable and awkward when I’m pregnant, haha! The idea of having pretty, well-fitting clothes to choose from regularly is very appealing.

    • It’s so awesome for maternity. It only became available during my last two months but it made such a huge difference. And yes–building up a wardrobe. I’ve KonMari’d the crud out of my closet so that there’s hardly anything left. This saves me a trip to the store until I’m at a consistent size. I think you’d love it!

  3. Jenny

    Interesting idea. The clothes looks cute too. I could never do something like this. I swear I have the weirdest body shape and nothing ever fits right. I’d be disappointed Every time I tried something on.

  4. SarahBeth

    this is super cute! I totally entered and totally used my real first and last name instead of what i go by here.

    I may have to investigate. Also, to 2nd another commenter, I’ve used Rent the Runway before when I have somewhere nice to go and don’t want to buy a dress to wear it once. They’er awesome. :D

  5. I have the worst wardrobe but also the worst body shape ever. I find that the stuff I get off of ModCloth seems to be the best fit because I can actually see models that are more like me wearing the clothes. I really need to buy more clothes. I KonMari-ed too and my closet is empty.