10 Bingeworthy TV Shows

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Bingeworthy TV Shows

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Fall is right around the corner! At least to those of you who live a little more north than I do. We’re still firmly in the 90 degree weather, but I’ve seen a handful of turned leaves pictures in the past week. You lucky ducks…

With the arrival of Fall also comes new seasons of shows on TV. Truth be told, I haven’t watched a new fall show in years. I look forward to Outlander when it finally makes it’s appearance, but for the past several years all of my TV watching has come in the form of “backlist” shows that I can binge.

The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday theme for today is all about TV shows and I’m sharing 10 shows that my husband and I loved bingeing.

Ten Bingeworthy TV Shows


A plane crashes on an uncharted island and a whole lot of weird happens. While some of the weird was a bit too weird, I loved the characters and the way they developed throughout the show. I still miss them and would love to watch this one again in the future.


A badass female spy? Yes please! Sydney Bristow certainly fits the bill and all of her disguises were fun to watch. While the show is a bit formulaic in the beginning, the later seasons are stronger and my crush on Vaughn only continued to grow.

Gilmore Girls

I missed the Gilmore Girls boat when it first aired years ago, but even Scott got swept up in this mother/daughter dramedy. Yes, super cheesy at times but even the supporting cast was fun to watch. And major heart eyes for Luke.

Breaking Bad

This might be the first show that I truly binge-watched where I realized that having access to all the shows at once might not be a good thing. So incredibly addicting–even when you want to look away. And there were definitely times that I had to look away. I was grateful when after five seasons I could finally exhale.


I have a thing for westerns and Deadwood, based loosely on actual events and people in 1800s South Dakota, definitely fit the bill for me. Including a bit of a crush on Seth Bollock. If you’re noticing a theme here, you’re likely right. Cut short after three seasons, fans are continually teased with a continuation.

The Wire

This show based on Balitmore’s police department and large drug-running gangs is our most recent binge-watch. Apparently The Wire is a sleeper hit that never really took off when it was originally on the air, but the acting is superb and the script is smart. Sometimes the plot was slow but it was amazing to watch everything unravel (and knit back together).

Orange is the New Black

OITNB is the odd one out of the group as it isn’t a show that is over yet but I just can’t resist these women. We just finished Season 4 yesterday and I was left in tears and outrage. While it’s often debated whether OITNB is a comedy or drama, it’s an important piece that shows the humanity behind those incarcerated.

The X-Files

Oh Scully and Mulder. How do I love thee. I watched this cult classic when it first aired in the 90s but eventually lost touch when the politics and conspiracy was too much for my teenaged brain to be interested in. While the first season is very campy and the middle is way conspiratorial, the relationship between agents Scully and Mulder as they investigate the occult and paranormal can’t be beat.

30 Rock

Liz Lemon. My soul mate.


Another spy show with a lot of heart–Chuck is the nerdiest of nerds who is implanted with a database that gives him access to criminal intel. While I didn’t watch the show religiously, I did watch many episodes with Scott through his two watches (when it originally aired and again this summer). By the end of the show, I’ve grown so attached to the characters and there might have even been a few tears. I would love a reboot!


There are several shows that we want to binge on but I refuse to start until the shows have finished. There have been many that we’ve started and caught up to real time and then lost interest as we have to wait week to week. Apparently bingeing has made us impatient! I’m especially looking forward to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. One day.

Are you a binge watcher or do you prefer watching TV as it comes out? What are your favorite shows to binge?


28 Responses to “10 Bingeworthy TV Shows”

  1. My list is very long; I’ve binge watched a TON of shows. But. From your list, I’ve binged Alias, Gilmore Girls (started that one while it was on the air, actually) and Chuck. I watched the first season or two of OITNB, but then I abandoned it. We watched Lost when it aired live and I quit that after the first few seasons, too. I’ve thought of going back to it via streaming, but … I need to make a complete list of my top ones. It’s long and unwieldy.

  2. I need to try Gilmore Girls. I too missed it when it originally aired. So how long did the series take you to finish?

    • Couple of months? I don’t remember exactly but we typically watch two episodes a night after the girls go to bed? It’s cheesy but so good. :)

  3. We do both. We watch a bunch of shows during the fall/spring and then tend to binge during the summer. Our current show is Arrow, although I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls right now. :)

  4. I loved the bits and pieces of X Files I’ve seen and have been wanting to binge it. Chuck and Alias are on my To Watch List. J watched all of Breaking Bad in I think a month (maybe less) and ended up getting so paranoid! It was hilarious. I’m normally the one seeing an axe murder in every shadow but we switched for a bit!

  5. Based on the ones you listed, most of which I’ve watched and enjoyed myself, I wonder if you would like Nurse Jackie. Have you watched it? I didn’t check it out until it was over and on Netflix. One that’s really easy to get sucked into.

    • I haven’t watched it yet but we recently watched The Sopranos (nope, it didn’t make my list!) and love Edie Falco. I’ll have to watch a few episodes to see what I think!

  6. Laura

    Have you not seen Friday Night Lights??!! Actually, the first season is far better than the rest, but you definitely should watch it! And Parenthood. :-) And yay for new Gilmore Girls soon!!

    • No! I started to watch it several months ago but I couldn’t get into the way that it was filmed. Too reality TV-ish? But I have heard such good things about the show. I did watch Parenthood before we had Netflix and I became a binge-watcher, but I gave it up when one of the couples was having an affair. I’m not sure why I can’t tolerate that but making meth is OK? LOL!

  7. Hubby and I are in the middle of season three of Gilmore Girls right now (for the first time) and are loving it. Sometimes we end up watching three or four episodes a night! Of course, we’re also trying to hurry and get through the whole thing before the new bits come out in November.
    I’ve been thinking of restarting Lost or Fringe soon as a rewatch binge. We actually binged the first season of Lost the summer before the second season started because we realized we had missed something cool and wanted to be in on it. I do find sometimes that when I binge a show, I’m more willing to keep going with it than if I watch an episode a week. For some reason, I eventually just get bored and stop caring or little things start really annoying me (like in Once Upon a Time). There are some shows though that are just too heavy and I can’t watch more than one episode every couple of days or so.

  8. What a great list! I didn’t know you wrote about TV on your blog – I do, too!

    Our whole family LOVED Lost & X-Files, and our youngest son just discovered them both in the past coupe of years & has been watching both with his girlfriend.

    My husband and I are SO INTO The Wire & OITNB – both totally addicting. This summer, we watched season 4 of The Wire – it’s all about the kids in the neighborhood and it was the best season yet. And of course, watched season 4 of OITNB & I had the same reaction as you – was sobbing through those last two episodes.

    We don’t really binge-watch the way some do – one show after another (except for Orphan Black when we first discovered it and my son was home sick). But it is fun when all the shows are already available and you can watch one (or two) every night. We mix in some of those but also keep up with what’s currently on, week by week. We never watch anything when it airs anymore, but we watch our faves On Demand every week. We also usually watch 2 shows together in the evening.

    Oh, and my husband LOVED Deadwood (he has family in SD from that area!), and I was also late in discovering Gilmore Girls – only up to season 2 so far.

    Looks like we have a lot in common! I knew I liked you. BTW, we haven;t seen either Alias or Chuck yet, so thanks for the tips – I am adding them to my ever-growing list!


    Book By Book

  9. Good list. I’ve only ever binge watched LOST, though. And, IT. WAS. AMAZING. I love that show. I’ve thought about binge watching it again.

  10. I’ve watched and loved all of these except Chuck! I obviously need to watch that now. We started X-Files and got about halfway through but haven’t finished yet. I love binge watching shows and you listed so many of my favorites. A few other great ones: Pushing Daisies, Scrubs, Friday Night Lights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Parks and Rec, and Firefly.

  11. SarahBeth

    I haven’t watched most of what’s on your list!

    I love the West Wing, we’ve started watching Farscape, and as a guilty pleasure, I love The Tudors. And Regin.

  12. I do watch some shows “live” or rather I record them when they air and then watch them later (I’m usually in bed when most of what I would like to watch actually is on), but binge watching is the best, isn’t it? I definitely prefer it.

    I didn’t binge watch most shows you list, but did watch a few of them when they were on. Lost, Alias, Deadwood, The Wire, and Chuck. Oh, and the X-Files (original show, not the new one) All great shows. I love Orange is a New Black, the only show on your list I’ve binge watched.

    I think the move to have evening soap opera style shows has made binge watching much more appealing. Less time to wait in between cliffhanger endings.

  13. Jenny

    I love binge watching! I need to check out several of these. OITNB has tempted me for awhile.

  14. Oh I have several for you: Fringe, New Girl, Community, Treme, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Banshee, oh I could go on an on.
    Lost: watched it live and still angry, so rewatch here. The Wire-stuck in season 3. It’s slow. Watched Alias here and there, but would binge. I’ll keep it in mind.

  15. I recognise (and love) quite a few there Trish… like Gilmore Girls, Deadwood, X Files and Lost – though I missed the end of Lost so I’d have to start from scratch and binge (and I gather the end is a bit of an anticlimax).

    I also love bingeing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing and The Newsroom. And maybe Entourage.

  16. Since we refuse to pay for HBO, we always have to watch the full season of Game of Thrones when they have a free weekend just before the new season starts. I love to watch it that way – for one thing, it’s probably the only way I can remember who is who!

  17. My boyfriend binge-watched all of The Wire when he was sick one summer. I only watched part of it with him and regret not paying closer attention. What I saw, I really enjoyed!

    Breaking Bad is great, and I really enjoy OITNB despite some things that frustrate me.

    If you are looking to binge-watch (though several signs in this post point toward it not being the best idea), you should definitely watch Stranger Things. I know everyone and their mother was on about this one over the summer, but it really lives up to the hype.

    • You mean the fact that Stranger Things is still currently running? Yup. We’ve become a culture of NEED IT NOW! Haven’t we? The Wire is good…but it definitely requires some attention! So many incredibly interwoven details.