Tuesday Snoozeday Rambles

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is an audio freebie and I thought about sharing some of my favorite albums when I was in high school (hello Counting Crows and Tori Amos) or albums that I’ve bought recently rather than just the single (Lumineers and Hozier).

But you know what? I just feel like rambling on a bit about the goings on in life lately. Y’all don’t mind do you?

Remember when Elle used to call Taco Tuesday “Taco Snoozeday”–that was funny. Incidentally, we are having tacos tonight! Tacos have become a favorite at our house. I love them because they’re SO easy to make. Easy is my favorite.



I have a stack of library books checked out for meal planning or bulk cooking or the such. It always boils down to that pesky little truth that you have to make time to save time. The struggle is real! On Sunday I’m usually so worn out from the weekend that the last thing I want to do is prep a bunch of food for the upcoming week. But I know that it would pay off in the end and I would likely eat healthier, too. Do you prep ahead for the week?

I did make taco meat last night while I was cooking our regular dinner so tonight all I have to do is make some rice and bake the taco shells. Winning! Good thing, too, as Tuesday is likely our busiest day with Evie doing dance class. It’s as hilarious as you might think it is. This girl. I just laugh and laugh and laugh when she’s around. And do a fair amount of eyerolling as well. Trouble is that she knows she has us all wrapped around her teeny tiny little fingers.



Speaking of library books, I also picked up Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I can’t remember what prompted me to take the leap and check the book out, but it was a very quick read and one that basically reaffirmed some of my fundamental beliefs on money. Especially: don’t spend more than you have coming in. Always easier said than done, right?

I found Ramsey’s writing to be incredibly annoying and repetitive, but for all that I skimmed I feel I can put together a solid plan for our household going forward. Money is such a touchy and taboo subject so I don’t know if I’ll talk about this one in any more detail on the blog (ha! like I’ve actually been writing about the books I’ve read lately), but the book gave me some food for thought and I’ve been working hard on an actual budget. Or at least I plan to work hard on a budget as soon as I’m done with this post. I hate budgeting. Do you have any budgeting tips or tricks?



Maybe I should call this post the Segue post. Snoozeday. For months Cara has been waking up on average 2 times a night. I’ll nurse her and she goes right back down. No problem. But the past two Sundays in a row she’s woken up at 11:30 and not gone back to bed until 2:30. I try nursing her, rocking her, letting her cry it out. It’s brutal brutal brutal and I’m not sure what the fix is. The good news is last week she slept every other day all the way through. Fingers crossed she does that again this week?

And I don’t know why there are so many poptart boxes in the picture above. Stop judging. Cleaning out the pantry is one of the things that has fallen way way way to the wayside with me back at work everyday.



Elle is loving Kindergarten. Loving it! I’ve also enjoyed picking her up a little earlier and having a bit of time with just her. The days are incredibly busy, though. We’ve started a few activities and by the time we get home it’s a rush to get dinner on the table, everyone fed, the girls bathed, and in bed. I’ve had a tough time trying to figure out when to get in all the little things that I used to do when I was at home with Cara–cleaning out the pantry, organizing this and that, keeping the house in some sort of order. One day we’ll figure it out? Or perhaps just figure out how to live with the disorder. Gah!

I keep thinking that maybe one day I’ll get on top of everything and the rest will just be maintenance. But the lunches always have to be made, the dishwasher unloaded, the laundry rotated. Life will never stop or slow down. Even if I did manage to do Once a Month Cooking, I’d still be cooking to maintain. And sometimes I think I should probably let something go. Let the kids buy lunch everyday. Stop writing the blog. Get rid of all of the toys so that there is nothing in the house to create clutter. Ok, that last one is just a dream.


So in summary, life is busy. Happy. Cluttered. Chaotic.

Share some random rambles with me! Please!



8 Responses to “Tuesday Snoozeday Rambles”

  1. Kay

    This was fun reading about, Trish. Yes, you are at a busy, busy time of life. The pictures are precious. Budgeting, well, I have no good tips especially. It’s tough no matter how you look at it. My advice is just one step at a time. Cooking ahead – never have I done that in my whole life. Of course, I have a husband who doesn’t really like leftovers. The most I’ve ever done is keep grilled chicken overnight for salads the next day. Glad your girl is liking kindergarten. Before you know it, those other two cuties will be there too. Then you life will be all about school and activities. Take care!

  2. Laura

    As always, I love the photos of your cute girls! I’m so happy that Elle is enjoying kindergarten! Before we had kids, Matt and I did Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class, and while we found most of the information to be common sense, there were definitely a few great takeaways that we used in the transition from two to one income (ie envelope/cash system). We follow the rule that if we don’t have the money for it, we don’t buy it! And we also use things until they don’t work anymore…so cell phones, cars, clothes, etc. This is why I’m still driving a 14 year old small car! I don’t buy clothes or toys for the kids very often at all, and usually buy used clothes. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people will say to me “oh, it must be SO NICE to get to stay at home. I would love to stay home, but we just can’t afford it…” I think many more people could afford to say home if they wanted to if they would reduce unnecessary expenses. But people find so many things “necessary” that totally aren’t! And I’ll get off my soapbox :) Money is a touch y subject, for sure, and it makes me sad that our society is so materialsitic. It reminds me of history classes, and learning about “conspicuous consumption” in the 20s. I’m pretty sure we are right back there again. Ok for real, I’m done now!!

  3. When I was working one of the very best things we did was hire a maid service. It wasn’t that expensive to have them come every two weeks and it was amazing! I had time to do the little things like cleaning out the pantry because I wasn’t having to spend my Saturdays scrubbing the bath tub. And it’s nice to just come home every other whatever day to a clean house. Seriously – if it’s within your reach at all consider it. I used a service because it just seemed more official than a random person someone I knew recommended. I’ve read Ramsey and found him interesting if not necessarily ground breaking. I’ve found I actually feel more comfortable when I’m spending conservatively than when I’m not thinking about it but that could be my massive control freak streak talking. So glad Elle is loving kindergarten! It’s so wonderful when a transition isn’t a tough one. We are in that spot with the Tornado and it’s just lovely. Love the pictures!

  4. I don’t even have kids and I can’t keep up my house, so I cannot even imagine adding three kids to the mix. I mean, I have 3 pets that shed ridiculously, but it is not quite the same thing. I keep going on throw everything out spurts, but I still never get ahead… So, good luck! My idea of budgeting is cutting back on things. Recently I changed to cheaper coffee. lol I need a whole live overhaul and about a 48 hour day.

  5. You might like the Matrimoney podcast (spelled just like that) with Kelsey and Chris. Marriage and money…it’s a fun podcast!

  6. I used to make a weekly dinner list and do all of my shopping on Sundays and I don’t know why I stopped but I have in the last year or so. I’m sure part of it is that I got bored of always writing down the same meals. Strangely, now that I actually think about it, it’s probably also because our Safeway added self-checkout about two years ago so I do less big shopping where I have to wait for a cashier. I would rather go to self-check with a small basket or cartload and check myself out where there’s never a wait. So, I end up going to the store maybe three times a week and I wing it on dinners more often. I do end up with more unplanned/last-minute dinners now though which is more stressful. But it’s definitely easier to just run out to the store when I only have a 12 year old who can stay at home by himself now. I wouldn’t have been able to do this when I had a little kiddo.

    The girls are adorable as always, btw. :)

  7. I can’t even imagine the going’s on in your house with the littles! I wouldn’t beat myself up either about not wanting to cook on Sundays for the week. It’s hard whether you have kids or not. Casseroles might be a good thing to check out.

    We have been doing quesadilla Tuesdays. chicken specifically. I make an extra for myself for breakfast the next day.
    As for budgeting: I try to always use cash for everything. Cup of coffee, running out for lunch, everything. I don’t carry a lot of cash, so it works :)

  8. So much in this one little post, Trish! I wish I could tell you that things get better. In the end, it all comes down to what is important to you. Spending time with the family, cooking, cleaning, etc. – you can’t really have it all, but you can make enough concessions that will allow you to have some semblance of it. Those concessions are different for everyone, but you will figure it out.