Right Now I Am… [4.20.2017]

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Right Now I Am...


Has it really been since JANUARY when my last post published? Seriously? Another three months gone? I was chatting with some friends on twitter this morning about how I miss blogging and catching up. Sometimes blogging/chatting/etc feels so frivolous when compared to everything else that’s going in the country and the world, but I think frivolous is just what I need right now.

What’s been going on since my last update? The biggest is a major home remodel. For years we’ve talked about moving to a new home, but with house prices soaring in the DFW area (and our love for our current house/location), we decided to just put the money into where we currently are.

A three week home renovation project turned into two plus months. We’ve been put out of the house a lot and most of our stuff is in boxes or the garage–neither of which has been easy with three little kids. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and fingers crossed we’ll have most of our furniture back in the house by the end of this week. To say that this has uprooted our lives is a bit of an understatement.

Home Reno


What else? My little Cara Bo-Beara needs ear tubes, scheduled for today, and I have to have half my thyroid removed. Not a big deal…when I went in for my annual gyn visit, my midwife found a lump on my throat. Turns out it’s a thyroid nodule, which is fairly common. I’ve been putting off the surgery until our remodel is finished.

And to keep from writing an entire novel of a post, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Reading: In February I did my usual #ComicsFebruary reading. I had a lot of fun with Princeless, Captain Marvel, Lumberjanes, and of course Saga. Most recently I finally made it through Lonesome Dove and flew through The Hate U Give. It’s been a great reading year so far! (links are affiliate)

Hate U Give


Listening To: Moana! Make way, make way. I can’t seem to get enough of the Moana soundtrack. On the bookish front, I spent weeeeeeks listening to Lonesome Dove and am almost finished the Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City (see article from The New Yorker for a taste).

Watching: Since we haven’t had a couch, I haven’t watched anything in months. Makes for more reading time, though! Any suggestions on a show to binge watch? I prefer older shows so that we don’t have to wait for new episodes!

Good Enough Picture


Eating: Wayyyyyyyyy too much take-out and junk food! Although I just had my first ear of corn for the season and it was pretty tasty!

Making: I am thisclose to finishing Cara’s baby quilt. Technically it IS finished, but I need to add the tag. Before the home reno I was also working on her Christmas stocking, and I also started another quilt top. Lately if I’m not reading, I’m in the craft room.

Quilting Progress


Planning: Summer trips! We are definitely headed to Moab and Zion (in Utah). Hopefully with a camper.

Feeling: Incredibly unsettled. Honestly ever since the election. I really need to find some familiar footing and focus on getting back into a groove with life. I was telling my husband this morning that I’ve almost forgotten what normal life feels like.

Elle P


Loving: Cara kisses, Evie hugs, and Elle hand-holding. It’s amazing how restorative a good snuggle can be.


Wanting: To wean Cara. It’s been 16 months. I am beyond done. And the guilt is ridiculous, considering it’s been 16 months. But ugh my baby! I have mentioned she’s my last baby, right? Kills me.

Bo Bear


Thinking: It’s about high time I dust off this blogging space and get back to it. Thankfully my bullet journal has given me some space to keep track of my life, but blogging is one way that I make time for myself and I need to honor that!

Looking Forward To: Order. And a little time to KonMari the crap out of my house. :)

I would love to hear what YOU are listening to, reading, watching, eating, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.

Ok–I think I need to keep up the momentum. What do you want to hear more about? What I’ve been reading? What I’ve been crafting? Thoughts on my mommy body? And update on the girls? How my Once a Month Cooking went (six months ago…ha!)? Anything else?

Thanks for listening. xoxo


28 Responses to “Right Now I Am… [4.20.2017]”

  1. I know I’m only an hour into my birthday but having you blog again is the best gift I’ve received so far! ;)
    I am so with you on the not knowing what normal feels like anymore. I’m still trying to figure that out and in the meantime I’m maxing out my introversion. I am getting a lot of KonMari-ing done around my house though! My kitchen is about 2/3 done and I have bags and bags of stuff to take to Goodwill.
    So, welcome back again! Tell us all about your lovely warm days and what you get to do outside when it’s not raining non-stop. We have only had three or four days over 60 so far and will become the wettest Oct-April in recorded Seattle history in about a day. Ugh. I need sunshine!

  2. In a not-normal time, hearing about what internet friends read, to deepen their understanding and to escape, is more important than ever. And I love the photos of your girls.

  3. Jenny

    While I love seeing the before and after of a remodel the in between is awful! Especially when you’re living in it. I’m about to start another remodel at a rental property of ours. Not looking forward to it. Wish I had some good recommendations on shows to watch but I’ve been unimpressed with a lot of them. The ones I’ve liked are only one season long. You could watch Jane The Virgin. It’s on Netflix and is hilariously silly.

  4. Ti

    How did your GYN discover as lump on your throat? Or were your numbers off? Just curious. Because you are like the third person I know recently who have discovered a thyroid issue requiring surgery.

    • Crazy, huh?? She was recently diagnosed as well so maybe she was hyper-aware? Apparently a thyroid nodule is very common and now that I know it’s there, I can feel it–especially when I eat certain foods. It’s also visible (if you are looking for it).

  5. The Crown is awesome. If you haven’t watched it, then do so immediately! Jim and I loved Ripper Street too if you like period dramas and police procedurals. Whitechapel post-Jack the Ripper and the fledgling police department. Good stuff.

    Home remodels suck but are so worth it in the end. You are going to fall in love with your house all over again once it is done and you have everything back to normal!

  6. Oh man, I DREAM of the day we can do renos in the house … we have so much to do and it seems that all our money goes to repairs rather than fun stuff. Right now our whole septic field has to be dug up, which is basically our entire yard. And our concrete is sinking in front of the house and needs to be done. And we need to get laminate on our humongous deck. Meanwhile, I’d love to rip up carpets, tear down a wall in the kitchen, redo our master bath … paint … it’s endless!

    I still need to read The Hate U Give! I’m on the waitlist for the ebook. I did get the audio from the library but I feel like it’s a book I need to physically read. I’m glad you’re having a great reading year! And yay for getting back into blogging! I’ve been great at writing reviews, but I need to do more posts that get me social and posts that are just fun. I feel like while I love book reviews, I miss writing other posts!

    Your kids are getting so big!!! They’re lovely!

  7. Weird to read this from you today because I’ve been thinking of reviving my blog as well. Of course my last post was in 2015, and I’d be reviving for myself and not any lingering audience. But still. Like minds. Glad to hear your blog voice again!!

  8. I have nodules (yes, more than one) on my thyroid, too, as well as hashimotos thyroiditis. They did an ultrasound, blood tests (all my levels are normal at least) and my endocrinologist ordered a fine needle biopsy, which said my nodules are benign and they’ll just check them again in a few years. I’m curious about more of your process!

    • What a relief that they’re benign! I only have the one but it’s the same size as my left half of my thyroid. I could leave it but would have to have it monitored every six months (and have it biopsied). Since I’m opting for the surgery, they’ll biopsy at that time and if it’s malignant they’ll remove my entire thyroid. I haven’t had any labs done so not sure if it’s affecting my hormones. I’d like to blame my weight gain on it, but depression and stress are more likely culprits. ?

      • I think your nodule is larger than mine, too, by the sound of it. I hope you don’t have to have your entire thyroid removed; thyroid meds are a pain to regulate (my dad has taken thyroid medication for all my life, and my sister has for a long time too). Hope the surgery goes well, and that it’s benign, of course!

        And how did the tubes go?

  9. Your remodel sounds so exciting! It’ll be like getting a new house without moving. I have several nodules too but my doctor’s taking a wait and see approach. Good luck with your surgery. Your sweet girls are getting so big!!

  10. Loved seeing this post! I’m glad you’re doing well, and hope life gets less crazy very soon when the remodeling is done! It’s so unsettling, but will be well worth it!

    I can’t stop listing to Moana either! It’s the best. So catchy and fun!

    I want to read The Hate U Give soon, waiting for my library reserve to come in!

  11. Love you Trish! Remodeling is HARD. Are y’all doing the work yourselves? Or getting professionals to do it? We’re just starting with a basement remodel and I’m already stressed, haha. And I don’t even spend time in the basement!
    Also, your girls are such cuties! I love that picture in the tree the best.

    • The tree picture makes me smile so much because after school a group of boys always climbs up there. She’ll be the only girl up there fighting her way to the top. :) Oh how I envy your basement! I would love one. We went with contractors for this remodel–it was too large for us to undertake ourselves and with three little kids. We’ve had to be out of the house a lot and if we had done it ourselves, it would have taken so much longer.

  12. What a treat to see your post! Life during a remodel is crazy and it ALWAYS takes longer than planned, but what a treat to move back into a new home.The girls are adorable and looking so grown up. I’ll be listening to Evicted soon… sounds like my kind of nonfiction. We’re still in FL, but will head north in another week or two. Where has the winter gone?
    (PS – I had half my thyroid removed decades ago and now just monitor levels. The remaining half picked up the slack.)

  13. SarahBeth

    Yay, hi! :D

    I’d love to see before/afters of the remodel. Hear about how the once a month cooking went back in the fall. What else is new and exciting.

    Its so nice to see you back. <3 <3 <3

  14. The girls are growing up and so, so sweet looking! I need to pick up The Hate U Give for my book group next month so I’m glad you liked it. You liked it, right?

  15. I agree with Michelle about The Crown. It’s so pretty too!

    Good to hear from you again. I’m not blogging at all lately and Twitter gets on my nerves. I’ve been on twice this week and already I think I need to not go back there again. I really don’t know how to keep in touch anymore so I’m glad you posted.

    Kitchen renos are the worst. Maybe bathroom renos are worse. Either way it’s so hard to get by without a sink.

  16. Oh wow, I completely understand what you are saying here. Not just about the nursing (as I told you on twitter), but also about blogging in general. Hang in there. I tell myself the chaos will end eventually (and I’m not even in the midst of a remodel). And I think everyone is happy to read anything by you (but I know that, I personally, still worry every time I hit publish on a post – or go silent for a few months).

  17. I don’t know how we’re going to survive four years of this unsettled and, honestly, frightened feeling we’ve been living with since the election. I’m already so tired of disagreeing with people who defend him, so tired of worrying. Hope you get your house settled soon. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  18. It’s so great to see an update from you. Oh wow, a remodel – no wonder you didn’t have time for the blog. We haven’t done that but I have friends who’ve gone through that and it’s tough. Glad you’ll have your “new” home soon! Your little ones are just adorable. Would love to hear more about crafty projects you’ve been up to. Me, I’m now dreaming about vacation this summer :)

  19. I’m glad it isn’t just me jumping back into this blogging world. Your girls are so beautiful! Good thoughts on the tubes and the thyroid. Hope your house is back together soon!

  20. I hear you so much on the “not normal” thing. I’m beginning to think that normal just isn’t coming back. But I’m soooooo glad you posted anyway, Trish. Because as much as I’ve pulled into myself, like I think so many of us have, I think what we really need is connection. *huge hugs, just because*

  21. This election has succeeded in getting me off social media. Just dumped FB, I can’t stand the politics.
    Love the photos of your daughters, so cute. And your kitchen will be amazing, it already is!
    Good for you getting regular checkups. Staying on top of things saved my life (I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor) so I always stress the importance of regular checkups.