About Me

A wife and mother of three little girls

Barely a thirty-something

Texan for two decades and half Canadian

Lover of books and the written word

Listener of classic Rock and Roll and Country and everything in between

Frequent [terrible] sing-alonger of Broadway Musicals

Wannabe quilter and beginner photographer

Kitchen experimenter and lover of food

Victim of wanderlust and sometimes traveler

Reserved and socially awkward or goofy and slightly loud

Drinker of coffee, light and sweet

Dreamer of a life made simple

Watcher of sappy romantic comedies

Timid adventure seeker

Slightly neurotic and often a worrier

Fighting Texas Aggie


A note about Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity the Blog

I began blogging in June 2007, but was blogging exclusively about books at a home called Trish’s Reading Nook. As I began to know my audience of readers more and more, my personal life began creeping into my blog posts. Eventually I felt the need to create a new space where I could blog about life as a whole rather than simply about books. All the blog “experts” tell bloggers to find a blogging niche, but I feel I have done the opposite with this blog. It is my hope that you will find a little bit of all the descriptors above at this blog, but above all my Love, Laughter, and of course a Touch of Insanity.

Thank you for visiting!


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