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Well Hello

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Hello Wave

It’s been a while. 16 weeks? Or something. A while. I think my longest break in the decade I’ve been blogging.

I’ve missed you. I really have. I’ve missed this space and have felt a little bit of a hole within me since my last post.

Everyday I’ve thought about starting up a post. And everyday I’ve found an excuse to not get it done.

Work is busy. I’m tired. It’s a pain to add pictures. Where do I start? Does anyone even care anymore? You know, the usual.

Blogging has felt a little frivolous since the election. Everything does. I’m exhausted. I tried to stay off-line. It didn’t work. I need to stop reading the news.

Parenting is challenging these days. While there is lots of good going on, there are also lots of struggles.

Reading has been excellent. In fact, I’ve been spending most of my free time with books lately. It’s been nice.

I started a new habit a week ago of getting up earlier to do yoga every morning (with Adriene). Is a week a habit?

Sweet Cara turned one. She’s walking and babbling and is still my favorite snuggler.

Evie at three and a half is a firecracker and still makes us laugh every day. And roll our eyes.

Elle has taken to reading and works really hard to make those connections. I’m so proud of her.

Me…I’ve been really unfocused the past several months. I’m trying to find my footing. Trying to find ease.

Some days this works better than others. You know how it goes.

I’m hoping that if I publish this little post, the next post will be easier to write.

With three littles it’s easy to get lost in the hubbub of mothering, but I need to remember to take time for me as well.

It’s time to get those fingers cracking again!

And look. 300+ words in 5 minutes. I can do this.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way…I’m off to figure out what to write next.

virtual hugs

Alright! So…what have you been up to the past 16 weeks?




Tuesday Snoozeday Rambles

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is an audio freebie and I thought about sharing some of my favorite albums when I was in high school (hello Counting Crows and Tori Amos) or albums that I’ve bought recently rather than just the single (Lumineers and Hozier).

But you know what? I just feel like rambling on a bit about the goings on in life lately. Y’all don’t mind do you?

Remember when Elle used to call Taco Tuesday “Taco Snoozeday”–that was funny. Incidentally, we are having tacos tonight! Tacos have become a favorite at our house. I love them because they’re SO easy to make. Easy is my favorite.



I have a stack of library books checked out for meal planning or bulk cooking or the such. It always boils down to that pesky little truth that you have to make time to save time. The struggle is real! On Sunday I’m usually so worn out from the weekend that the last thing I want to do is prep a bunch of food for the upcoming week. But I know that it would pay off in the end and I would likely eat healthier, too. Do you prep ahead for the week?

I did make taco meat last night while I was cooking our regular dinner so tonight all I have to do is make some rice and bake the taco shells. Winning! Good thing, too, as Tuesday is likely our busiest day with Evie doing dance class. It’s as hilarious as you might think it is. This girl. I just laugh and laugh and laugh when she’s around. And do a fair amount of eyerolling as well. Trouble is that she knows she has us all wrapped around her teeny tiny little fingers.



Speaking of library books, I also picked up Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I can’t remember what prompted me to take the leap and check the book out, but it was a very quick read and one that basically reaffirmed some of my fundamental beliefs on money. Especially: don’t spend more than you have coming in. Always easier said than done, right?

I found Ramsey’s writing to be incredibly annoying and repetitive, but for all that I skimmed I feel I can put together a solid plan for our household going forward. Money is such a touchy and taboo subject so I don’t know if I’ll talk about this one in any more detail on the blog (ha! like I’ve actually been writing about the books I’ve read lately), but the book gave me some food for thought and I’ve been working hard on an actual budget. Or at least I plan to work hard on a budget as soon as I’m done with this post. I hate budgeting. Do you have any budgeting tips or tricks?



Maybe I should call this post the Segue post. Snoozeday. For months Cara has been waking up on average 2 times a night. I’ll nurse her and she goes right back down. No problem. But the past two Sundays in a row she’s woken up at 11:30 and not gone back to bed until 2:30. I try nursing her, rocking her, letting her cry it out. It’s brutal brutal brutal and I’m not sure what the fix is. The good news is last week she slept every other day all the way through. Fingers crossed she does that again this week?

And I don’t know why there are so many poptart boxes in the picture above. Stop judging. Cleaning out the pantry is one of the things that has fallen way way way to the wayside with me back at work everyday.



Elle is loving Kindergarten. Loving it! I’ve also enjoyed picking her up a little earlier and having a bit of time with just her. The days are incredibly busy, though. We’ve started a few activities and by the time we get home it’s a rush to get dinner on the table, everyone fed, the girls bathed, and in bed. I’ve had a tough time trying to figure out when to get in all the little things that I used to do when I was at home with Cara–cleaning out the pantry, organizing this and that, keeping the house in some sort of order. One day we’ll figure it out? Or perhaps just figure out how to live with the disorder. Gah!

I keep thinking that maybe one day I’ll get on top of everything and the rest will just be maintenance. But the lunches always have to be made, the dishwasher unloaded, the laundry rotated. Life will never stop or slow down. Even if I did manage to do Once a Month Cooking, I’d still be cooking to maintain. And sometimes I think I should probably let something go. Let the kids buy lunch everyday. Stop writing the blog. Get rid of all of the toys so that there is nothing in the house to create clutter. Ok, that last one is just a dream.


So in summary, life is busy. Happy. Cluttered. Chaotic.

Share some random rambles with me! Please!




10 Bingeworthy TV Shows

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Bingeworthy TV Shows

image credit: Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge

Fall is right around the corner! At least to those of you who live a little more north than I do. We’re still firmly in the 90 degree weather, but I’ve seen a handful of turned leaves pictures in the past week. You lucky ducks…

With the arrival of Fall also comes new seasons of shows on TV. Truth be told, I haven’t watched a new fall show in years. I look forward to Outlander when it finally makes it’s appearance, but for the past several years all of my TV watching has come in the form of “backlist” shows that I can binge.

The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday theme for today is all about TV shows and I’m sharing 10 shows that my husband and I loved bingeing.

Ten Bingeworthy TV Shows


A plane crashes on an uncharted island and a whole lot of weird happens. While some of the weird was a bit too weird, I loved the characters and the way they developed throughout the show. I still miss them and would love to watch this one again in the future.


A badass female spy? Yes please! Sydney Bristow certainly fits the bill and all of her disguises were fun to watch. While the show is a bit formulaic in the beginning, the later seasons are stronger and my crush on Vaughn only continued to grow.

Gilmore Girls

I missed the Gilmore Girls boat when it first aired years ago, but even Scott got swept up in this mother/daughter dramedy. Yes, super cheesy at times but even the supporting cast was fun to watch. And major heart eyes for Luke.

Breaking Bad

This might be the first show that I truly binge-watched where I realized that having access to all the shows at once might not be a good thing. So incredibly addicting–even when you want to look away. And there were definitely times that I had to look away. I was grateful when after five seasons I could finally exhale.


I have a thing for westerns and Deadwood, based loosely on actual events and people in 1800s South Dakota, definitely fit the bill for me. Including a bit of a crush on Seth Bollock. If you’re noticing a theme here, you’re likely right. Cut short after three seasons, fans are continually teased with a continuation.

The Wire

This show based on Balitmore’s police department and large drug-running gangs is our most recent binge-watch. Apparently The Wire is a sleeper hit that never really took off when it was originally on the air, but the acting is superb and the script is smart. Sometimes the plot was slow but it was amazing to watch everything unravel (and knit back together).

Orange is the New Black

OITNB is the odd one out of the group as it isn’t a show that is over yet but I just can’t resist these women. We just finished Season 4 yesterday and I was left in tears and outrage. While it’s often debated whether OITNB is a comedy or drama, it’s an important piece that shows the humanity behind those incarcerated.

The X-Files

Oh Scully and Mulder. How do I love thee. I watched this cult classic when it first aired in the 90s but eventually lost touch when the politics and conspiracy was too much for my teenaged brain to be interested in. While the first season is very campy and the middle is way conspiratorial, the relationship between agents Scully and Mulder as they investigate the occult and paranormal can’t be beat.

30 Rock

Liz Lemon. My soul mate.


Another spy show with a lot of heart–Chuck is the nerdiest of nerds who is implanted with a database that gives him access to criminal intel. While I didn’t watch the show religiously, I did watch many episodes with Scott through his two watches (when it originally aired and again this summer). By the end of the show, I’ve grown so attached to the characters and there might have even been a few tears. I would love a reboot!


There are several shows that we want to binge on but I refuse to start until the shows have finished. There have been many that we’ve started and caught up to real time and then lost interest as we have to wait week to week. Apparently bingeing has made us impatient! I’m especially looking forward to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. One day.

Are you a binge watcher or do you prefer watching TV as it comes out? What are your favorite shows to binge?



8 Month Update – 8.27.2016

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eight months


And geez. Here goes my mommy guilt. Today is actually Evie’s third birthday!!! I’ll take her 3 year picture on her quilt this weekend and hopefully post it before never. Also sad is I meant I meant I meant to write up Cara’s 7m update and womp womp. I did snap the picture, but no write-up. Turns out I did the same thing for Evie’s 8m update. I guess life moves quickly and I just need to be glad that I have the little records I do (am yes, I am SO grateful).

Sleep – Second verse, same as the first. Naps have been great for Cara while she’s at home with me. I’m not sure if she’s just so tired from being at daycare, but typically she naps for 90 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Sometimes longer stretches. Occasionally she’ll only go an hour, but she rarely has two short naps a day. At home. At daycare she’s lucky to get in two 30 minute naps. She comes home exhausted.

Bedtime has shown no improvement. Well, bedtime is just fine–especially on the days that she does go to daycare. But on an average night she still wakes up twice a night. Every once in a while she’ll surprise me and just wake up once, but in the past month I’m not sure we have had any nights where she’s slept completely through. I think that we need to sleep train her, but I’ve never sleep trained a nursing baby before. I guess I keep hoping that eventually she’ll get with the program and start dropping night wakings. At least she goes right back down afterward.

Eating – After struggling for a few weeks with spoon-fed purees, I’ve gone full Baby-Led Weaning with Cara. She’s happier, I’m happier. The whole thing makes so much more sense. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out just what to give her, but it’s also forcing me to keep more fruits and vegetables on hand. Always a good thing. She loves beans and cheerios. We eat a lot of sweet potatoes. She’ll gnaw on apples and pears. It’s messy messy messy but still better than trying to shove a spoon in her mouth. Some days she doesn’t eat much, and other days she eats a ton. Otherwise we’re still nursing on demand.

Routine – The past month was such a busy one! Elle started school a week ago so it’s thrown a baby wrench in our schedule and Cara has started going to school three days rather than two (next week she’ll start going every day…wahhhhhh!). For the past week on the days that I’m home, Scott will take Elle to school and I’ll take Evie after Cara wakes up. Then we come home, putter around, and she goes down for a nap around 10ish. Lunchtime, then errands if I have any to run, putter around the house more, then afternoon nap. Elle has to be picked up at 3 so I’ll load up Cara and get her. Pick up Evie at school, come home and start cooking dinner while the girls play and we wait for Scott to get home. Scott gets home, they go upstairs and hang out while I finish dinner. Dinner…for hours it feels like…then bath and bed. Cara is so easy going with our busy lives but I do try to protect her naps whenever I can!

Development – Two shiny little teeth! I didn’t think those things were ever going to poke through her gums. She’s full on crawling, she’s attempted to crawl up the stairs, and she pulls up on everything. There have been a few times when she’s let go of whatever she’s holding onto and will balance for a few seconds. I definitely have to keep my eye on her a lot more than I did a month ago when she was a little less mobile. Diaper changes are no fun as she’s twisty turny and she loves to look at herself in the mirrors above the change tables. She’s easy to smile and loves to laugh.

She squeals with delight when I run the bath and loves to splash in the water. She enjoys taking the magnets off the fridge (including the Old Macdonald one we’ve had for years) and chases all sorts of things all over the kitchen. Again, always vigilant for little dropped things that she wants to put in her mouth (and constantly lecturing big sisters). She babbles a lot and is making more different sounds–ga and da and ba. Sadly not ma. Ha! Neither older girl said mama until after they were a year old.

She still loves to blow raspberries, though she usually does this with her lips now rather than her tongue. She’s working on that pincer grip and is pretty good about getting little objects into her mouth (like peas or berries). It’s amazing to watch her eat because she’ll use her fingers in her mouth to smash down bits of food that are too big. All BLW research has said that babies rarely choke (the gagging is a good thing!), and I can see how she’s learning to control this herself.

Personality – Still my sweet little Bo Beara. Always the cuddlebug, she loves to be kissed all over and just laughs and laughs. When I’m holding her, she usually pats me on my shoulder in a consoling kind of way. Still the thumbsucking and since she doesn’t have a lovey yet, I tend to be the thumb trigger for her. As soon as I pick her up, if she’s tired, in goes the thumb.

She’s a mama’s girl and while she doesn’t mind of some others hold her, she often will look back over and whine for me to take her back. She definitely does better with faces she’s more familiar with, but sometimes she’ll surprise me and go to complete strangers–I took her to my old workplace and she did great being passed around to the various coworkers. I think a lot of it just depends on the day. She is much clingier after she’s been at daycare all day and usually won’t go to anyone else on these days once she’s home.

Cara is curious and loves to explore. She can entertain herself pretty well and definitely lets her sisters know if they’ve overstepped their boundaries. Evie is starting to get protective of her things that Cara is now showing interest in, but Evie can still make Cara laugh like no one else can. While Evie doesn’t show Cara the love like Elle does, it’s fun to watch them interact and it will be interesting to see their relationship develop now that Elle is going to a separate school and there will be more time with just Evie and Cara without Elle.

It’s such a fun age and I wish I could hit pause. She’s still cuddly but she’s developing so quickly–I hate to think that in a few months she’ll be too busy to be my baby anymore. I’m happy to nurse and cuddle and smother her, though I admit that she does make it tough for me to get anything done in the evenings when she wants to cling and I need to do all the things. But still. I’m trying to make sure to soak up as much of that baby love as I can.




grocery shopping





My heart. Bursting into a million pieces.




Finding Our New Normal

Finding Our New Normal

  This week was a big week for our family–Elle started Kindergarten. Do you guys remember when I first announced I was having a baby? Sometimes it seems so unreal that I’ve had three little kiddos during the lifetime of this blog.     On Monday morning, Scott and I took Elle to her new school while my mom watched the littles for us. The school is within walking distance of our house so once […]

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Le Tote Subscription Service Review

Le Tote Subscription Service Review

You might remember that last November I posted about Le Tote Subscription Clothing service. The kind people at Le Tote have given me three totes to send to new subscribers, so I thought I’d recap the service and share some pictures. Admittedly…I’ve been working on this post for months, which is why you see some long sleeve items here. Ahem. Note that this is not a sponsored post–Le Tote is not giving me anything for writing […]

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Ten Random Facts About Me Right Now

Ten Random Facts About Me Right Now

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to write some rambly style posts for a while but time always seems to get away from me. Yes on Wednesday through Friday each week I’m at home alone with the babe and she usually naps for two to three hours during the day, but I have no idea what happens during that time! Of course, if I’m honest, it usually takes me several hours to churn out a single […]

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Bullet Journal Show and Tell

Bullet Journal Show and Tell

Over the years I’ve tried and failed at many different ways to get organized and to journal my life. I’ve always kept little notebooks with lists and I tried a planner last year, but I could never find a way to keep up that worked for me–or that I didn’t forget about in a few weeks. About six months ago, I posted about my Big Fat To Do lists and several people mentioned Bullet Journaling […]

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5.19.2016 – Tenth Anniversary

5.19.2016 – Tenth Anniversary

  A decade. If someone had asked me ten years ago what I thought life might look like today, I don’t think I could have imagined. At 24, ten years seemed like a lifetime a way. And yet here we are a decade later. Three kids later. Hundreds of adventures later. Millions of laughs and a few tears. A few extra pounds, a few more gray hairs. But still so so so much love. Our […]

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Couch to 5K Running

Couch to 5K Running

  Over the past several years, I’ve started the Couch to 5K program many times. If you’re not familiar with Couch to 5K (C25K), it’s a program that has specific running/walking intervals to help couch potatoes to run an entire 5K distance in 8 weeks. It’s such a great way to jump start your running and I particularly like to use the program when I’m getting back into working out (such as after having a baby […]

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