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Bookish Problems that Plague Me

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Top Ten Tuesday


Hi! I kind of disappeared again. We took a quick little trip last week to visit my dad (just me and the girls), but I left my phone in his car and was without it for a few days. It might possibly be the longest I’ve been without a phone in years and it was a bit liberating. Until all the times when I wanted to tell y’all something via Instagram or Twitter and couldn’t.

Phone problems are not what I’m going to discuss today, though. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday meme (hosted by the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish) is all about Book Related Problems. I’m guessing that you probably share one or two (or most) of these book related problems with me.


Ten Bookish Problems that Plague Me

1. A dead e-reader. What’s worse than picking up your e-reader, especially if you are away from home and without another book, and the battery has died. The worst.


2. Trying to read a chunkster in bed. Pillow props certainly help, but it hurts if that book accidentally falls on your face!


3. Buying books and not reading for years. I have a bad case of “I need it now!!” when it comes to books, but I rarely ever read a book the same year I buy it (unless it’s for book club).



4. The oh so well meaning comments: “How do you have time to read all those books?” “You read HOW many books last year?”


5. Falling asleep while reading and dreaming up strange plot twists. My characters have done some crazy things in my dreams! Of course, no stranger than anything out of a Murikami novel. Really the problem these days is just staying awake while reading…especially in bed.

one more page


6. Terrible Bookish Memory. What are the names of the characters in the book I just finished? It’s seriously bad.


7. Being interrupted. Dear World: my opening my book is not an invitation for chit chat. Leave me alone!

sherlock reading


8. Realizing after 30 minutes that I haven’t heard a word of your audiobook. Oops. Sometimes I’ll keep going without rewinding…


9. Kids are occupied and playing happily together, I open up book, and suddenly my book is more interesting that anything else in the world to them.





What bookish problems do you experience?




Top Ten 2015 Bookish Goals

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bookish resolutions

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! When everything is all new and shiny and fun and exciting! Right? Right?? So, I had planned on writing in my new journal on Sunday but have already failed at that. Happy New Year everyone.

Here’s one of the big problem with goals–unless the goal is specific, how can we determine whether the goal has been accomplished? And once a number (or some sort of measurement) is assigned to a goal, then it becomes all pressure-y to meet that measurement. And then we go crazy with stress. Just me?

Years ago I was a Challenge junkie. I couldn’t resist them. The lists! The stacks of books! The number crunching and constant stressing over whether I was reading enough. So, I present these goals to you with every intention of not following through if sweating over numbers starts. Why make goals at all? Well, I don’t have any 2015 debuts to look forward to for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. #youloveme

reading stick figures

Bookish Goals for 2015

1. Read 30 Books. Somewhere between 2-3 books a month. Seems too easy? Maybe. In December I finished one book, though. So.

2. Average one audiobook a month. Gives me some wiggle room if I decide to listen to a 48-hr chunkster. I’m so glad to have my morning and afternoon listening time again!

3. Read 3 classics published before 1900. But since I’ll be reading Sister Carrie with Care, this is actually now published IN or before 1900. #cheatercheater

4. Aim for 20% Diversity. Diversity isn’t quite black and white so I’m defining it as an authors of color, a translated work, or works by non-European/North American white authors. 20% out of 30 books means 6 books. I am kind of assuming my year-end count will be higher than 30, so 6 is a low-ball number.

5. Participate in monthly themed reading such as Comics in February, June is Audiobook Month, and Nonfiction November. Maybe we need a Short Story Summer in July?? Any others you know about?

6. Read 3 parenting books. Whomp whomp. Mostly because I keep buying them but then forgetting about them.

7. Read 33% books from my shelf (or e-reader)–meaning books I’ve had since before January 2015. Theoretically this number should be higher but last year I read a quarter of my reading (in form of graphic novels) from the library.

8. No books are allowed to be stacked on my floor in front of the bookshelves! In other words, keep those shelves tamed.

9. Blogging. In a wonderfully productive and perfect world, I would love to have two weeks worth of drafts in the queue at all times. I keep thinking this will give me more time to actually read all of those lovely posts in my feed reader. Or even more time to think up new posts. I’m not convinced this is a productive and perfect world, though.

10. Have fun! Don’t worry! Meow!

What bookish things do you hope to accomplish this year?



Readathon! Fall 2014 Update Post

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Note: This will be my only Readathon post for the day. I’ll add new updates above the previous update.

the Third Update (Hours 6-14? Oops!)

Ok. I managed to hit up all my cheerleading peeps on twitter during lunch/naptime. I finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (meh). We went for another walk (this time with both girls) and I listened to a bit of Phantom while Elle listened to the Frozen soundtrack. And now it’s just me and those girlies. It’s 8:45 and I’m so tempted to just hop into bed with my glass of wine and Outlander episodes. For shame, I know. But I’ll take a book with me…I guess. I had to back out of tomorrow’s playdate because of Evie’s fever, so I guess with Scott gone we’ll probably just hang low all day and maybe I can get a graphic novel or something read.

This will likely be my last update of the night. It was a fun readathon but it was also tough to really get into it. I haven’t visited any blogs which is so uncharacteristic of me for a readathon! I love that the readathon has gotten so big, but I also miss how small it used to be. When I could visit my friends several times throughout the day and not feel like I was missing anyone. It’s amazing the legacy that Dewey has left behind, but I’ll never ever ever forget those first few readathons with her.

readathon 3


143 pages read
120 minutes listening (approximately 80 pages worth of Phantom)
1 Book Finished – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Yay naptime reading!)
2 Walks
Lots of Cheering (on twitter)

Wow. That looks so pitiful, doesn’t it?


 the Second Update (Hours 3-5)

Um, ya. Readathoning with kids is basically really really hard. Scott was to take the girls to a birthday party this morning which would have given me over TWO hours alone (which is a miracle in itself), but since Evie is running a fever she’s home with me. She’s happy and content so she played a bit while I read a whopping 23 pages of Hitchhiker’s Guide before deciding that we should get out and go for a run. 3 miles and 45 minutes of Phantom of the Opera later and now it’s lunchtime! Which also soon mean naptime for the babes. ;)

readathon 2


Pages:  23 pages (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy); 65 min audio (Phantom of the Opera)
Time: 45? minutes reading + 65 minutes listening. I’m about to cry uncle on counting minutes of reading.

63 pages read
105 minutes reading
90 minutes listening
Books Finished
15 minutes blogging
Oddles minutes childwrangling/housechoring/laundry folding
minutes cheerleading – SAD!!!
0 mini-challenges: Opening Meme, #TeamTrollope for Coffee!, I missed the #shelfie. Boo!
Snacks: breakfast cake, coffee.
0 Prizes


the First Real Update (Hours 1-2)

Ok, a slow reading start with Hitchhiker’s Guide and then at 8 I could tell Elle was up roaming around so I stopped reading and started listening to Phantom of the Opera (the book) while making breakfast cake (from a box, y’all). She dressed herself and requested all of the bows. Love her! I just heard Evie stirring (at 9!) so I’m off to get her.

readathon 1


Pages:  45 pages (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy); 45 min audio (Phantom of the Opera)
Time: 60 minutes reading + 45 minutes listening

45 pages read
60 minutes reading
45 minutes listening
Books Finished
15 minutes blogging
minutes cheerleading
0 mini-challenges
Snacks: breakfast cake, coffee.
0 Prizes


the Start: 7 am (Hour 1)

Good morning!!!! It’s 6:48. I had set my alarm to get up and read at 5 because my husband is leaving this afternoon for a business trip and I’ll then be solo-parenting my two little girls. Well. The baby was up from 12:30-2:30. Everytime I would doze to sleep she would wake up crying. I finally changed my alarm to 6:15. Then at 4:55 my oldest came down to let me know she needed to go to the bathroom. So I got up with her. Then read 15 pages. Then fell asleep on the couch. And here we are.

Opening Meme

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Dallas, Texas! (or the suburbs, anyway)

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! It’ll be my first and likely my last.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? Ha! I have some sushi for lunch. Mmmm!

4) Tell us a little something about yourself! Um. 30 something. Mom to two little girls. Blogging for years and years about mostly books but lots of other things, too. I have too much energy. For real.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? Hmmm. I have a routine down pretty pat, but my expectations are pretty low for the day. With the baby being sick and hub leaving in the afternoon, I’ll be glad to read for just a few hours today. Plus lots of cheering!

And finally–my little warm-up vlog for this morning! I cheated and recorded it yesterday afternoon because I didn’t want to wake anyone up. Wishing I had some of this enthusiasm now!





Top Ten Book/Blogging Confessions

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Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and Bookish is all about Blogging Confessions. I included some of my Bookish Confessions as well…thinking about blogging confessions sometimes just makes me feel guilty. Ha!

1. I have a terrible terrible book memory. Can’t remember characters’ names, can’t remember twists and turns, can’t remember endings. It really is pitiful. I can, however, remember how a book made me feel. Always.

2. I have a terrible habit of buying books that I have to have RIGHT NOW but then not reading them for years. I had an epiphany the other day–when I read a book immediately after buying it, I don’t feel like I get my money’s worth if a book doesn’t sit for a long time unread on the shelf.

3. I keep the emails I receive of comment notifications in my inbox so that I can hopefully respond to comments and return the visit. And then life happens and these get backed up. I currently have comments in my inbox from February. This gives me tremendous guilt–and a stressed out inbox.

4. I hate writing summaries of books or even talking about what a book is about. Presumably because I hate knowing anything about a book before reading it. Also, if you start telling me what a book is about–and you go into great detail–I’ll likely tuned everything you said out. Sorry about that.

5. I’m super bad about reading and reviewing books that have been sent to me by publishers/publicists. This is part of the reason why I try to say no and not ask for books, even though I also get jealous of everyone reading brand new copies of books. Two confessions in one. Also related to the “must have book now to read it years later” confession.


6. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate clutter in the house but my books are currently all over the front room in our house (where we have four bookshelves, double stacked). My husband is a saint for not nagging me about books on the floor after I’ve nagged him about magazines on the counter. I also may have a big bin of books hidden under Elle’s bed.

7. Sometimes I think about starting a brand new blog where I can write without inhibitions or worrying whether you guys will think it’s interesting. I guess the fear of no one seeing something is less than everyone seeing and not caring or responding.

8. When I finish a book I write my full name and the date I finished in the front cover. I always write Tricia rather than Trish even though I haven’t gone by Tricia in 15 years.

9. I love the idea of reading classics but sometimes when I get to them they feel like so much more work.

10. I secretly prefer ebooks. I KNOW. I want to prefer paper books, and I do love love love them and can’t stop buying them, but the ease of e-reading is just so much greater. I can lie down and read without propping my book up or pages flopping all over or having to turn the page or my hand cramping. I also don’t have to use a book light in bed with my Nook. Sometimes I even buy the ebook (on sale) if I have the unread book on my shelf. I feel I need to hang my head in shame for being a bad book lover.


I could keep going but maybe I’ll save it for another day. Actually, digging into my archive you can read more about my Confessions of a Grumpy Reader.

What Bookfessions or Blogfessions do you have? 



Bookish This and That – Sunday Salon 76

Bookish This and That – Sunday Salon 76

So on Friday I drafted up a whiny “State of My Blogging” type post and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. I planned to publish it today, but I think just typing out the words helped get off my chest what I’m feeling right now–basically I want to be blogging though recently I alternately feel guilty and selfish about it (guilty for not keeping up with your posts and selfish for still posting). I […]

Posted 15 December, 2013 by Trish in Reading Nook / 24 Comments

A to Z Bookish Survey

A to Z Bookish Survey

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the A to Z Bookish Survey sweeping through the blogosphere. I first saw the survey over at Laura’s (Devouring Texts) and have since seen it several other places but believe it originated with Jamie of Perpetual Page Turner. If you haven’t joined the fun yet, what are you waiting for? ;) Author you’ve read the most books from: Stephen King, Jodi Piccoult, Margaret Atwood, Tim Robbins, JK Rowling, Charles […]

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Sunday Salon 62: Bookish Babble

Sunday Salon 62: Bookish Babble

Good Morning! Happy Mother’s Day! I think it was last week that Unfinished Person mentioned it’s been a while since I wrote a Sunday Salon post. I looked and sure enough it’s been a month since I posted about the double shelves. Huh. Not really sure where all that time went! Maybe to reading. Because I’ve been rockin’ it on the reading front lately. And by “rockin’ it” I mean that I actually finished three […]

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Blogger’s Block – Sort of?

Blogger’s Block – Sort of?

Long and rambly…just sayin’. <—I actually wrote that before any of the length and rambles.  Now that the post is written I wonder if it might be a slight understatement? I was waiting for my cute little kitty picture to upload when I thought–oooh, I better remember to update the Classics and Non-Fiction Five Challenges this weekend for September.  Then I looked at that little calendar on the corner of my computer screen and realized it […]

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Executive Decision

Executive Decision

So, I made the executive decision today to get rid of the blogroll on my side bar. It was TERRIBLY outdated and definitely does not include all the blogs I love to read. And really, I just can’t keep up with you kids (um, or my new discoveries). I’ve been seeing this “Top Commenter” widget around the blogs I haunt and thought that might be a good substitute–except it still doesn’t include all the blogs […]

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Super Commenter Award :)

Super Commenter Award  :)

I’ve been lucky to have been awarded a few little gems over the past couple of weeks but this one really means a lot to me for a number of different reasons. So first, thanks to Dar, Jeane, and Nymeth for passing on the award to me–it really means a lot! Part of the reason why this award means so much is because I do try to leave comments as much as I can. I […]

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