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Most and Least Used Kitchen Items

Posted 2 September, 2016 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 25 Comments

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kitchen stuff


Lately I’ve been trying to purge my house of extra clutter. Last year I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I still think about Marie Kondo’s credo of keeping the things that bring joy and letting go of the rest.

I was able to apply this principle to my closet and drawers fairly easily and now maybe have too few items to wear? But when it comes to my kitchen, I have a tougher time letting things go. Sure my melon baller doesn’t really bring me joy, but I use it. So even though it is joyless, it stays.

Because the principle of JOY is tough to apply to my kitchen items, instead I’ve been relying on the good old “do I use this” system. Except I’m really good at talking myself into believing that I’ll need an item one day. I know I’m not alone…raise your hand if you’ve kept something around for one day.

Scott and I have been married for ten years and many of the items in our kitchen date back to wedding gifts from our registry. You know, when two twenty-something kids still in college go into the big box store with a laser gun tagging all of the things they think they might need for their lives together.


Least Used Kitchen Items

martini glasses

For some reason I needed a Martini set with pretty swirly patterns. Nevermind that I don’t drink martinis and have had an unopened bottle of vodka in my pantry since the day I found out I was pregnant with Elle (six years ago). I keep thinking that I’ll use these one day for ice cream desserts?

The Shake Maker, used once in ten years, has recently gone to Salvation Army. Ok, truthfully it’s still in my cupboard while I type this but I’m going to get it right now…

My China. But I’m not getting rid of it and refuse to feel guilty about it. Now…I’m not sure why I thought I needed ALL of those fancy wine and champagne glasses.

The Blender. I’m thinking about ditching this in favor of my immersion blender. Please tell me why I would regret getting rid of my big bulky blender that I use maybe once a year.

Basically any piece of entertaining-ware in my cupboards. The cheese tray/knife set that I’ve never used. The buffet pieces. My Arthur Court collection. I don’t entertain at my house (ahem, three kids who have destroyed it!), but maybe one day? One day. We eat buffet style, so I don’t even use serving bowls/plates unless we have company.


Sometimes Used Kitchen Items


The Fondue Pot. This is used exclusively for queso. Except that one time I made chocolate fondue the day after Valentine’s Day this year.

Our George Foreman Grill is falling apart, though these days we go through phases where we use it a lot and then don’t use it for months. I love cooking pork chops on it and we recently discovered it’s the best way to cook fajita chicken without it charring on the grill. We aren’t big grillers.

The Immersion Blender is growing on me. It’s been too hot to eat soup lately, but I’m hoping it will get more use in the winter. I’ve also heard it’s great for scrambled eggs! I tried whipped cream, but still prefer the hand-mixer for this.

While we don’t use it often, the Ice Cream Maker is so much fun. I’d probably use it more often if I didn’t love custard based ice creams so much and could whip up a frozen treat more quickly!


Most Used Kitchen Items

le creuset dutch oven

Even if they don’t get used all the time, I love my crockpot, waffle maker, Le Creuset dutch oven, and Kitchenaid Mixer. I couldn’t live without my liquid measuring cups and cutting boards (I have three of each in varying sizes).

After 10 years, I still adore our everyday plates, though I do wonder if I would regret getting rid of all those tea cups and saucers. Why do plateware sets still come with those extras? On the other hand, where do all the spoons go? I’m missing about 4 from our original collection and have no idea where they disappeared to.

And there’s the list of non-essential kitchen essentials–the stuff that you wouldn’t think you need but that I use all the time. Yes, I cannot live without a meat thermometer.


Kitchen Items I Wish I Used More

Instant Pot

Number 1–the Instant Pot. I know this pressure cooker could do wonders for my busy schedule but I’m still so very intimidated by it. My favorite ways to use it so far are to make a family favorite bean dish (no more babysitting my dutch oven) and to make chicken stock.

When I was looking into pressure cookers, Scott decided we had to have a deep fryer and bought one. We’ve never used it. I keep thinking that something like egg rolls would be fun to make, but otherwise I need at least one thing to cook in the deep fryer!

Our dehydrator could use some love as well but I wonder if I even need this item or if I could ditch it in favor of a low heat setting in the oven.



Sitting down to write this post ended up being a good exercise in evaluating my kitchen things. I said goodbye to the swirly martini glasses. Surely someone else could love them more than I can. I also ditched the sandwich maker that was Scott’s college roommate’s and a couple other extras that I don’t need.

All I have to say is thank goodness I took the hot dog roaster off the registry when Scott wasn’t looking. Can you imagine an Operation Use My Kitchen Stuff for that?!

Update: Scott noticed the shake maker in the SalArmy box. “We have a shake maker?!” Me: “yes, one that hasn’t been used in ten years.” Him: “Because I didn’t know we had one!” Me: “Well, we won’t after today.” Him: “But that was the one thing that I really wanted when we got married. Besides you.” (I am not making this up. I did not mention the hot dog roaster).


What are your most beloved and least loved kitchen items?






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Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2015

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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Howdy! This week marks the return of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW). The event started in 2008 by My Friend Amy: “Think of it as a retreat for book bloggers and a chance for us to totally nerd out over books together. And of course, shower each other with love and appreciation.”

While the event has been quiet for the past couple of years, the gals at The Estella Society has brought it back!

I heart book bloggers

BBAW Day 1: Personal Introduction

Today’s prompt is to introduce ourselves by telling about five books that represent our interests/lifestyle. I think the intent is to go by the content of the book, but my mommy brain decided it would be easier to scour my bookshelf for titles that represent my life.

I was tempted to pull Les Miserables off the shelf, but I resisted the urge and chose Woe is I instead. Ha! Just being cheeky…please note I chose these books solely for their titles.  I actually haven’t read several of these!!

My Life in Book Titles

Bringing Up Bebe – I’m a mom to three little girls–almost 5, 2.5, and 6 weeks! To say that I am in the parenting trenches is an understatement.

The Christmas Quilt – In addition to reading, one of my favorite hobbies is quilting. I just finished a Christmas quilt that I had been working on for 4(!) years and am furiously trying to finish up the patchwork for Cara’s baby quilt.

Remains of the Day – When do I find time to do the things I want to do amidst wrangling three littles and keeping house (and working full-time when I’m not on maternity leave)?  I eat up every remainder of the day that I can–my motto is 10 minutes here and there.  (This also happens to be one of my favorite books).

A Room of Ones Own – I have one room in the house devoted to ME. It houses all of my crafting supplies and sewing equipment. All it’s missing is a cozy little reading nook!

Lost in a Good Book – Do I really need to explain this one? You’re all here today because you can totally relate. I’m devouring comics this month for #ComicsFebruary, but the last good book I got lost in was The Girl With All the Gifts. SO GOOD.

Fun Home – No, my home is not in a funeral home (this book is so good), but the title is a cheeky nod to our crazy life. I almost included One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest instead. :)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – I’m an introvert–sometimes to the extreme. While I’m very outgoing on the interwebs, I can be quite the wallflower in real life.

Eat, Pray  Sleep, Love – This book gets a bad rap, huh? While I don’t pray, I do love to eat and love. So I’ll just substitute out Pray for Sleep and it sums me up! I guess Eat, Read, Love would have been suitable, too.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues – I’m not a cowgirl, but I did marry a cowboy. And…every once in a while I do suffer from the blues. Also, an excellent book, but I do not have gigantic thumbs like Sissy does.

Texas – Home! I’ve lived in North Dallas for 25 years. Yeehaw!

What do you think–does that sum me up pretty well?

Which books would you use to describe your life?



Even More Bookish Questions

Posted 23 August, 2015 by Trish in Reading Nook / 14 Comments

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Twenty Bookish Questions


Howdy!! Since I have made exactly zero progress in my reading last week (still reading Sense and Sensibility), you guys get bookish questions today. Lucky you! Feel free to grab them for your own post fodder. I got them from Katie at Words for Worms.   And she originally got them from Sarah Says Read who got them from…well, somewhere on the blogosphere!  You’ll notice these questions start at number 21. I posted the first set of Twenty Bookish Questions a few months ago (if you’re curious).

Twenty Bookish Questions 

21. What will inspire you to recommend a book?

Oh goodness–recommending is so hard for me to do. Reading is such a personal thing and can also depend on mood and such. When I do recommend books, they tend to be crowd pleasers. And truthfully–many of the books I recommend are ones that I haven’t even read yet! I’m always telling my stepmom about the hot books that book bloggers are reading right now.

22. Favorite genre

While fiction is definitely my comfort zone, I like books that push me a little bit mentally or emotionally. And I love a good memoir every once in a while, especially on audio.

23. Genre you rarely read (but wish you did):

But wish I did? I wish I read more classics but they always seem to get pushed to the background these days. In all honesty, all of my reading could use a little more variety these days but I’m not going to stress over it!

24. Favorite biography:

I think it’s a toss up between The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Both were powerful reads in very different ways.

Awesome Biographies



25. Have you read a self-help book (and was it helpful)?

Can you guess??? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This IS one of those books that I’ve been recommending all over the place. I don’t read many self-help books, though I do have a few parenting books on my shelf that I’ve been meaning to read.

26. Favorite cook book:

To read? Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. I’m also a big fan of The Mom 100 by Katie Workman.

27. The most inspirational book you’ve read this year:

Besides The Life-Changing Magic? I loved Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Loved loved loved.

tiny beautiful things


28. Favorite reading snack:

Ice cream. Just kidding–just coffee. Unless I’m reading an ebook, snacking can be tough while reading!

29. Name a case in which hype ruined your reading experience:

This is one of the reasons why I don’t read highly buzzed books. They often don’t live up to the extreme hype, at least of the very beginning of a book’s release. I try to let the hype die down before I read the book (which means I’m never the cool girl on the block, but I’m ok with that).

30. How often do you agree with the critics about a book?

I don’t read critics’ reviews. :)

31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews?

These days I rarely post about everything that I read, but I’m the weirdo who reads the 1 star reviews on Amazon to see if I can handle the worst comments. I have no problems with writing (or reading) negative reviews as long as the review is not attacking.

32. If you could read in a foreign language, which would it be?

Hmmm–Spanish or French. Frenish? Spanch? Fun fact: My dad is learning Spanish at 60 years old. He’s currently reading Harry Potter in Spanish. His very first read in Spanish was The Martian (upon my recommendation…figured he could learn some Spanish swear words)

books in spanish


33. Most intimidating book I’ve ever read:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Worth every day, week, and month it took me to read.

34. Most intimidating book I’m to nervous to begin:

I’ve had 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami for years and it intimidates the snot out of me. Especially since I’ve heard mixed things. It’s just so long!

35. Favorite Poet:

I’ve also been partial to Walt Whitman, though I rarely make time to read poetry. Bad Trish!

36. How many books do you generally have checked out of the library at a given time?

None. #truth  Unless it’s Comics in February and then anywhere from 15-20.

37. How often do you return books to the library unread?

In February, about half. If not February, then I normally always finish the library book, though rarely on time!

38. Favorite fictional character:

I’m really partial to Claire Fraser from the Outlander series. Her husband isn’t too bad either (even though he was a bit of an ass in Drums in Autumn #4).

Outlander GIF

how many times can I use this GIF?


39. Favorite fictional villain:

This is a tough question!! Perhaps Chigurh from No Country For Old Men is the most blood thirsty?

40. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation:

Outlander! Actually, I normally prefer short books since I don’t read a lot on vacation and tend to want to actually feel I’ve accomplished something!

41. The longest I’ve gone without reading:

Hmmm. I only read 12 books the year before Elle was born. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a month, but certainly whole weeks!

42. What distracts you easily when you’re reading?

Life. TV. Children. Any kind of noise. Twitter. Facebook. Hangnails. Hunger. Sleep.

43. Name a book you could not finish:

I have not been able to get through Ulysses by James Joyce. I even made it through the supposedly impossible part.

44. Favorite film adaption of a novel:

I adore the Kiera Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. Confession–I have never been able to finish the Colin Firth version.

Pride and Prejudice GIF

45. The most disappointing film adaptation:

Are you kidding me? Pretty much any movie based on a book. ;)  Though I will say, I love the TV adaptation of Outlander.

46. Most money I’ve ever spent in a bookstore at one time:

Maybe $100? Though surely those were mostly gifts!

47. How often do you skim a book before reading it?

Never ever! Sacrilege! I don’t even read the dust jacket or back cover.

48. What would cause you to stop reading a book halfway through it?

Terrible writing. Terrible and unsympathetic characters. Not being able to care at all about what’s going on in the book.

49. Do you like to keep your books organized?

In a way. I have all of my classics and non-fiction books separate and the rest is divided between read and unread. Unread books (fiction) are more or less alphabetized by author’s last name.

50. Do you prefer to keep your books when done, or give them away?

I’m a book hoarder!!! Though I’ve been trying to be better with letting them go. I just took four diaper boxes worth to the library.

Mount TBR

51. Name a book that made you angry:

One Day by Nichols. I literally threw the book across the room I was so mad about the ending.

52. Favorite guilt-free guilty-pleasure reading:

All of it!! All reading should be guilt-free, right??



Grab the questions and play along!! Or answer a few of them in the comments section. I’d love to hear your answers!

Hope you have a great Sunday! 



Sunday Bookish Questions

Posted 12 April, 2015 by Trish in Reading Nook / 22 Comments


10 Bookish QuestionsSeveral weeks ago Trisha from Eclectic/Eccentric tagged me in a little Bookish Questions meme. I’ve been saving these questions for a rainy weekend, and here we are!

1. What time of day do you typically read/do you prefer to read?

Have I mentioned to y’all before that I don’t always read every day? Sacrilege, I know! Though I do tend to listen to audiobooks almost every weekday when I travel to and from work. Sometimes I’ll read during lunch, but mostly I just waste this hour away and have no idea where it goes. Occasionally I’ll read at nighttime, but most nights we watch TV together. Holy cow–do I ever actually read? I cherish nap/quiet time on the weekends and can usually get in an hour of reading then.

2. What is your strangest book related obsession?

Does Outlander (including the Starz show) count? Because I really don’t think my crush on Jamie OR Claire is healthy…

Outlander GIF

3. Like which author do you wish you wrote?

I have Cheryl Strayed on the mind lately. She writes so beautifully and with such raw honesty. I would love to be able to craft such emotion in my sentences.

4. Who do you think is the most over-rated author?

*cough cough* John Green *cough cough*  I mean, I like his books but I don’t go gaga over them. The Fault in Our Stars was just OK for me. Loved Looking for Alaska, though.

The Fault in Our Stars Cover

5. What do you think is the most over-rated book?

See above. The Fault in Our Stars. I feel like this makes me a bad person. Also The Secret History by Donna Tartt, though I still think it was the audio that ruined this book for me.

6. Which two authors would you like to see go head to head in a word-off (like a dance-off)?

Cheryl Strayed and Stephen King. Right?? Epic awesomeness. At least in my mind.Strayed vs. King

7. I’ve always wanted to read Lord of the Rings in a cabin in the mountains or Nora Roberts in an Irish inn or The Woman in White in an abandoned asylum. What book-location pairing do you wish for?

Wuthering Heights midst the English Moors. Not sure I’d be game to read anything in an abandoned asylum!!

8. Describe your bookish self in three words.

Eclectic, Emotional, Ecstatic

9. Name one of your favorite characters and what you would do with him/her if you had one day together.

Bridget Jones. And we’d likely just get sloshed. It would be epic.

Bridget Jones GIF

10. If you had one extra day in the week, that nobody knew about and didn’t count, what would you with it?

THERE COULD BE AN EXTRA DAY IN THE WEEK AND NO ONE WOULD KNOW? GIVE IT TO ME NOW! I would likely hang out in my crafting room for the majority of the day. This seems to be the one place that is hard for me to hide away in because of the proximity to the girls’ rooms. I’d probably read for a little bit. Maybe do some tidying up (hoping this will make my house happier). Maybe bake something for later. And probably a lot of just staring into space while enjoying the quiet.

Grab the questions and play along! I’d love to see your answers.


Sunday Funday. I’m headed out of town next week for business and it will be the longest that I’ve been away from both girls at the same time. I plan to take some books for the evenings, but I’m not sure I actually expect to get any reading done. Today will likely be filled with miscellaeous travel prep.

What does your Sunday look like today?



Bookish Problems that Plague Me

Bookish Problems that Plague Me

    Hi! I kind of disappeared again. We took a quick little trip last week to visit my dad (just me and the girls), but I left my phone in his car and was without it for a few days. It might possibly be the longest I’ve been without a phone in years and it was a bit liberating. Until all the times when I wanted to tell y’all something via Instagram or Twitter […]

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Thoughts I Have While Running

Thoughts I Have While Running

Last Saturday my mom, sister, and I ran the Color Run in Dallas. I have been slowly working my way through Couch to 5K over the past several weeks in preparation but I usually run with Evie and the running stroller. On Thursday my mom offered to watch the babe for me while I went for a run to see just how far I could make it (I am only on week 5.1 of Couch […]

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10 Life Lessons from The Princess Bride

10 Life Lessons from The Princess Bride

For as long as I can remember, The Princess Bride has been one of my very favorite movies. I would participate in imaginary duels in the kitchen (this is also when I learned that “bastard” is a bad word), I jumped behind the couch and hid when the ROUSes came on screen, and I had a tiny bit of a crush on Fred Savages character.  And if you’re wondering, no, I haven’t read the book. […]

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Top Ten Books for Crybabies

Top Ten Books for Crybabies

I have been wanting to participate in Top Ten Tuesday for ages and ages. It’s a fun little (or big) meme from The Broke and the Bookish that’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve been stalking the topic list for a few months now and I knew that I had to participate in this week as I love books that make me cry. The harder I cry, the better. I know. Strange, huh? I could theorize […]

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How to Bake a Cake

How to Bake a Cake

How to Bake a Cake When You Have a Newborn People ask me all the time how I get so many things done or find the time to do said things. I try really hard not to be annoyed by this question and I even drafted up an entire post about it a year or so ago that I never published. I know it’s a well-meaning question and I often wonder how people can read […]

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On A Day To Myself

On A Day To Myself

With Mother’s Day around the corner, possible Mother’s Day gifts have been on my mind. I don’t normally ask for much in the way of gifts and since becoming a mother one of the things that has popped into my head is “time to myself.” But then I immediately feel guilty for wanting to spend time by myself on a day that is celebrating my bond with my daughter? And if you are a mom […]

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