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One Month Update – 1.27.2016

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One Month


A month! It’s just not fair–not fair at all. Of course by now I know all too well how quickly the time goes. As difficult as the first few weeks are, I’m not ready for my baby to get bigger! I wish she’d stay teeny tiny for just a little longer. Even still, I can tell she’s grown so much since she was born.

Cara has fit in perfectly with our crazy family–while I don’t think she’s quite as laid back as Evie was, she certainly is easier than Elle was. She’s gassy gassy which occasionally sparks some tears from her, but she’s also my best nursing baby and if things continue to go as they are, she’ll probably be my chunkiest babe. Definitely a relief after the struggles (mostly mental) I had with nursing Evie.

We nurse every 2-3 hours during the day (starting to go longer stretches), but she’s very efficient and it only takes her about 15 minutes tops. During the night she is going 3-4.5 hour stretches, but because she’s such a fast nurser, she’s usually back in bed fairly quickly. We moved her to our closet at 3 weeks (this is where Evie slept for about 4 months) and ever since then I’ve been sleeping much better through all the grunts and noises. Every few nights she has trouble letting me put her down after her second nursing. I think she just wants to be held a bit longer. Sigh. She goes to bed shortly after the girls do most nights and it’s nice to have some downtime before I go to bed, even if it does mean that the first nursing is usually around 1 in the morning.

Scott wakes me up in the morning to kiss the girls goodbye for school and sometimes Cara will wake up shortly after and want to nurse but sometimes I’m able to go back to bed for another hour. While we haven’t gotten quite into a routine routine, our days are starting to work their way into a pattern. She naps in the morning–though some days this is her fussiest time of the day. We hang out for a little bit around lunch/midday and then she usually goes down for a longer nap in the afternoon. Somedays I’ll take a little nap as well, though I’m much less tired now than I was four weeks ago–or even before her arrival.

In the afternoon I pick up the girls from school and we make dinner and then the rat race to bedtime begins. It’s crazy but we’ve stuck to our routine with the big girls pretty well and Cara usually just hangs out while we read books to the girls and I sing songs. I will go on the record right now and say that so far the adjustment from two to three kids has been easier than one to two. That’s not to say that things haven’t been crazy (though nothing like that first week), but that’s our life and we embrace it. Most days.

More about Cara. She has a full head of dark hair with lots of cowlicks–one in the back makes her look like she has a bald spot. It looks a bit like her roots are lightening up, but it’s hard to be sure. Her hair is very fine and after her bath her little curls dry straight up in the air. Many times she looks like she has a little faux-hawk. I love it. Her eyes are starting to lighten and her eyebrows are more defined.

I’m starting to get little smiles and I absolutely adore them. She loves gazing into my eyes and sometimes she’ll give me a big grin. She hasn’t started cooing yet but I’m starting to be able to distinguish her cries and sighs. She’s incredibly strong and doesn’t mind being on her tummy at all. If she’s on my chest, she usually has her head lifted and she also loves being over the shoulder. She also sits on my lap with just my hand supporting her tummy and neck–I think sitting like this helps the pressure on her tummy when she’s gassy. When I hold her in my arms, she usually grabs onto my shirt with one hand.

She’s mostly content just hanging out on the floor–most times when it’s just the two of us at home I have her in a bouncer on the counter or in the swing but I really think she prefers the floor to either. We’ve only been on one walk but she did great–I’m looking forward to the weather being warmer so we can get out of the house more often. She hates being in her carseat and will scream the entire time in the car but then stop as soon as we get to where we’re going. She’s content in the bath and all around good natured.

The girls are adjusting well. Everyone is taking the new addition in their own little ways, but she’s mostly met with love and adoration. Even Evie has been asking to hold her and will snuggle up to her if Cara is on the floor. I’m doing OK–tired, very tired, but thankfully Cara naps well and is pretty low key. I’m able to rest and am absolutely allowing myself to do so. And of course I’m allowing the baby to sleep on me every so often because I know those moments are way too fleeting. Time goes too quickly–such a painful truth.

on a walk



With Grandma

with great grandma

Tummy Time


Daddy's Girls



Back to snuggling…



Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

TitleAre You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
Author: Judy Blume
Published: 1970 | Pages:
Genre: Fiction (Young Adult)
Rating: Can’t believe I waited until 33 to read this one

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In Short: Margaret is almost 12, entering the sixth grade, wants a more robust bust, and isn’t always sure God is listening.

Why I Read Are You There God: More appropriately, why didn’t I read this sooner? More on that later. I read this for Kerry’s Summer of #BlumeALong.

Thoughts in General: I don’t read a lot of Young Adult fiction–there have been a few books that I’ve enjoyed, but for the most part it takes me back to a time in my life that I didn’t love experiencing the first time and don’t really care to experience a second time, even vicariously. However, I noticed as soon as I started Are You There God that I was reading more through a lens of a future mother to preteen girls rather than when I was a preteen.

Ok, my reading did make me reflect back to when I was 11 and 12 and making all sorts of discoveries about my body and self, but it made me think more about how I want my daughters’ discoveries and experiences to be different from mine.

I want my daughters to feel that they have an open door conversational policy with me. I want them to know that they can ask me anything and I’ll give them as straight of an answer as I can. As the oldest child, I felt uncomfortable asking my parents about taboo topics. This meant that before the digital age I was rarely in the know and often embarrassed about my lack of knowledge or my misunderstanding of it.

I want my daughters to embrace their bodies. While I am never 100% satisfied by my size and shape, I am very careful how I talk about beauty and weight in front of my girls. We talk about healthy eating, but never dieting (which I don’t do anyway). We talk about exercise to make our bodies strong, never to make us slimmer. Make-up is a tough one for me–while I do wear a bit (usually only on my eyes/brows as I have very light natural coloring), I don’t want my girls to think they need to wear make-up to look or feel beautiful.

I want my daughters to be able to question the world and faith without any shame. I don’t use this word often because it makes people uncomfortable, but I am an atheist (why even pretend at this point that I’m agnostic because it sounds nicer). This was one of the parts of Are You There God that hit me the hardest as Margaret is trying to decide if she wants to follow her Jewish or Christian heritage. She attends temple and church and at one point becomes so confused and lost that she calls quits on all of it. While I want my girls to have a strong moral upbringing (one does not need church for this!), I also want them to be able to talk and question beliefs openly.

I want my daughters to form healthy friendships that do not hinge on Queen Bees. This one is just wishful thinking. Some days I try to figure out what horrible thing I did in a past life to have to live through girl drama with three little girls when I lived through girl drama hell for so many years. I want my daughters to be Confident. Strong. Wise. Independent. Loving and Kind.

Has this post turned into a true confessions post? Perhaps. While the book itself was kind of a ho-hum read in my mid-thirties, it did give me a lot of pause for the events my daughters will be experiencing in the next 10 years. Amazing how when you’re in the moment these little life changes are so incredibly huge–it’s too bad there are some things we can’t experience through hindsight. I know it would have made my life so much easier.

“If you ask me, being a teenager is pretty rotten–between pimples and worrying about how you smell!”

Oh Margaret…if only that was the worst of it!

Bottom Line: If you are an 11-12 year old tween, now is the time to read this one! (Do I have any 11 year old girls in my audience–heaven help me!!). It’s a timeless classic for a reason…though what you get out of the book might depend on the time you choose to read it.

Have you read Are You There God? Did you have a favorite coming of age story when you were younger (or as an adult?)